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September 2018 Monthly Horoscope

Happy Birthday Virgo,


While you have been working most of the year in fits and starts fashion, not really committing, you find that you are no longer able to work the room the way you could. So this year you will have to work harder and smarter and consider making long term plans in order to realize material gains. Over the next year you find that you have indeed made impossible, wonderful and exciting financial headway. A windfall is in the works. Now, that is a nice birthday gift from the skies.


Family matters take precedence over your crazy jet fueled love life until after the first week of the month. Then Venus, the planet of love, nestles in your house of romance and you find yourself in romantic plots, twists and turns that leave even fearless, courageous Aries astonished. Why, it is just too much to think about and you push all reasoning aside until the last of the month when you are more clear headed. Was one of the twists that someone was already involved or even married? There was a trickster in the Venus vibes.


The 3rd and the 30th free you and you feel you are given a fresh start. There is a certain ebb and flow to the workings of the Universe and you feel very in tune this month for the most part. It is a lovely change from the stress of last month where it all seemed to fall apart. Now, you see where your energies are best utilized. That would be in the harmonics of the number you relate to astrologically. And, that would be about banking, making money, brokering deals and handling estates. Prepare for a gift of cash.


Ruled by Mercury you are talkative, inclined toward nervous energy, always on the go, your mind racing with ideas and plans. This month is your planetary down time. Why not accept it? As the Eastern philosophy suggest, “Do not swim against the currents”. Take this time to tie up loose ends, to formalize the many proposals that you have ignored in your in basket and then relax. Make arrangements for a last minute summer getaway.



The first part of September 2018 is ripe for opportunity to come and knock. Will you bother to open that famous door? You’ve been feeling lucky but more than a little lethargic. If you want to go with the promise of the stars, take action and don’t let an opportune moment go by. It could be a missed promotion, fortunate break or casting call.


The stellar alignment is a green light for you to sock away money and make advances in all financial transactions. The 10thSeptember 2018 gives you the extra bonus of thinking through a dilemma about money. Born with remarkable ambition, you can achieve just about anything you set your heart on. Neptune opposite your Sun does give a certain lack of clarity in regard to what is presented to you. Get it in writing and read the fine print.


Energetic and enthused this month you feel the subtle shift of the astrological winds, as the planet of all good things Jupiter is about to leave your sign. Take advantage of whatever it is you really, really, want to do before October. In October you find the ease of working a room, or taking the world by storm constrict. You can still do it of course, but more effort is required.

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The month before your birthday is always reflective. This is truer this year than ever before. That is because in October the planets change and you’re come up the winner. You begin a whole new cycle and good fortune comes pouring in all at once. So, if things seem “iffy” or uncertain now don’t despair. Enjoy your time apart because soon all eyes are on you.


Wound up and ready to go you are decisive and action prone. You want to vent, express yourself and hold nothing back. Be careful now not to hurt others with that well-known Scorpion sting. Good ways to let off emotional excess are to take up sports, work out more or try the Yoga that you thought was so easy. Your attraction for Leo is inexplicable and “purely physical”. Do you meet at the bank, or insurance agency? Do not underestimate the importance of such a meeting now regardless of how it may appear. Career is highlighted this month.


Sagittarius is the bachelor sign of the Zodiac. You love your freedom and have a restless nature. This September 2018 however, you are weighed down by the demands that others make on you. You have been changing, re-inventing and dare I say it, evolving for some time now. You don’t like this planetary influence, as the only change you like is the one you initiate. Still, there you are in the midst of becoming a new you. Towards the end of the month you feel like the weights have been removed and you are free to be yourself again.


The best thing about September for you Capricorn is that you get help from so many stellar energies. Venus in Leo gives you pocket money, Jupiter, Mars and Mercury in Virgo helps your ambitions. What could hold you back? Anxieties and fear. Yes, you the brave, insistent, determined Goat of the Zodiac have a bout with worry and jitters. Take time to step back, look at your history and what you’ve done and realize that not much can stop you from climbing that hill.

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The moon of the 23rd September 2018 in your sign signals a new month for you. Action and projects begun now and on the 14th hold promise. This would be a good time to take care of yourself for darling that you are, you often forget to consider what you want out of life. Most of the time you think primarily about what is good for everyone else. Take time to join political rallies, meet stargazers or sign up for a class at the local college for astronomy or mythology.


Who ever thought the planet Saturn would give you the good vibrations to counter all the Virgo energies opposing you? Does Saturn ever get good press? It is hard to rebound from some hurt or slight now. Pisces is ultra sensitive and easily wounded and never more than this month. Your emotions about your lover or significant other have been smoothed and held lovingly together by Jupiter in your house of relationships. By the end of the month as Jupiter enters Libra you may come face to face with what is really meaningful about your love relationship.


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