Scorpio 2019 horoscope

In 2019 you will go through what Libra went through in 2018. The cosmos will severely limit you in certain areas but help you to develop in others. What it takes from one place it gives in another.


There is an alternation, almost like a breath between contraction and expansion, joy and responsibility, good fortune and hard, nitty-gritty work.

At times you are exhausted, at other times ebullient. You are on a ‘cosmic seesaw’. No doubt about it, there is a wonderful agenda behind it all.
The main challenge in the year ahead will be to integrate your career obligations with some personal time, time to pursue your personal joys. What good is success if it’s all work and no joy?

In 2017, career was not a main interest but come July 16th when Saturn moves into your l0th House, it becomes a major focus.

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Health is mixed this year. Ambitions and career challenges, the demands of your career are the main problem.


scorpio 2019
Most important interests in the year ahead are spirituality until October 26th; the body, image, personal appearance and personal pleasures after October 26th; finance; home, family and domestic issues; children, fun, creativity, speculations; love and romance after July 28th; religion, philosophy, higher education, metaphysics and foreign travel until July 16th; career after July 16th.

Your paths to greatest fulfillment in the year ahead are health and work; spirituality until October 26th; the body, image, personal appearance and personal pleasures after October 26th.

Scorpio 2019 Health Horoscope


Health should have been good in 2017 and this trend will continue for much of 2019. In July there is a shift, a long-term shift of planetary energy. Saturn moves into Leo on July 16th and Mars will move into Taurus on July 28th.
These will join Neptune in forming a stressful T-Square on you. You will have to start making adjustments. On October 26th, Jupiter will move into your Sign, making a rare and usually stressful Grand-Square Pattern in your chart. This reinforces what I say.

I see changes in your health regime in other ways too. There are two eclipses in your 6th House of Health in 2019, a Solar Eclipse on April 8th and a Lunar Eclipse on October 17th. These are showing long-term changes to your diet and overall health regime.

An eclipse in your own Sign on April 24th shows a cleansing of the body, a change in the image, dress and overall demeanor and a redefinition of the personality.

I feel that all of these events are related. The cosmos is signaling you to change your ways, to slow down, pace yourself and adjust yourself to the new realities that Saturn’s move into Leo is bringing into your life.

It is time to take stock of things. Time to review your true priorities in life. Time to plan your use of energy and to maximize it. Time to drop frivolous interests or responsibilities and to focus on what is really important.

Many of you will be very busy during the latter half of the year. The pace in life seems frenetic. You are balancing many diverse forces, interests and personalities.

At times like these we need to work smarter and conserve energy.

You can’t micro-manage things. You will have to delegate more whenever possible. You will need good people around you who can be trusted. You will have to learn to let go when there is nothing constructive to be done.

If there is some positive action that can be taken, by all means take it. If not, refuse to worry, stew or fear. Tomorrow is another day and other actions will become possible.

Learn to enjoy the challenges of life. Treat them as you would a difficult crossword puzzle or logic problem.

Yes, they are difficult and sometimes you get stumped but when you prevail, what joy!

Try to make time for yourself. This will be a little easier after October 26th for everything in your life depends on you.

Other people are certainly important and so are your duties to them but if you’re not well, you won’t be able to discharge your duties.

Mars is your Health Planet. In the body, Mars rules the musculature, sexual organs along with Pluto, bladder and colon. These parts of the body need more attention.

There are many natural, drugless ways to strengthen them and there is much literature on the subject out there about how to do so.

Sexual activity should be kept in balance. Scorpios have a tendency to overdo this. Safe sex is unusually important for you.

Mars rules athletics and vigorous exercise. This is all good for you. A day at the gym will often do you as much good as a visit to a health professional.

On July 28th your Health Planet will make an unusually long transit in the Sign of Taurus and your 7th House. This is a headline. Mars normally stays in a Sign for two months or so. This year it will be in Taurus for five months and well into 2019.

This is showing us many things. The neck and throat become more important to your overall health. Neck massage and sacral-cranial types of therapies become more powerful for you. Also, it will produce a strong connection between health and love.

Your 7th House invokes your social life. This means that social harmony or disharmony will have immediate and dramatic consequences on your health. Try to maintain harmony as much as you can. This transit also shows your concern with the health of your spouse, lover or partner.

At this time you will learn that good health means more than just physical fitness and the absence of disease, it means healthy and nourishing relationships and a healthy love life.

If you follow the guidelines above, maintain high energy levels, focus on priorities, let go of frivolous things and strengthen the organs and parts of the body mentioned above, you should get through this trying period with flying colors.

Scorpio 2019 Love Horoscope


Your 7th House of Love and Marriage is not a House of Power for the first half of the year. There is a status quo situation. Married’s tend to stay married, singles tend to stay single. Usually this shows that your love life is where you want it to be and there’s no need to give it too much attention.

Love is sort of taken for granted but on July 28th all of this changes as dynamic Mars makes an unusually long transit through your 7th House of Love and Marriage. This is going to heat things up quite a bit.

Those who are married or involved in a serious relationship will find that they can’t take love for granted anymore. The relationship or marriage gets tested. There is a tendency to get involved in power struggles with your beloved, not an advisable thing to do given all the other things that are going on in your life but it will be difficult to avoid.

Flawed relationships may go down the tubes but healthy ones will survive. Passions and tempers in the relationship get heated up. Part of the friction could come from work issues, either you or your beloved are working very hard and have little time to devote to the relationship.

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It could be there are disagreements about health issues. This part of the year is challenging in many other ways, as mentioned, hence your love life needs to be given its due but can’t be the end-all or be-all. Spouses or lovers may well object to this however.

While Mars is in your 7th House, your social life will be more active but so will many other areas of life. Singles will be more aggressive in love. New relationships could form but marriage is best delayed for a while. Let love develop slowly. There is no rush.

For singles there are plenty of non-serious love opportunities all year. These opportunities are close to home perhaps involving old flames or coming to you through family introductions but these relationships, while fun, probably won’t lead to marriage.

For singles, serious love opportunities can come from April 15th to May 20th but you can expect tests of these things down the road, as mentioned.

Scorpios working towards a second marriage need more patience this year. If you are already in a second marriage, the stresses of the past two years should ease up after July 16th. Those working towards a third marriage will have a status quo year.

Those working towards a fourth marriage have a wonderful opportunity after October 26th but it’s not a smooth ride.

Children of marriageable age seem much too unsettled for a committed relationship these days. This is a long-term trend. If they are already married, the relationship is probably in crisis. Issues of personal freedom are causing the problem. Grandchildren of marriageable age have had wonderful opportunities for the past two years.

These opportunities are still there for the first half of this year.

Scorpio 2019 Finance and Career Horoscope


Finances have been important to you, a serious interest for many years now. You seem totally and happily involved in this area.

This trend continues in 2019. This year you seem to be getting the hang of money-making, you are getting deep insights into this area and this will translate into cold, hard cash after October 26th.

Jupiter is your Financial Planet. It will be in your 12th House of Spirituality for most of 2019 (until October 26th). You are learning the power of intuition as applied to finances.

Sure, logic and rational thinking are important but without intuition they are barren paths and even when they do lead to wealth (through stress and hard work), there is little joy in this wealth but once you follow intuition, wealth happens in joyful ways.

Henry Ford famously remarked that ‘prosperity is the natural result of foresight combined with application’. It is the intuition that gives the foresight.

The application, you have to provide. Foresight is something you have in abundance this year.

Usually when Jupiter moves into your own Sign there is easy wealth. Wealth drops on us. Sure, we take action but it has the nature of a ‘side-effect’. The deal is done, we are just following up. Jupiter has given.

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We merely take the necessary steps to collect our gifts. This year however, the situation is different. Prosperity comes but with a lot of work attached. You’re enjoying the good life, traveling, eating in great restaurants, buying nice clothes, etc. but you are paying a high price.

You are trying to found a new institution, a business and there’s much hard graft involved. In some cases you might be involved in founding a new business for your current company. You are doing this as an employee for I see career promotions in the year ahead too.

Yes, you are working very hard but the payoff looks unusually large.

With your financial intuition working overtime, the probable scenario is that you receive a dream or vision of some new enterprise. You nurse the dream for most of the year then start putting it into practice after July 16th.

Scorpios in already established careers should advance this year but there’s a price. More responsibility, more care. Definitely not a free ride. Scorpios just starting out on a career path will face a different kind of challenge.

They have to deal with overly demanding, perhaps insensitive bosses. For these, career success means going the extra mile. Doing even more than the boss expects.

The main challenge in all this is keeping everything in balance. You can’t be so career driven as to ignore yourself or your love life or children.

Nor can you be so focused on pleasing your spouse or lover that you ignore your boss or business. Each must be given its due.

With your Financial Planet in the 12th House for most of the year, you will be more generous and philanthropic.

You will be giving to causes and charities and these are good investments if given out of the right motives. ‘Tithing’ is a healthy exercise this year.

When Jupiter moves into your Sign on October 26th, you will be investing in yourself, dressing expensively and donning the image of wealth.

Family & Kids


Home and family issues have been a priority for many years now and the trend is continuing. By now things are less turbulent at home than they’ve been in past years but passions can still run high and at unexpected times.

Right now Neptune, your Planet of Children is in your 4th House. Your 4th House Ruler, Uranus is in your 5th House of Children. Thus children, having them, raising them, dealing with them seem the major issue and interest.

Scorpios of childbearing age are more fertile and even older and younger ones are thinking about children. Older ones are thinking of adopting. Younger ones are dreaming about them in the future.

Children have been more rebellious of late and much more difficult to deal with but in the past year or so this seems to have calmed down a bit.

Scorpios are very intense people. Often they don’t realize their power, as they are merely being their ‘normal’ selves but others, especially children, can feel that they are emotionally over-bearing and controlling.

A Scorpio need not say or do much to make you feel his or her displeasure. The intense vibrations make themselves felt, a mighty force. So there is a need to tone this down, especially around children. It will take conscious effort to do this.

Also it is helpful to understand that we don’t own our children. We are merely their caretakers for a while. Child rearing, when understood on the deeper levels is really a form of yoga, a spiritual discipline.

It is the way that many adults learn of selfless service without guarantee of any reward and unconditional love under trying circumstances.

We don’t know how our children will turn out. We don’t know if we will be close to them in the future. This is none of our business. A parent’s job is to do the right thing and then let go.

It’s not easy being loving when a child is behaving outrageously and even destructively. Yet parents are called upon, almost as a duty to practice this every day.

With spiritual Neptune as your 5th House Ruler, Scorpio more than most understands these things and many approach child-rearing as a form of spirituality.

The children need more space and freedom these days. Of course there need to be some limits.

They must not be allowed to be destructive to themselves or others, they have certain duties and responsibilities but within these limits, give them as much freedom as possible.

Moves can still happen in the year ahead as Uranus is very unpredictable. More likely there will be a constant upgrading of the home, much rearranging of furniture and layout.

There is also a long-term trend to make the home a place of entertainment as well as a home.

There is an interest in installing entertainment centers, games rooms and the like. Some will gravitate to communities where these amenities already exist. Scorpio wants to feel that they don’t need to leave their home to be entertained.

Home beautification projects will proceed best from January 19th to March 22nd and from December 15th to 31st. Overall renovation projects go better from March 21st to June 12th.


With your Financial Planet moving through your 12th House of Spirituality this year, you are in a period of learning more about the spiritual and metaphysical dimensions of wealth. Yes, these things exist.

Money, matter and business all have spiritual principles behind them and often seem to contradict the laws we see in operation in the world. These contradictions are a stumbling block for many but you, more than most, are equipped to pierce through the veil.

What we call spiritual affluence, what everyone in his or her real heart of hearts is after is more than just positive thinking or a positive mental attitude. It is the psychological state, the inner feeling of ‘enough’, no lack of any kind.

If you can reach this state through meditation and other spiritual practices you will understand how the Master of Nazareth could counsel, ‘Take no thought for the robe, the ring or the journey’ which seems such a violation of common sense to most people.

When you are in this state there is no question about your supply and there’s no need to worry or fret about it. These teachings are beyond the scope of this report but you will certainly be exposed to them in the year ahead.