Horoscope 2019 – Astrology Predictions on Sun Signs

Overall, 2019 is a year when every zodiac sign will have an important lesson to learn, both in relationship with themselves and in relationship with the people around them. It is a year when all the zodiac signs natives (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces) will be wiser or will be forced to grow up by circumstances and by the people they interact with.


yearly horoscope for year 2019

There are a few aspects regarding the triads, which will be noticed during 2019:

  • Fire Zodiac Signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius) – they will have enough time to take action in order to gain personal affirmation and to attend the projects that draw their interest;
  • Earth Zodiac Signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) – they will learn to relax and they will start appreciating increasingly more the lessons of compromise and patience;
  • Water Zodiac Signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) – they will be impelled to find the best formulas for making some changes in the vulnerable points of their lives;
  • Air Zodiac Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) – they will be forced to get out of the stagnation and comfort zone and to learn the lesson of assertiveness and how to impose their point of view.

Mercury will be in a retrograde position four times during 2019, while Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Pluto and Uranus once.

2019 Astrology Forecasts
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Which of the zodiac signs revive in 2019

According to horoscope 2019 , all zodiac signs have their chances to succeed in specific spheres of life. Depending on how the planets are moving, each human being wants to reach certain objectives.

Mercury moves into retrograde three times in the year 2019, olso the planets Venus,Mars,Jupiter,Saturn,Uranus,Neptune,Pluto will go retrograde motion this year.


The 2019 horoscope announces that Uranus, the Rebel Star, will be Taurus for a short time and will disrupt all activities related to finance.

This period will give you the opportunity to discover your hidden talents and progress as a person.

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The Aries have a good year on a personal level. The Taurus natives might settle down. There are positive aspects in the sentimental life of Gemini, but not necessarily in their conjugal life.

The Cancer might be able to solve certain issues, while the Leo natives will have an important year because destiny is entering their sign. Virgo natives are going to have plenty of financial opportunities.

The people born under Libra are going to have good opportunities, but it’s better not to expect them from others.

Scorpio natives will have their opportunities, but starting from autumn. The Sagittarius’ opportunities come from all sides and this might be the luckiest sign of the zodiac this year.

The Capricorn natives might pay for their sins during 2019, the Aquarius are lucky when it comes to relationships and the Piece natives have plenty of luck in money matters.

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A year with no complications and no major changes, but rather with smooth transitions and a high level of capitalization for some of the projects started during 2019.

Jupiter is in the house of Libra until the middle of October, a favorable presence for the natives of Libra and Capricorn, which might experience a personal liberation, a detachment from some situations that restrained them in the last years or some favorable circumstances that can help them get remarked or, simply, moved to a higher rank, hierarchy, helping them stand out from the crowd.

However, it must be mentioned that from the 6th of February until the 9th of June, Jupiter is retrograde, so there is a risk for these natives to return to their previous state, if they are not able to confirm the expectations or the responsibilities they were honored with.

Until mid-October, we can expect announcements of spectacular unions, marriages, some of them true image blows.

The reverse is also true, meaning we will hear of unexpected separations, breakups and divorces. And it seems that the most targeted are the cardinal signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

From this point of view, 2019 horoscope says that the most agitated periods will be the first days of the year, the end of February and the beginning of March, as well as the second half of September and the first days of October, with events that make sensation and draw attention to all involved.

As usual, there will be 4 eclipses. Out of these, 3 will involve the Leo-Aquarium axis and one of the eclipses will involve the Virgo-Pisces axis.

We mention that the moment of the eclipse itself does not bring immediate changes, but it can represent a turning point, the beginning of a period of accentuated changes in personal or professional life, especially for those born in the 2-3 days interval before and after the day of the eclipse, as well as those born at 180-185 days after the day of the eclipse, regardless of the year.

2019 horoscope says that Saturn will maintain its position for most of the year in the house of Sagittarius, until the 20th of December and from its position it’s going to test the Capricorn natives though unexpected obstacles or though echoes, effects of unsuccessful, immoral actions taken a long time ago.

January 2019 seems favorable for making plans or long-term investments (especially after the 8th of January when Mercury is no longer retrograde). Information and ideas are gathered, realistic ideas are articulated, which will create space for adapting to new opportunities that will suddenly appear and that are actually related to legislative or other natural changes, issued by official institutions and organizations.

A similar period will occur in the last half of August, until the first decade of September.

Different sorts of instability (emotional, indecision, legal, announcements from officials etc.) can occur in August. Those who are, by their nature, inclined to take risks, to speculate, to act at the limit of law and morality will take advantage of these breaks of rhythm, changing of rules etc.

The same combination – Saturn in Sagittarius, with Jupiter in Libra occurred the most recently in 1957, the year when the negotiations were concluded, which led to the signing of Treaty of Rome, the international agreement that created the European Economic Community (the present European Union).

We will experience a similar trend this year, with joining forces having the same interests that work together at different levels for the greater good. These two planets will set the tone for this year, which we estimated as a year of smooth transitions, with no spectacular changes.

The most powerful, luckiest zodiac sign in 2019? What you are “best at” depending on your zodiacal sign

They are “the best of” the zodiac! ?

The most powerful sign
It may surprise you: we are talking about Pisces in 2019! They are romantic and gentle beings, but at the same time, are prepared to face any challenge and obstacle in front of them.

The sexiest sign
It’s the Aries in 2019! The natives of this sign maybe aren’t the cutest, but are energic individuals, with an irresistible charm. They never lack admirers.

The most trustworthy sign in 2019
It is the Virgo! This sign’s natives are loyal and enjoy taking care of people. They show maximum levels of compassion. Those around them appreciate their devotion.

The slyest sign
No wonder here? It’s the Scorpio in 2019! If they want revenge, nothing will stand in their way. If they do something wrong, they will never admit it. Never make enemies from this sign :))

The cutest sign
And the winner is… The Sagittarius in 2019? Natura has been generous with the natives of this sign. They are aware of their beauty and style. Not few are the times in which you catch them looking in the mirror?

The luckiest sign
…and at the same time, the happiest is…Gemini in 2019! They are the kind of persons who always think the glass is half full. They always find themselves in the right spot, at the right time, the reason for which they always get something out of it?

The most family oriented sign

There sure isn’t a more family oriented sign than the Cancer in 2019. Cancerians adore children and can’t wait to have their own. Are on the lookout for a kind-hearted partner and strong moral principles on the basis of which to create a home.

The most talkative sign
When it comes to speaking, arguing, debating a subject, nobody is better than the Libra in 2019. They are the type of people who can speak to anyone about anything.

The most secretive sign
The Capricorn. Aside from the fact that they do not share their emotions and feelings, they won’t even let you truly get to know them… unless that is their wish.

The most glamorous sign
… is Aquarius in 2019. This sign’s natives are original, fashion oriented and stylish. They look like the divas walking on the red carpet at the Oscars.

The most memorable sign

Of course, we are talking about Leo. When meeting a Leo, the said encounter will stay put in your head for a long time. He/she is “royal”, imposing, has a good sense of humor, is intellectual and in possession of a strong personality.

The most mannered sign
…it is the Taurus in 2019! Taurus natives have the perfect manners, hate tactless individuals, who manifest themselves loudly and who show an unpleasant behavior.

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