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Venus in the Natal Chart

Most people automatically associate ‘Venus’ with love, and indeed it’s placing in the Natal Chart tell us a great deal about a subject’s attitude to love, romance and sex. However, the astrological Venus indicates rather more than just that – it is also a vital part of the Natal chart when it comes to assessing finances and financial interests, artistic ability and love of beauty, and the whole way in which we relate to other people, both socially and economically.

In mythology, Venus was a legendary beauty who inherited the attributes of Aphrodite, and so she became the Goddess of Love – ideal, familial and sexual. In the grounds of her temples were scented groves where worshippers would make love. In astrology, the planet is associated with femininity in all it’s guises. Venus encourages gentleness, tact, friendliness and the social graces. Under stress, however,

Venus can make us indecisive, careless, over-romantic and dependent on others.

The orbit of Venus, like that of Mercury, lies between us and the Sun. Venus is known, astronomically, as the second inferior planet, and it can never be more than 48 degrees from the Sun as seen from the earth. For astrological purposes, this means that Venus will share the same sign as the Sun, or be in one of the two signs either side of it. For instance, in a chart with a Gemini Sun, Venus must be in Aries, Taurus, Gemini with the Sun, Cancer or Leo.

planet venus in astrology

Venus through the Signs


This individual is passionate, falling in love quickly, and will be demonstrative. Sex is of above average importance. Arian selfishness may cause problems within in a relationship, but overall this person is very generous to loved ones. Here also is an enthusiastic and lively friend and energetic colleague. There is an enterprising and innovative approach to money with this position, but a risk taking element can cause financial losses. However, a source of second income is often present.

With the sun in Aquarius, this position adds warmth and passion to an otherwise cool and detached personality. There are powerful emotional relationships, but also powerful emotional conflicts through an inherent dislike of commitment. Independence is most important to this person, and there will be a very active social life with many like-minded friends. An erratic attitude to money and a liking for curious or unusual objects is often present.

With the Sun in Pisces, the sensitive watery emotions are combined with the fiery passion of Aries to make these individuals ardent but caring lovers. A lack of self-confidence is often evident. However, this person will strive for a successful relationship and will work hard at it. Shared interests are important to them in romance as well as in friendships. Money is enjoyed, so saving may be difficult. Impulsive generosity can also cause financial problems.

Sun in Aries joins Venus in Aries to make a very passionate and enthusiastic partner who needs to maintain their independence within a permanent relationship. Although selfish at times, this individual is generous to a fault with those he loves, and genuinely wants loved ones to be happy. Rivalry can occur within a friendship, as this person is so very competitive. Money often comes from lucrative side-lines as well as a principle income. Investment is enjoyed, but impulse buying can lead to cashflow problems.

With the Sun in Taurus, this Venus position combines to make a sensual and earthy lover, with an emotional level so high that storms are sometimes inevitable. At such times, possessiveness (Taurus) and selfishness (Aries) can cause serious problems,b but the highs will be marvellously romantic to compensate for such lows. Over-emotional reactions sometimes cause problems in friendships. In money matters, this individual is shrewd and clever, but with an expensive liking for luxury.

With the Sun in Gemini, the Geminian mistrust of emotions can cause problems with this passionate Venus placing. However, this individual can form very satisfying emotional and sexual bonds once the tendency to over-rationalise is overcome. Here is a lively friend with many and varied interests, wanting to do a great deal and to travel widely. Spend thrift tendencies are often present.


Venus rules this sign, so its influence is increased when it works from here. This individual is generally loving, warm and affectionate, and makes a passive, sensual and romantic partner. However, Taurean possessiveness inclines him to think of the partner as just another possession, albeit a much cherished one. Material possessions are important too, as they contribute towards the individual’s feelings of security and safety. This person works hard to achieve a certain degree of luxury in their life – however, a liking for relaxation is also common, and, once the money has been made, even a touch of laziness. A talent for or an appreciation of music add to a general love of beauty, the arts, good living and good food.

With Sun Sign Pisces, this position adds a touch of stability to the Piscean sensitivity. The emotions are steadier, and tempered with good common sense and financial ability. A practical approach is usually taken to both love and money, and this placing also adds practicality to the Piscean creativity, giving it a concrete outlet. This person is a reliable and compassionate friend, but can be very possessive when feeling low.

If the Sun Sign is Aries, then this placing increases the affection and seething passion of the sun. However, love affairs are approached with surprising caution, possibly because the subject is well aware of the damage his possessiveness and selfishness can cause. Enthusiasm and prudence combine well together to get the most from this placing, both emotionally and materially. Here is an excellent friend who is good company and has an infectious enjoyment of life. Financial enterprise is combined with common sense.

When the Sun joins Venus in Taurus, the Taurean characteristics are very prominent and could even outweigh the power of the ascendant. The introductory paragraph about Venus in Taurus generally is doubly applicable here, and all of the Sun sign characteristics enhance and complement the Venus in Taurus traits. In addition, the metabolism is slow, and Taurean ailments such as throat disorders may be present. A love of good food could cause weight problems. Financial and emotional security are both of paramount importance to these individuals.

With the Sun in Gemini, this placing increases the emotional level, but can cause problems since the individual must learn to express their emotions instead of over-rationalising them. On the positive side, this person will try very hard to overcome their Taurean possessiveness. Here is a lively, talkative friend with a flair for organisation. A liking for luxury can be expensive, but quick Gemini wit will complement the Taurean business ability.

When the Sun Sign is Cancer, there is marvellous potential for being an extremely caring, sensitive and sensual lover. However, the Cancerian need to cherish and protect, combined with Taurean possessiveness can make for very claustrophobic conditions for loved ones, and can even have an adverse effect on family life. This is a friend who is loyal and faithful, but easily offended. Business potential is superb, with Cancerian shrewdness adding to the Venusian flair.


Lively and fun loving, these individuals can communicate well with partners. There is an important need for shared interests and intellectual rapport within emotional as well as social relationships. This person is flirtatious, and may even indulge in infidelity, using their cunning charm to talk their way out of any tight spots. A stimulating partner is necessary, who will welcome challenge on both an intellectual and sexual level. The emotional level here is low, but is very much governed by the Sun Sign (see paragraphs below). Overall, this is a positive, enthusiastic individual who does much to encourage friends. There is a flair for money making and a knack for finding bargains.

With the Sun in Aries, this position tempers the Arian ardent passion with light hearted affection. Infidelity and getting the best of both worlds are common, often causing considerable pain to a permanent partner. Arian selfishness and the ability to talk their way out of trouble often leads these individuals to think themselves ‘above the law’ in a loving partnership. Intellectual competitiveness is encouraged within this person’s friendships. Arian financial enterprise is well placed here, and this combination often gives excellent selling ability.

With the Sun in Taurus, the love, passion and natural charm of Taurus are enhanced. The whole personality will be lightened, possessive tendencies reduced and the overall Taurean stubbornness corrected. Here is a friend who enjoys intelligent conversation and good living. The need for material possessions as a form of security is also reduced, but alertness and quick thinking in business are increased.

When the Sun joins Venus in Gemini, this powerful sign will be very evident in the personality as a whole. A tendency to over-rationalise the emotions should be countered, as it can lead to inhibition. Making money will be relatively easy for this individual, but their emotional levels can fluctuate wildly, leading to tension, depression and exhaustion.

With the Sun in Cancer, this placing adds a much needed rational streak to the torrential Cancerian emotions, and it also steadies the tendency to worry unnecessarily over trivial matters. Intellectual friendship is just as much an important component of a romance as love and sexual attraction for these people. Mental stimulus is important, especially for full-time Mums. This person expresses his views freely and sharply, but is very loyal and faithful to friends and loved ones. Shrewdness makes for a good business person.

With the Sun in Leo, enthusiasm and the need for love and affection are spiced with a loveable flirtatiousness. Outside friendships and a progressive attitude are essentials for this person when it comes to love. There is a good blend of well expressed emotions and sensible realism. These individuals expect a partner to be generous both emotionally and materially, but they are equally generous in return. Here is a friend who is great fun, but rather bossy. Extravagance and financial flair work well together.

VENUS IN CANCER: Kindness, sympathy,the expression of true love and affection, and a high level of emotions are all characteristic of this placing. A powerful protective instinct can be claustrophobic at times, and a tendency to be nostalgic is also common – even to the point of consciously fearing progression and change. ‘Killing with kindness’ and moodiness are common traits here, and the need for a secure relationship is of above average importance. Ties of friendship are long-lasting. The home is very important to this person, and much time and money will be spent on creating a beautiful and comfortable ‘castle’ – although often cluttered and untidy. Cookery and crafts bring great pleasure to these individuals – usually as hobbies, but often also as a source of income. When investing, safety rather than flair is the order of the day, but a shrewd business sense is prepared to take calculated risks.

With the Sun in Taurus, passion and sensuality are heightened by this placing, with much love and affection actively shown. Possessiveness may mar a relationship, however. The emotional level is extremely high, with storms and scenes at times. It is important that good logic and common sense are found from somewhere else within the chart, because there is not much of it here. The positions of Mercury and Saturn may help. Here is an affectionate, but demanding, friend. Financial ability and an excellent business sense bless these individuals.

When the Sun is in Gemini, this placing heightens the Gemini emotions, and, provided the individual doesn’t over-rationalise them, these feelings will be romantically and charmingly expressed, with much kindness and care. Sex is important to this person, and it is vital that the partner feels the same way. Good communication skills are a strong talent here, both with friends and with strangers. Financial security is still important, but may be more than adequately catered for by developing a skill in antiques or unusual art objects of considerable value.

When the Sun joins Venus in Cancer, the emotional force and the expression of love are both very powerful indeed. However, the inclination to worry about love, money and the family is immense, and the Cancer capacity for caring may also get out of hand in friendships, with friends feeling too suffocated or mothered. The opening paragraph about Venus in Cancer in general are doubly applicable here. This is an excellent placing for a business person, conferring much financial ability and shrewdness.

With the Sun in Leo, the emotional level is again very high, and this person needs a partner to admire and to look up to, otherwise there will be a tendency to dominate. In fact, Leo bossiness is perhaps this placings worst fault, and can be very harmful and hurtful to loved ones if not controlled. Leo sensitivity is greatly increased here, and this individual sometimes seems to make a career out of suffering. However, there will also be a great appreciation of quality and the beautiful things in life, and also a lot of money spent on the good life. Comfort, security and quality are all important to this person. The sex life will be rich and imaginative. Here is a friend with excellent organisational ability.

When the Sun Sign is Virgo, this placing cautions the considerable emotional reserve with a strong touch of shyness and reserve in expressing the feelings. The imagination is rich, but excessive worry can be inhibiting, especially in young people and children. This person also tends to strongly criticise loved ones, on the basis that they criticise themselves too, and think that everyone else can handle the same criticism. Sometimes household chores or pressure of work can be used as an excuse to avoid intimacy in a relationship that is not working. A clever business sense is likely, but sometimes meanness is also present.


: Here the fiery passion of Leo is expressed well to the loved one, and these individuals will want to be proud of their partner. They are wonderful at encouraging others to develop their potential, but need to watch out for an irritating bossiness. Big-heartedness, generosity of spirit and an enjoyment of all aspects of life are all wonderful qualities with this placing. The sex life is usually exuberant, and loyalty and faithfulness are the order of the day. An appreciation of the arts combines well with a creative flair. This placing encourages a desire to earn a lot of money, principally to add to the richness and enjoyment of the subject’s life, but also partly out a liking for showing off. Here is a faithful friend, whose infectious enthusiasm is a joy to behold.

With the Sun Sign being Gemini, this placing heightens the emotions, and encourages the individual to aim high for a fulfilling relationship. This person is often boastful to or about the partner. Generous and fun loving, this person is an exciting (if not always faithful) partner. On the other hand, Leo loyalty will help to counter Gemini fickleness. Extravagance and impulse buying can cause financial headaches.

When the Sun is in Cancer, an extrovert exuberance is added to the Cancerian emotional needs. Constancy and loyalty are important, but Leo bossiness can combine with Cancerian moodiness into a harsh whole which must be countered. Nevertheless, this is a caring and warm-hearted person. Special collections, particularly of silver, are a very good investment for this placing.

When the Sun joins Venus in Leo, there is a huge amount of exaggeration and emotional dramas and scenes. If this can be controlled, then here is someone who will be an invaluable power behind the throne, and will give a partner strong support and encouragement. There is plenty of sexual enthusiasm here, and usually much fidelity and loyalty too. Money is spent freely, but often easy to come by too.

With the Sun in Virgo, this placing bolsters the self-confidence of the rather shy Virgoan. There is a tendency here to be over-talkative when nervous. Natural Virgo modestness can easily clash with Leo brashness, both sexually and emotionally. A bit of a mixed blessing, this is quite a tricky placing to handle well. Here is a lively friend, who will want to be of service to everyone. Over-spending is common, but is often accompanied by guilt pangs, which is a shame.

When the Sun Sign is Libra, the influence of Venus will be very strong. Generosity is usual, and this person may even try to buy love with expensive gifts. At his best, this individual is romantic and has a love of good living – he will give a partner much in terms of affection, love and sexual fulfilment. He is also a considerate and sympathetic friend. Although extravagant with luxuries, money is managed reasonably well.


: Here the critical acumen of Virgo may be directed at the partner, giving a tendency to nag – this needs to be watched if true emotional fulfilment is to be achieved. Nevertheless, this individual has a delightful, unassuming and totally genuine modesty, whatever their age. Sexual inhibitions and tensions are sometimes present, but can be overcome relatively easily with a boost from other areas of the chart, especially Mars and the ascendant sign. This person is very practical, and there is a strong willingness to give practical advice and assistance to loved ones and friends whenever necessary. The financial situation is often viewed pessimistically (whether justifiably so or not), and there can be a resulting ‘carefulness’ with money. Sometimes, career and emotional prospects are sacrificed for the care of a relative, especially an elderly one.

With the Sun in Cancer, the Cancerian tendency to worry will be directed towards the partner, and this person may find it a little difficult to express feelings as freely as they would like. This individual must learn to relax in a relationship and to enjoy it, especially as they themselves have so much to give in this sphere. This is a kind, if somewhat critical friend, who is somewhat reluctant to part with hard earned cash.

With Sun in Leo, we find that the Leo exuberance has been toned down a little by Venus, and aloofness can sometimes mask sexual inhibition. Leo bossiness combined with Virgo criticism can cause problems, and this tendency really should be consciously recognised and controlled. There are, however, excellent powers of communication here, and this individual is able to use these positively and powerfully within a relationship. Shared interests and work projects are particularly stimulating, and this is a lively and interesting friend. A flair for investment is common, but the modest needs of Virgo clash with Leo extravagance.

When the Sun joins Venus in Virgo, self confidence, especially related to sexual appeal, is not strong. Virgoan modesty presents a charming challenge to a potential suitor, but this person does need to learn how to meet them half way. The opening paragraph, dealing with Venus in Virgo in general, is very much applicable here. Money is usually spent with caution.

With the Sun in Libra, this placing is a little tense – Libra needs love and harmony, whilst Virgo will tend to be shy of expressing feelings and responding to love. As Venus rules Libra, there will be a lot of Virgo present in this individual, and any resulting conflicts must be dealt with if happiness is to be ensured. This person is a lively, talkative but indecisive friend. Financial affairs are approached in a practical way.

With the Sun in Scorpio, the subject may become obsessive about sex. Conversely, there may be a clinical attitude towards physical pleasure, or a feeling that sex is dirty or undesirable. Much will depend on how the Scorpio sun is aspected, and on the positions of the Moon and Mars. At its best, this placing makes for an energetic and thoughtful lover or friend. Financial flair is considerable.


: Libra is the second sign ruled by Venus, the influence of which is increased when placed in this sign. The attitude to love here is romantic, idealistic and affectionate, and the subject is often in love with love. Here is someone with such a strong need for a loving relationship that his or her potential may not be fully developed should they be alone. There is much kindness, sympathy and understanding, and this person spends a lot of time listening to the problems of others and lending moral support. Tact and diplomacy are great talents of this placing, and is a great love of beauty and a wish for a luxurious lifestyle. Negatively, there may be resentment, indecision and laziness. Money is spent openly and freely, but this person does sometimes try to buy love and affection.

When the Sun Sign is Leo, this placing tends to make the subject rather laid back. Leo generosity is increased, and there is a tendency to put the loved one on a pedestal, leading to hurt should the partner fail to measure up to this individual’s unrealistic expectations. The pleasures of the good life are enjoyed in this placing, and there is often creative talent in music or the arts. As a friend, here is someone who will makes sure that every event is a real occasion. A great deal of money must be earned, so that it can be spent!

With a Virgo Sun Sign, this placing helps the shy, not too confident Virgoan to relax and enjoy love and luxury. It will also ease the harsher, more critical side of Virgo. There is often plenty of creative flair here. Here is a helpful, sympathetic friend who will enjoy doing good turns for others. This individual will want to work hard to earn an honest living, but thankfully also knows how to enjoy the fruits of his labour.

When the Sun joins Venus in Libra, the influence of Venus is exceptionally strong, adding all of the traits mentioned in the introductory paragraph. All of the attributes of Libra are likewise strengthened by this position, especially if the Sun and Venus are in conjunction. Money here may be extravagantly spent.

With the Sun in Scorpio, this placing adds a colourful, romantic side to the seething Scorpio passion, increasing sympathy and understanding along the way. This person likes comfort and luxury, but can be very resentful when they don’t get their own way. Here is a good friend, but one who may become suspicious and bitter. Generosity and financial flair are common.

With the Sun Sign being Sagittarius, this placing gives a sense of romance to the exuberance and enthusiasm of the Sun. Here is an individual who will enjoy the chase as much as the relationship itself. The power of Venus will help to quell Sagittarian restlessness and encourage a philosophical outlook. Financial security is of above average importance, since creature comforts are sought more than is usual for most Sun Sign Sagittarians.


: The need for a rewarding relationship is intensified with this placing and endowed with much passion. Sexual desire and romance must both be fulfilled and seen to be fulfilled. The jealousy of Scorpio will make itself felt from time to time, and it is possible that resentfulness and an inability to forgive or forget can cause quite serious ups and downs in this person’s love life. Even if Venus is the only planet in Scorpio, it will need a positive outlet for its energies – not only through sex and mutual affection, but also through more aesthetic interests. If Neptune is also in Scorpio, romanticism can be extreme, as can negative escapism. At best, here is Venus working at its sexiest. A certain rivalry and jealousy will be present within this person’s friendships. Financially, this is an excellent placing- security is important, and there is usually a flair for investing and for business.

With the Sun in Virgo, a conflict can arise between Virgoan modesty and the sexual nature of Scorpio. Self confidence and relaxation regarding sexual matters must be consciously striven for, but in general the influence of Venus will do much good for the sexually shy Virgo. This is a whole hearted friend who may become over-critical at times. Money is managed well.

When the Sun Sign is Libra, this is a positive placement. It lends an air of romantic mystery to this person, and the women here are often typical ‘femme fatales’. The increased sexuality of this placing weakens Libra’s otherwise purely romantic obsessions, and ads an intensity and a sense of purpose that can otherwise be lacking. This is a friend who wants to enjoy life, and to ensure that everyone else does too. This individual has a huge capacity for spending money!!

When the Sun joins Venus in Scorpio, the passion of Scorpio is given very romantic overtones, which will add to the sexual attraction of this person. Scorpio jealousy is increased, as is a tendency to become obsessive over the partner’s every move. The opening paragraph about Venus in Scorpio in general is doubly applicable here. There is often considerable money-making acumen.

With the Sun in Sagittarius, the need for independence may clash with the Scorpio intensity of feeling. This individual feels pangs of jealousy from time to time and loathes them, trying to rationalise them away. Sagittarian enjoyment of life is increased here, and here is a friend who will be a marvellous host. Financial risks are taken, with mixed results.

When the Sun Sign is Capricorn, the love life will be taken very seriously, and perhaps this person refuses to realise that he or she does actually have very deep intense feelings. Once committed, this individual is very loyal, but there can sometimes be a conflict between emotion and a practical approach to life, resulting in a delaying of this commitment. Friends are tested out thoroughly before being accepted. Steady financial growth is important to this person when investing.


Although there is considerable enthusiasm and warmth in this placing, the Sagittarian need for independence makes this person somewhat loathe to commit to a permanent relationship. More than one relationship may be experienced at any one time, and fidelity is not a particularly strong point. However, here is an ardent and adventurous lover, who will certainly make life fun and enjoyable for a partner, both in bed and out. In turn, the partner for this person needs to be able to respond intellectually as well as physically in order to hold their interest. Mental rapport and friendship are essential. This is a lively friend who knows how to have a good time. The attitude towards finance may be ‘easy come, easy go’ with the emphasis on the ‘go’!

When the Sun is in Libra, the subject may not seem to care much about love, but he or she does actually need just as much romance as the rest of us. This placing rationalises the feelings, however, and instils a need for friendship as well as love, which is very healthy. Professional financial advice is often needed for this person, as money slips through the fingers in a somewhat gullible fashion.

With the Sun in Scorpio, this placing lightens the steamy, rather heavy Scorpio attitude to love and sex, adding a need for intellectual rapport. Much will be expected of partners, but much will also be contributed. Scorpio jealousy can clash all too easily with the Sagittarian independence, causing many ‘interesting’ moments in a relationship! Here is a friend who needs to be challenged and to share interests. Investment will be enjoyed, but a gambling spirit needs careful control.

When the Sun joins Venus in Sagittarius, we have a true ‘hunter’ in the romance stakes, who enjoys the chase just as much (sometimes more) than the actual romantic conquest itself. Fickleness is perhaps this person’s worst fault, and the opening paragraph of this section about Venus in Sagittarius in general is especially true here. Money slips through this individual’s fingers, much to their eternal shock and surprise.

With the Sun in Capricorn, this placing helps to warm up the rather cool Capricorn emotions, and helps these people to enjoy life. However, the Capricorn faithfulness and loyalty will be less evident. A good mind is deemed important to a relationship by this person, and an ideal partner has to be one who will spur the subject on in his or her ambitions and goals. Friends must share interests, and have something of perceived ‘value’ to contribute to the friendship. Money making is less important here than for other Capricorn groups.

With the Sun in Aquarius, we find that the Aquarian spirit is sympathetic to the restlessness and independence of Venus in Sagittarius, whilst the fire of Sagittarius warms up the aloofness of Aquarius. However, a liking for individuality means that even the most romantic amongst this group do not rush head over heels into long term commitment. Sexual experimentation is usual, and there is often a wide circle of friends who share philanthropic or intellectual interests. Finances are somewhat erratic with this placing, with money often being spent on overtly ‘trendy’ items.

VENUS IN CAPRICORN: Here we have someone who, once committed in a relationship, will want to remain constant and loyal. However, this is not a particularly easy placing, and there can often be inhibitions in the full expression of feelings for this person. It is important that this individual finds ways other than through words and gestures to show a partner how much they are loved, because they are not very demonstrative, either verbally or physically. Sometimes a partner is chosen as a status symbol of some kind. However, when true love is the genuine aim, this placing contributes a marvellous ability to work at a relationship, and to progress it for the good of both parties, materially and emotionally. Here is a faithful friend, who likes to create an impression. Money is spent in a calculated way, often to show off, but a careful streak will also be evident.

With the Sun in Scorpio, the intensity and passion of Scorpio is cooled somewhat. This person will get what he or she wants in the long run, but may not fully consider a partner’s feelings along the way. They are demanding friends, but excellent at encouraging others in their ambitions. Ruthlessness in all areas of life needs to be watched. Business and money making abilities are excellent.

When the Sun Sign is Sagittarius, the love life is taken seriously. This person is thoughtful and fairly consistent and constant (more so than other Sagittarians), but there can be conflicts between the Sagittarian need for freedom within a relationship and the Capricorn urge to do the right thing. In friendships, this individual enjoys challenging debate. Financial growth is often excellent, through clever, calculated risk taking.

When the Sun joins Venus in Capricorn, faithfulness and loyalty are very much in evidence, but with a somewhat reserved expression of feeling. The comments in the opening paragraph of this section, about Venus in Capricorn in general, are very applicable here. Ambitions for material progress must not be so great the the relationships suffers at the expense of work.

With the Sun in Aquarius, the very independent Aquarian life style will lead to a delay in making a long term commitment. This placing has very strong romantic potential, but the feelings are often suppressed. Here is someone who likes to give the impression of being cool and distant – but in actual fact, their very aloofness makes them magnetically attractive. This is a good faithful friend, but one who will be very difficult to get to know really well. The management of finances veers between good and not so good.

With the Sun in Pisces, the blending of earth and water is excellent, since Venus here can help to steady the gush of Piscean emotion. Capricorn elements give a sense of balance and control, enabling this person to develop a common sense, yet wonderfully sensitive approach to love. Here is a kind friend who will offer plenty of sensible suggestions when called upon to help. There will be some fiscal ability, but if Mercury is also in Pisces, professional financial advice is recommended.

VENUS IN AQUARIUS: This placing contributes more magnetic glamour than any other. Admiration will be thoroughly enjoyed, but conflict can be created by the need for independence versus the need for a relationship. This can often be the typical situation that a partnership is desired, but a partner isn’t. However, the person who uses the other parts of his chart well, particularly the Ascendant sign and the Moon, will be able to love with idealism and fidelity. Nevertheless, the feelings are always coolly expressed, and partners often take a while to get used to this individual’s way of expressing love and commitment. Here is a very kind and helpful friend. Usually good with money, this person may however overspend on items for the home.

With the Sun in Sagittarius, the love of independence is greatly increased, and at the same time, the fiery emotions of Sagittarius are cooled. However, there is increased fidelity once the subject is committed emotionally. This placing also glamorises the usual casual Sagittarian style. This is a rewarding, warm-hearted friend who will give plenty of positive encouragement. Financial risks are enjoyed, but are often taken without due caution.

When the Sun is in Capricorn, this placing makes the aspiring Capricorn seem rather haughty. Budding relationships may be damaged because this individual feels that no partner is good enough. This may really be an excuse to delay commitment and full expression of emotions, which this person can find difficult. The Moon’s influence may help here. A faithful and helpful, yet unpredictable, friend, this person clashes financial caution with a desire to live it up.

When the Sun joins Venus in Aquarius, the subject has dynamic powers of attraction and a certain magnetic quality, yet is very difficult for anyone to get to know well, let alone intimately. Independence is necessary, but true love and romance are also needed – the ‘icy’ exterior of the personality can be this person’s own worst enemy. All of the remarks in the opening paragraph about Venus in Aquarius generally are especially applicable here. Expensive items often prove hard to resist.

When the Sun Sign is Pisces, Piscean emotion is controlled and there is also an ability to distance oneself from feelings, with the individual instead relying on intuition for many of his decisions. There is good practical common sense, and the image is spiced with originality – indeed, perhaps too much so at times. Great kindness and charity often result in personal sacrifices. This is a superb if sometimes forgetful friend. Professional financial advice is strongly recommended, unless good business ability is shown elsewhere in the chart.

With the Sun in Aries, the fiery Arian passion is quenched by the cool detachment of Venus, but the Arian need for independence shines through strongly. The desire for a permanent relationship may clash with a wish to be free, and a compromise must be reached. Here is a lively friend, who is enthusiastic about shared interests. Financial flair may be present, but hastiness when making decisions could cause problems.


Here the emotional level is very strong indeed, and this individual is greatly swayed by an emotional response to all kinds of situation. He or she can all too easily be taken advantage of, and as a result often learns the hard way in love, making the same mistakes over and over again. The position of Mercury may help to provide some anchor or common sense. There is a powerful need to express love and emotion, and this individual is strongly sentimental. Care is needed to guard against self-deception and negative escapism through drink or drugs. Taking the easy way out of a problem is the normal attitude, and truthfulness must be encouraged in children who have this placing. Self-confidence is often not high, especially with regard to sexual attraction, and charity can lead to cash flow problems. A charming and sensitive friend.

With Sun in Capricorn, the Capricorn heart is warmed and the frosty exterior softened. Social climbing is less pronounced, and more time is spent enjoying relationships and family rather than worrying about material matters. Some vital common sense counters the Piscean gullibility. Here is a practical and sympathetic friend. In financial affairs, this person won’t go far wrong by following their intuition.

With Sun in Aquarius, this placing adds further to the kind, humanitarian and charitable outlook of Aquarius, and it also warms the emotions, making the subject more responsive and less distant. Emotional involvement is increased, yet Piscean emotions blend well with Aquarian independence. An understanding and sympathetic friend, this person handles money badly, and would do well to take professional advice.

When the Sun joins Venus in Pisces, there is a great deal that is beautiful about this placing – but this individual must realise that his very strong emotions can all too easily get out of control. Too much kindness and sympathy make him a ‘soft touch’, and there may be a tendency to become a dogsbody or doormat for others. Too many sacrifices may also be made, to the detriment of this person. All of the comments in the opening paragraph about Venus in Pisces generally are especially applicable here. Financial problems can occur through excessive generosity.

When the Sun Sign is Aries, the fire of Aries gives a natural assertiveness to this placing so that inner strength is added to all that warmth and emotion. This placing also softens the selfishness of Aries, and adds sympathy and understanding. There is great sexual exuberance, making for a very exciting partner. Both partners and friends will be given plenty of encouragement from this person. Money making ideas are good, but can sometimes be harmed by an over-fondness for risk taking. This can be countered by good common sense from elsewhere in the chart.

When the Sun is in Taurus, this is a delightful combination, giving a gentle but deep and meaningful expression of feelings. Taurean possessiveness is tamed somewhat, but emotional security is of above average importance. The emotions of Venus are slightly more controlled here, creating an individual who is a very caring, sensual and passionate lover. Too much money, however, may be spent on creature comforts.

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