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Which Zodiac Signs Are Getting Married in 2019

Zodiac Signs That Might Break Up or Divorce during 2019

2019 is going to be a very intense year for you from an emotionally perspective. Like a Roller Coaster, your emotions will go up and down and you will have to deal some hard decisions: either you will take the big step, or you will break up with your current partner. Regardless of your decision, in the long run, the consequences will be in your favor.

Matrimonially, 2019 is not going to be the best year for the Sagittarius natives. With Saturn in Sagittarius relationships house, love and marriage are risking to be on trial. If you are involved in a strong relationship, the stars won’t necessary cause a breakup, but they will definitely cause all kind of disputes between you and your partner. If you pay enough attention, you will learn a lot from all these experiences.

In 2019, the status of your relationship is either becoming official, or you are going to break up for good with your current partner. Saturn will test the strength of your relationship and will encourage you to better understand what are your expectations from a relationship, what you need from your partner, what your partner needs from you and what can you offer. Also, you need to learn how to build bridges between souls with responsibility, patience and maturity.

How is 2019 Going to be for the Other Zodiac Signs

In 2019, the natives of Aries have Uranus in the relationship house. A planet that loves freedom and everything new and detests routine, permanently challenging you to reinvent your couple life. Saturn has an electrifying effect for your marital relationship, so you will have unforgettable experiences next to the person you love, during the following year.

The women of this zodiac sign who are already involved in a stable relationship will enjoy a pleasant couple life, marked by loving complicity and little cute surprises you give to each other. For the unmarried natives, an old relationship might finalize with marriage until the end of the year.

Jupiter, the Great Benefic, will be in the house of love for Geminis, until October 2019, predicting a year full of passion, with plenty of favorable conjunctions. It’s possible to increase the number your family members or to change the status of your love relationship to official. The understanding you share with your partner is mutual and the traditional family values are starting to have a more important role in your lives.

2019 doesn’t seem to promise spectacular developments in the love life of Cancer natives. There might be exceptions, of course, depending on the personalized particularities of your horoscope, drafted for the place, date and exact hour of your birth. Generally, for the natives of Cancer, this year seems to be rather peaceful. The existing relationships will move on under normal parameters. And in case of new relationships, there are little chances for them to evolve to stormy passions or who knows that major turbulence that will significantly affect your existence.

For Leo, the couple atmosphere is not going to be exactly clear sky, with no trace of small clouds in sight, but nothing major will happen. There are small chances of breakup between you and your partner during the following year, the only concerning aspect is your attitude, sometimes distant and sometimes downright hostile, without being able to establish a good communication with the person you love.

The house of relationship for Virgo is marked by Pluto, a perfectionist in permanent search for genuine and absolute. Pluto will cause situations that are meant to make you aware of your desires and needs in relation with your life partner, “to clean” the slate of what is wrong, false or useless, to raise the quality of your relationship, to bring it closer to what it’s should be. If it doesn’t succeed, Pluto can destroy what it exists now, to build something new, something better.

Venus and Mars are entering the family house and they develop your protective side. You will be more focused on the needs of your partner, and he will see in you the person he will need for the rest of his life. Also, you will feel the need to evolve in your couple relationship, you are thinking of expanding your family or undertaking new commitments, either way you will take an important step, a step you were afraid of taking during 2016.

During the following year, it is possible for you to meet someone you can share the same intellectual, cultural and spiritual interests, it’s possible to broaden the horizon of your current relationship, to travel next to the person you love or to have a love affair with someone with another cultural background or from another geographical meridian. These predispositions can manifest during the whole year, but more strongly during the last semester.

For the natives of Pisces, 2019 doesn’t seem to be an uncommon year from a matrimonial perspective. During the most part, things will go as normal, in a rather pleasant manner. In case you are already involved into a relationship, things will go smoother, more lovingly, with a much better understanding of each other.

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