Virgo 2019 horoscope

The past two years initiated a period of long-term and very dramatic change in your life. This trend continues and perhaps even accelerates in 2019.


You are like a rocket ship headed for the stars but you’re not sure which one you will hit.


You are in a very exciting period in your life. Anything can happen. Any dream can come true.
Last year should have been a prosperous one as well. There was much travel, good living perhaps even high living and financial expansion. This trend will continue in 2019.

Love was very unstable in 2019 and this trend continues in 2019 and for years to come.


Seems to me that most Virgos are enjoying the instability for it also brings much freedom and excitement. The space between boyfriends or girlfriends is just as interesting as when you actually have them.

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Most important interests in the year head are finance until October 26th; communication and intellectual interests after October 26th; home, family and domestic issues; health and work; love and romance; religion, metaphysics, higher education, foreign travel after July 28th; friendships and group activities until July 16th; spirituality after July 16th.

With so many areas of interest it will be hard to keep your focus but it seems to me you are after a wider kind of development this year.

Your paths to greatest fulfillment in the year ahead are finance until October 26th; communication and intellectual interests after October 26th; personal transformation, repayment of debt, past lives, reincarnation and the deeper things of life.

virgo 2019

Virgo 2019 Health

Health is always a priority for Virgo but in recent years it has been an even greater one. Your 6th House of Health has been strong for many, many years and continues to be strong this year. I read this as a positive for health.

You are on top of things and will not let problems fester or get out of hand. Also you are interested in living a healthy lifestyle and taking on health regimes.

Your Health Planet, Uranus is in a long-term ‘mutual reception’ aspect with Neptune your Love Planet. Mutual reception means that each planet is in the other’s Sign and House. Each is a ‘guest’ in the Sign and House of the other. This is considered a positive aspect as both planets are co-operating with each other.

This indicates many, many things. There is a dramatic connection between love and health. One goes with the other. When love is going well, health tends to be good. When love suffers, health tends to suffer. The reverse is also true.

So a healthy love life and healthy social relationships are part and parcel of good physical health. If health problems occur, love issues are probably at the root of them. Many a so-called health problem will be alleviated by a loving relationship.

Friends or lovers will probably hold the key to many a ‘mysterious condition’. You are interested in the health of friends and lovers and take an active part in it and they are equally interested in your health.

Thus you have extended health resources that you know nothing about. If you have a headache, for example, a friend might ring you out of the blue with some new and unorthodox treatment suggestions.

For some people, good friends are like money in the bank. For you, they are medicine.

You are also more concerned with the health of your relationships, not just the physical health of your friends. This is a natural tendency of Virgo but it is even more pronounced now. Your tendency is to analyze and analyze every word, every gesture every action of your beloved as if you were looking for some impurity there.

Of course your motive is good. You want to locate the impurity and remove it so that the relationship can be healthier. You are also doing it to yourself. While in general this is a good thing, the danger is over-doing it.

You can spend so much time trying to analyze and heal your relationship that you have no time actually to enjoy it and may even kill off any romantic feeling.

Uranus, your Health Planet rules the ankles. Hence their importance in your overall health. The ankles need more support when doing strenuous exercise and should be massaged on a regular basis.

Neptune, the most spiritual of all the planets in your 6th House of Health rules the feet.

You need to take better care of them. Shoes should be comfortable and well fitting. Feet should be kept warm in the winter. Feet should be regularly massaged.

The two planets involved with your health are in Water and Air Signs. You have a special connection with the healing powers of these elements. Fresh air, breathing exercises, water (soaking in a hot tub or spa) are all natural healing tonics for you.

The overall purity of the air you breathe and the water you drink is also unusually important. You are more sensitive to these things than most.

These are long-term trends. Many of you might want to invest in air and water purifiers for these reasons.

Of course, with Neptune in your 6th House of Health and this has been going on for many years, the spiritual dimensions of healing should be explored.

This is a vast topic, beyond the scope of this report but there are many good books on the subject.

Virgo 2019 Love Horoscope

This has been an exciting and volatile area for some years now and the trend continues. There are both positives and negatives in what is going on. First, the positive. You have a newfound freedom and independence in love. You are able to experiment and upgrade your relationships.

You are meeting new, exciting and unconventional types of people, very interesting people to be around. Though you Virgos tend to be conventional, in love you are far from it. You are making friends with and perhaps involved in love affairs with people of different cultures and ethnicities.

You have thrown out all the rulebooks in love and are making up your own as you go along. The deep belief here is that you can have love and personal freedom.

Many of you are finding this but not for long. Your new freedom and openness expose you to love opportunities in the most unexpected ways. Love can happen at any time and probably does. You are experiencing highs in love that few people ever experience but the lows, the crashes can also be severe.

Nevertheless, you are undeterred. You pick yourself up and start again. It’s all part of the process.

Out of all this will come new knowledge and understanding. This is the purpose. Right now you seem to be in rebellion against social relationship norms but as you continue your experimentation process, you will come to understand why these norms, these traditions arose in the first place. It doesn’t mean that you will follow them but you will understand them and the logic behind them.

The negatives of this are also strong. These kinds of attitudes don’t make for marriage or committed relationships. A marriage now would be difficult unless your partner gives you a lot of space. You in turn will have to give your partner a lot of space too for you are attracting freedom loving people in your social sphere.

You are attracting lovers and partners who are just as experimental as you are. Hence the instability.

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Married Virgos will probably face a crisis in their relationships. The stars impel, they don’t compel so these transits need not actually break things up but they will create a more free, less obligated type of marriage.

Those married to Virgos and who want to save their relationship should strive to provide plenty of change and excitement within the relationship.

As mentioned, with Uranus in your 7th House love opportunities can happen anywhere at any time perhaps as you innocently take out the rubbish or go to the chemist but the most likely places will be parties and social gatherings, the workplace, a health professional’s office or as you pursue your health goals perhaps at the gym, yoga studio or a health lecture.

You are allured by unconventional types these days, genius types, rebels against social norms. Healers and health professionals are also alluring as are co-workers. A similarity in health goals and a good working compatibility are important romantic turn-ons.

The spirituality of your partner also seems important and in truth you are attracting more spiritual and creative type people into your life.

Friendships have been disappointing these past few years and you seem to have less interest in them. Romance seems much more important than friendship. You’ve been in a ‘weeding-out’ process for a few years. You’ve been keeping the good and true friends and letting go of the others.

You are learning that it is better to have few quality friends than hordes of lukewarm ones.

Virgo 2019 Finance and Career Horoscope

Your 2nd House of Finance is very strong this year and benefic Jupiter is there. This is a classic signal of prosperity and abundance.

Earnings increase. Assets you own grow in value. There is more speculative success. You seem to catch the lucky breaks. You earn more and you spend more. You buy big-ticket items. You live a higher lifestyle. You are more generous with your money as you feel richer.

When a windfall comes, you feel, ‘Oh, there’s always more after that, I can spend freely.’

On a philosophical level you have a deeper insight into important financial principles. Your faith is like money in the bank.

Jupiter also happens to be your Family Planet. So its presence in your Money House is showing good family support, a parent or parental figure is generous with you. It also shows earnings from property, a family-type business or actual family business, restaurants and hotels.

Professional investors should look at these industries for profit opportunities as they have good intuition about these things.

Jupiter in the 2nd House and Pluto in the 4th House suggest profit opportunities through renovating old houses and then reselling them. It also indicates earnings from the psychological field or from industries that cater to the home.

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For most of the year Jupiter will be in a harmonious aspect with Neptune, your Love Planet.

This shows good financial support from your lover or spouse and / or a lucrative business partnership. Social connections enhance your bank balance and provide financial opportunity.

After October 26th Jupiter will move out of your Money House and move into your 3rd House of Communication and Intellectual Interests. Your interest in finances will start to wane. You have enough and you want to explore new things, your intellectual interests.

This will be a good period to start taking courses in subjects that interest you. Happy educational opportunities will come your way. On a financial level this shows that you can profit from these kinds of things, working for educational type industries or getting involved on the business side of education. Sales, marketing, advertising and PR become more important to your earnings.

Prosperity will be strong all year but especially from August 17th to September 11th and from September 23rd to October 26th.

With fast moving Venus as your Financial Planet, don’t think that you are limited to the areas mentioned. These areas will be long-term tendencies but Venus’ position in a given month can bring you prosperity from other areas as well.

We will discuss these short-term trends in the month-by-month forecasts.

Family & Kids


Your 4th House of Home and Family has been a House of Power for many, many years. This trend will continue for more years to come. Pluto, a very long-term planet has been occupying this House. Hence you are in a period of deep psychological exploration, deep psychological cleansing and clearing.

Your emotional life is being renewed but first it needs to be cleansed and purged. There are many ways to go about this and no doubt you have explored many of these ways over the years. Some prefer standard depth psychology. Others prefer spiritual and meditative methods.

Each of these is valid for different people at different times. Standard depth psychology is a good place to start off but for the deeper things you will probably have to explore the spiritual methods.

Pluto in the 4th House often shows a death in the family. This could have happened in past years (Pluto has been here for a long time). Many of you have already experienced this. This usually changes the family pattern in a dramatic way but we needn’t read this as a literal ‘death’ either.

Pluto in the 4th House shows major change in your relationship with family and a renewal, on a higher and better level of the family relationship. It is as if the family pattern died and a new one was born. The family pattern was and is continuing to be reinvented and transformed.

Usually as this process continues there is an emotional separation from family members. Instead of relating to them in the old ‘gut level’ ways, you start to relate in higher and better ways from a different, more enlightened place in yourself.

This is what Pluto wants to do here. It is a long-term project that has been going on for many years. The process itself is neither pretty nor comfortable. Going through this requires courage, commitment and character.

Deep traumas and psychic debris needs to come out. Destructive and distorted emotional patterns need to be recognized and then dealt with.

No, it is not pretty but the end result is truly beautiful. It’s as if you have a new psyche, a new psychological foundation upon which you can build a glorious temple.

On a purely mundane level, Pluto in the 4th House shows deep renovations of the home and residence. It’s as if one goes with the other. When you make deep psychological changes, you will also almost as a side effect, make deep renovations in the home.

These are more than just cosmetic renovations where you just rearrange the furniture or repaint the walls. These are major things, tearing down walls, ripping out old wiring or plumbing, replacing water heaters or sewage systems and the like.

It’s as if you change the whole structure and character of your residence.

A parent or parental figure could have undergone surgery recently. They could also have been widowed but again, this planetary alignment need not mean actual death but the transformation of a parental figure’s marriage.

This person or persons is making important changes to their health regime this year. If there are health problems, they should hear good news after October 26th.

Improve your life in 2019

As mentioned earlier, friendships have been a challenging area. Part of the challenge is easily understandable. There is so much dramatic change going on in your life that it is inevitable that your friendships would be affected.

Your friends have known you as a certain type of person, now you are not that way. They’ve known you as perhaps married to so-and-so and now you are not that way. A lot of the change has to do with your good fortune of late.

We think that we change one thing but when we do we find that many other areas change too, everything is connected. Everything affects everything else.

Like last year, the challenge is to understand, forgive and let go. Move on. Clear out any resentful feelings and move on. Real forgiveness is not just accomplished with words. It must be felt in the heart, in all the cells and organs of the body. It must be an organic thing to be truly effective.

The best way to arrive at this true kind of forgiveness is through understanding. When we understand the friend who has betrayed or hurt us, when we understand the forces that have shaped and coerced him or her into these actions, forgiveness comes quite naturally with little stress, struggle or spiritual gymnastics.

Most importantly you are learning the value of quality friendships. A person who has just one or two quality friends can consider his or her social life a success.