The Year of the Metal Ox will enter the Chinese zodiac, starting with January 12, 2021. It will last until February 12, 2022, when the Year of the Tigers follows. Here is what the Chinese zodiac says for this year, according to the specialist in the field.

The Chinese zodiac for 2021 comes with big surprises

Thus, the Year of the Metal Ox will bring changes both in love and professionally for each sign. Some will find their half, others will focus on their careers.


The natives of this sign look at the year as a big piece of …

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ARIES March 21–April 19

Life for you this month is a feast for the senses, and you’re willing spend more to heighten your enjoyment.

Food, clothes, art, make up, gifts, facials, sex, decoration—the pleasures of the physical realm are ripe for the picking.

And indulge in them, you will. Of course, the pileup on your lap of luxury will likely slow you down a bit, but that’s a meager price to pay for living well. Uplift yourself by spreading the wealth, and appreciating the beauty.

TAURUS April 20–May 20

The gathering in your birthday sign of Taurus this month is …

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All Signs — Accordind to Horoscope Annuel , 2020 will be a very unusual year for love, caused by a planetary set-up that hasn’t occurred during all my years as an astrologer. Venus trine Mars, the typical, traditional love aspect, usually lasts a few weeks — long enough for most people to fall in love.

But this year, this love aspect lasts four months, almost as though the heavens wanted to beat reluctant lovers into submission! Spectacular romantic fireworks start now, in February, and last to June.

A kind of “extension” of the romantic vibe flares past June, into September. …

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According to the Chinese calendar, the year 2020 is the year of the Metal Rat. The Chinese people say that this year people will be more polite and less stubborn, but they will have the tendency to complicate things.

As Asian people see it, the year 2020 is a year dominated by the orientation towards progress, honor and maximum integrity, people learning to temper their ardor.
This year, the natives of the year of the Rat are going to enjoy many happy events, including financial success, and the natives of the year of the Ox will enjoy unexpected success and …

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