Taurus 2019 horoscope

Last year was a reasonably happy one. Most of the long-term planets were either leaving you alone or in harmonious aspect to you.


There was a great focus on work and career and these areas seem to have enjoyed success and they will continue to do so in 2019 but important changes are brewing in 2019 especially in the latter part of the year.

Saturn, which has been making harmonious aspects to you will change Signs on July 16th and start making an inharmonious aspect.

Career success can place strains on your home and family life. You will be called upon to take on more responsibility at home and with family members.

Health was reasonably good in 2017 and will be good for most of 2019 but when Saturn makes its move into Leo (July 16th) you will have to start being more careful with your energy.


You will have to take stock of your situation, decide what is really important to you and focus only on those things.

Love was not a big priority in 2017 but that is changing this year. On October 26th Jupiter will move into your 7th House of Love and Marriage initiating a happy and active social cycle.

This will last well into 2019. Love is in the air. Singles are likely to marry. Business partnerships and joint ventures, happy ones are also likely.


In career matters, many of you are finding your stride. You are able to find your dream career and your dream job. You are finding areas that lead not only to outer, temporal success but which are really worthwhile for the world and personally satisfying.

This trend continues in 2019. Career and also love are probably the most exciting and happy areas of life in 2019.

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Where in 2017 your focus was on the mind, training the mind, training the thought processes, training your communication skills, in 2019 the focus will shift more to the emotional life. You will be called to bring that area into order.

Most important interests in the year ahead are communication, intellectual interests until July 16th; home, family and emotional life after July 16th; personal reinvention, personal transformation, debt and repayment of debt, past lives and reincarnation (this has been a long-term interest and continues this year) career; friendships and group activities; spirituality after July 28th.

taurus horoscope 2019

Your paths to greatest fulfillment in the year ahead are spirituality, health and work, productivity until October 26th; love, romance and social activities after October 26th.

Taurus 2019 Health Horoscope

Though you have a stressful transit happening beginning July 16th, Saturn will move into Leo, the cosmos in its infinite foresight seems to be preparing you for it. Your 6th House of Health is a House of Power for most of the year.

Not only that but Jupiter, the great benefic is there. So, you are interested in health and health issues. You are expanding your knowledge and understanding of these things.

You are enjoying health regimes and leading a healthy life. These good habits that you are now inculcating will stand you in good stead after July 16th.

You can enhance your health by paying more attention to your kidneys, hips, neck, throat, liver and thighs .


With the Lord of your 8th House in your House of Health, detox regimes are also unusually beneficial.

After July 16th you will probably have to make important adjustments to your lifestyle. In general you need to pace yourself more, rest when tired and avoid burning the candle at both ends.

You have plenty of energy to do what you really need to do but not for frittering away on inessentials. So, you need to discern sharply between what is and is not important.

When you are off-track, you will probably get immediate feedback from your body.

After July 16th, emotional health becomes more important in your life. People have no idea of the precious vitality wasted on hyper-emotionalism, negative states, negative moods and negative reaction patterns.

It is appalling. After an emotional episode, a sensitive person will feel as tired as someone who has worked on a chain gang all day. When the aspects are positive, people can get away with this emotionalism but when the aspects are not so kind, they can’t.

There will be an immediate impact on the body. So, the cultivation of calm, tranquil and positive moods will be a major priority for the next few years.

The health of friends could be a concern this year but a daily disciplined, spartan-type health regime will be a big help to them. They need to pay more attention to their spine and heart.

Siblings will benefit from detox regimes. Parents or parental figures benefit from a better diet and care of the spine, knees, skeletal alignment and stomach.

Venus, your Health Planet, is a fast-moving planet who will move through all the Signs and Houses of your Horoscope in the coming year.

There are many therapies that will work better at certain times than at others. We will discuss this in the month-by-month forecasts.

Taurus 2019 Love Horoscope

Though socially, the year might start off slowly, with little change in the status quo, be patient.

The scene is being set for a banner social year. This begins July 16th but picks up steam after October 26th when Jupiter moves into your 7th House of Love and Marriage.

Singles have powerful marriage opportunities and, even if they don’t actually marry, they will be involved in relationships that are ‘like marriage’, committed and serious.

There is a Solar Eclipse in your 7th House of Marriage in the coming year (October 23rd). This too signals long-term change, shake-ups in the status quo.

Those already married should be able to cleanse their relationship and make it better than before.

The eclipses will bring up the dirty laundry so that it can be dealt with. Relationships or marriages that are not based on true love are in serious danger but with love aspects so wonderful, there is little to fear.

The impure must make way for the pure. When the gods come, the demi-gods must depart.

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In general, your social life is to be greatly expanded. New and significant friends and contacts are being made. There is more going out, more socializing, more parties and the like.

Many of you will marry and many of you will be attending more weddings too.

Even if you are working towards a second marriage, the aspects are good beginning July 16th. Though you will be attracted to foreigners, people of different cultural backgrounds, you don’t need to actually travel to a foreign country.

This person is likely to be very close to home. Perhaps a friend of the family. Perhaps you meet through the family.

Those working towards a third marriage seem too busy playing the field to want to settle down.

The problem here is too much opportunity, not too little. You seem very experimental, a long-term trend and need a lot of change and variety in your love life.

There is so much excitement in your social life that it works against any kind of long-term commitment.

Taureans are usually allured by money and this year even more so. Those working towards a first or second marriage will meet wealthy people.

If they have to choose between a wealthy person of so-so status and a poor person of high status, they will choose the wealthy one but those working towards a third marriage seem more allured by status and prestige than by mere wealth and will meet those kinds of people.

They will find social opportunities as they pursue career goals, perhaps at work or with a boss or supervisor. Perhaps it is with someone who is involved with your career or who is in a position to help it along.

October-November will not only be a turning point in love but the most socially active period in the year ahead. Venus will be in your House of Love until October 8th. Mercury will enter on October 8th.

The Sun will enter on October 23rd, and Jupiter on October 26th. You have much to look forward to.

The marriage of a sibling will improve after July 16th if not his or her marriage, then overall love life. The marriage of parents and parental figures gets tested after July 16th.

Children of marriageable age are too unsettled in their affections to tie the knot. They are having a good time socially playing the field but love and affections are highly unstable.

Grandchildren of marriageable age are more likely to marry this year. They may have married last year, but if not, it could happen this year. They are unusually focused on love and this is a big factor.

They are actively seeking friends and love opportunities, not waiting around for the phone to ring.

Taurus 2019 Money and Career Horoscope

Though Taureans are always interested in finance, the 2nd House of Finance is not a House of Power this year.

There is less interest than usual. Career seems much more important than mere money.

This is a long-term trend. Many of you figure that ‘If I have my professional or social position squared away, then the money will automatically follow.’

Perhaps the weakness in the 2nd House should be read as a prosperity signal. You are where you want to be financially and therefore need not give it too much focus. You sort of take wealth for granted.


With Jupiter in your 6th House of Work until October 26th, job seekers meet with good fortune.

Your dream job, if you have not already found it is out there. Those who employ others are expanding the workforce and with quality people.

There is a beautiful harmony, a network of co-operation between your career aspirations and your friendships. It is almost like a circle of power. One feeds the other.

One fosters the other. You make friends in high places and they help your career. Your career success enables you to make new friends and new connections.

There are other ways to read this ‘mutual reception’ between your Planet of Friendships and your Career Planet. In some cases it shows a career in the media or the importance of using the media correctly to advance your career.

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In other cases it shows that your career involves joining clubs and organizations or perhaps that these organizations are important to your career. Your networking abilities are a major career plus.

Taureans are not known for being experimental but these days, in career and friendship matters, you are. You need a career that gives you a lot of change, the opportunities to do different kinds of things.

Many will prefer the freelance kind of life for this reason.

Career will be good all year but it really takes off when Jupiter moves into Scorpio (October 26th) and starts making sensational aspects to your Career Planet. You can expect pay rises, promotions and honors.

Your public and professional status will be elevated. The sky is the limit for you now.

In terms of pure finance, May 10th to June 21st will be your strongest and most active month.

Career will be active all year but especially from January 19th to February 25th. February 20th, 24th and 25th, March 3rd thru 5th, October 30th and 31st and November 22nd thru 28th are very important, positive career dates. Significant things will happen at these times.


Your 4th House of Home and Family hasn’t been a House of Power for the past few years. Presumably, this area was where you wanted it to be and you had no need to make any major changes or give it too much attention but this will change come July 16th, when Saturn moves into this House.

This transit denotes the taking on of ‘extra responsibility’ in the home and with family. It shows a need to get your domestic life and family situation in order.

Perhaps you’ve overly neglected these things the past few years, career was certainly more exciting than family. Perhaps because of this there is too much disorder at home. Now is the time to correct it.

Whenever the cosmos gives you more responsibility, it is also giving you more control. For there can never be responsibility without control.

So you are being asked to take more control of your relations with family members and with the circumstances of your daily domestic conditions.

Exercising this control will be a fine balancing act, as Neptune, the Planet of Idealism and Spirituality and basically freedom will challenge your efforts.

If you overdo the control thing there will be opposition but if you under-do it, you risk anarchy. Somewhere in between is the right path.

This is a time for organization and efficiency at home. Many of you are fine managers in your businesses but now you have to bring that talent home.

Since Saturn is the Lord of your 9th House, this can bring a move or expansion of your current residence. Career changes can be bringing this on.

Some of you might buy a second or even third home too or buy additional properties for investment.

Sometimes we increase by minimizing or by making better use of our existing space, by getting rid of things that we don’t need anymore. Many will follow this path too.

With the Lord of the 9th House in your 4th House, this is a time for applying your religious and philosophical principles in the home and with family members, in the heat of the day-to-day cauldron.

Education of family members is a big priority now too. Many of you will undertake it yourselves, others will delegate it, either way you have to see that it gets done.

A parent or parental figure is moving and it seems happy. There is also the fortunate purchase or sale of a home. Likewise with a sibling.

Taurean grandparents will do more entertaining of the grandchildren. Looks like the grandchildren are staying at their homes.

Some of you may have been getting a hard time from neighbors or siblings but this will ease up after July 16th.

Improve your life in 2019

Seekers of the spirit rarely realize, in the intensity of their seeking that in reality religion is seeking them, ardently and passionately. This is especially so in your case. On July 28th your Spiritual Planet, Mars, moves into your Sign and stays there for the rest of the year and into 2019 as well.

As mentioned, this is an unusually long transit for Mars so something is going on with you. It is going to be an intensely spiritual period for you. Religion will announce itself in your life in various ways.

Your dream life might become overactive and even prophetic. You will start having ‘synchronistic’ experiences. Coincidences that you can’t explain. A spiritual teacher could come into your life and you don’t need to look for him or her.

The teacher will find you right where you are. Of course, you have free will and can always say no but this isn’t likely. New ESP powers will open up in you.

You will have hunches that bear out or you will know what someone is thinking or the inner nature of a person without asking. Little miracles (perhaps some big ones, too) will happen all around you.

The invisible world is letting you know that it exists.

This is an especially good period to go on spiritual-type retreats, take on a spiritual discipline, study scripture or get involved in charities or causes that you believe in.

Your ability to access the religion, to get in alignment with it is not only important for your overall happiness but has important career implications. It wants to lead you to your correct life’s work for this time.