Sagittarius 2019 horoscope

As for all the mutable Signs, Gemini, Virgo and Pisces, Uranus’ move into Pisces in 2017 created a mood for change, dramatic change. This is a long-term trend.


Sagittarians are a restless breed by nature more so than the other Signs, except perhaps for Gemini but now this restlessness gets even stronger.

Dramatic home, career and financial changes are in store for 2019 and beyond.
On the financial front, 2018 was a year for getting financially healthier. It was a year for paying off or refinancing debt and for eliminating wasteful expenses.

It was a year for prospering by cutting back, pruning and performing surgery on your expenses and overheads. This trend will continue for the first half of 2019 after which it will no longer be necessary.

Sagittarians tend to be religious and spiritual people. In its highest level of expression, Sagittarius represents the priesthood of the planet but this year, when Jupiter your Ruling Planet moves into your 12th House on October 26th, spiritual urges will be very much enhanced.


Many of your latent spiritual faculties will grow and expand. You can expect many synchronistic type experiences, unexplainable coincidences, ESP phenomena and the like and you can expect much spiritual revelation to come.

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Most important interests in the year ahead are friendships and group activities until October 26th; spirituality after October 26th; the body, image and personal appearance; communication and intellectual interests; home, family and domestic concerns; sex, debt and repayment of debt, taxes, personal transformation and reinvention, past lives, life after death until July 16th; religion, metaphysics, philosophy, higher education and foreign travel after July 16th.

sagittarius 2018

Your paths to greatest fulfillment in the year ahead are friendships and group activities until October 26th; spirituality after October 26th; children, creativity, fun, speculations.

Sagittarius 2019 Health Horoscope


Health was good in 2018 and this trend should continue in 2019. In fact, health should even improve after July 16th when Saturn starts to make harmonious aspects to you.

Your 6th House of Health is not a House of Power, which in this case should be read as a positive health signal. You are not paying too much attention to health because nothing is wrong. You take it for granted.

Pluto, the Planet of Transformation has been in your 1st House for many, many years now and will remain there in the year ahead. Your interest in personal transformation, especially of the body and image continues very strongly.

By now, after all these years, many of you are experts on this subject, how to transform, regenerate and rejuvenate the body. Many of you have tried conventional methods to achieve this, diet, exercise and perhaps some cosmetic surgery but many opted for more spiritual techniques, yoga, tai chi, meditation, herbal detox techniques and positive imagery.

The spiritual ways are slower and require much patience and persistence but in the long run they are deeper and have a more dramatic impact.

With Saturn moving into a more harmonious aspect with Pluto beginning July 16th, all of these interests should meet with success.

With volatile Uranus in your 4th House of Moods, Feelings and Emotions there is much emotional volatility in your life both personally and with family members. Mood changes are swift and very extreme and while your physical vitality is good, even the strongest person can be taxed by wild emotional upheavals.

One negative mood swing can sap more energy than a whole day’s work. One feels utterly exhausted after these things.

So the challenge in the year ahead is to cultivate balanced emotions, a sense of emotional equilibrium. Happily, your interest in spirituality this year will be a big help in this pursuit.

Venus is your Health Planet and in the physical body, rules the kidneys, hips and buttocks.

Health is enhanced by paying more attention to these parts of the body. The hips and buttocks can be energized through regular massage and there are many natural ways to strengthen the kidneys, both through physical manipulation, reflexology, chiropractic, kinesiology, acupuncture, acupressure, foot and hand reflexology and hosts of other methods and herbs, vitamins and diet.

Since Venus is a fast moving planet, moving through all the Signs and Houses of your Horoscope in a given year, you will respond better to different therapies at different times. It all depends where Venus is at a given time. I will cover these short-term trends in the month-by-month forecasts.

The health of a parent or parental figure can be enhanced by better care of the feet, the spine, knees, teeth and the heart. This person seems to gravitate to the more orthodox, conventional therapies after July 16th.

The health of siblings should improve after July 16th. They too need to take better care of the spine, knees and teeth. They also need to be more careful about drug or alcohol misuse.

The health of children seems status quo. The health of your spouse or lover improves after October 26th and you seem very involved in this.

Sagittarius 2019 Love Horoscope


The year ahead seems more significant for those in a second marriage than for those in or working towards a first. The 7th House, your love life in general and a first marriage is not a House of Power. There is a status quo situation in effect. The cosmos doesn’t push you one way or the other.

You have great freedom in this department, freedom to shape your social life as you like but not that much interest in doing so.

For singles, those working towards a first marriage, there will be love opportunities especially from May 21st to June 21st but they don’t seem to lead to commitment.

Those in their second marriage will have their relationships tested. Financial issues need to be worked out.

The feeling of romance is in abeyance and the duties of love weigh heavily but a good relationship will survive this. A business partnership is likely in the year ahead too.

Singles who are working towards second marriage need more patience. Someone older and more established comes into the picture but is it love? No need to rush, take the time to find out.

Those working towards their third marriage have excellent opportunities most of the year.

The unattached have wonderful aspects for marriage. Those working towards their fourth marriage have a status quo year.

There are two eclipses in your 5th House of Love Affairs this year. A Solar Eclipse on April 8th, and a Lunar Eclipse on October 17th. These will no doubt test current love affairs.

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As mentioned earlier, the marriage of your parents or parental figure is in crisis this year. Only a very strong relationship can weather these stresses. The marriage of siblings likewise.

Children of, marriageable age have wonderful aspects either for marriage or for a significant relationship.

Grandchildren of marriageable age are more serious this year, more ambitious, more willing to settle down and this could lead to marriage but they need to give a lot of freedom and space to their prospective partners.

Your happiest and most active social periods will be from May 10th to June 21st.

Mercury is your Love Planet. As the steady readers know, this is a fast-moving planet. In a given year Mercury moves through all the Signs and Houses of your chart.

Hence love and love opportunities can come in a variety of ways and channels all depending on where Mercury is at a given time. We will discuss these short-term trends in the month-by-month forecasts.

Mercury goes retrograde three times a year. This year this will happen from March 20th to April 12th, July 23rd to August 16th and from November 14th to December 4th.

These are periods where relationships seem to go backwards instead of forwards and where the cosmos gives you an opportunity to review and evaluate your current relationship. Though these are wonderful periods for review, they are not wonderful for making long-term decisions about love, your social judgment at these times will not be up to its usually high standards.

Sagittarius 2019 Finance and Career Horoscope


Though your Money House is not a House of Power, your Financial Planet, Saturn is the most elevated planet on an overall basis in the year ahead. This shows that money, earnings and general financial affairs are important to you and high on your agenda. Whether you are rich or poor, wealth and wealthy people are held in high esteem in your consciousness.

Generally, Sagittarius will honor learning and scholarship. Of course, you still admire these things but this year it is the tycoon rather than the philosopher who gets your respect. Wealth is something to aspire to, something to strive for in the year ahead.

For the past two years or so you prospered by helping others to prosper. You worked hard to pay off debt and cut expenses. All of this was good and should have improved your lot tremendously.

Many of you have seen increases in your line of credit. Many of you refinanced debt at more favorable rates. Many of you prospered through property or insurance claims and many earned money through marriage, the generosity of your spouse or partner was the source of earnings.

All of these things fit the symbolism of the Financial Planet in your 8th House.

Since your Financial Planet has been in the Sign of Cancer, earnings may have come from property, family sup-port, a family business, restaurants, hotels and industries that cater to the home.

These trends continue until July 16th but when Saturn moves into Leo there will be a shift in your financial life.

I consider this a prosperous shift. One, because your Financial Planet will be making wonderful aspects to you, you seem more comfortable with the way you earn a living.

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You find it easier to accept your financial good. Second, because your Financial Planet will be moving into the prosperous and expansive 9th House.

If you have cut waste and needless expense these past two years, your prosperity will be even greater. For now you enter a period of increased earnings and increased financial opportunity and because you have less waste, earnings will go straight to your bottom line.

Sagittarians are big financial thinkers in general. They think big no matter what the aspects or transits are but now this tendency will be even further increased.

You’re not just thinking about survival or merely earning a living. You’re thinking of big, substantial wealth.

Earnings can come through foreigners and foreign lands. There will be much business travel after July 16th, more than usual.

All your natural strengths are coming into play in the financial arena. Publishing, foreign travel, long-haul shipping, long-distance telecommunications, academia and education all play a major role in your earnings this year.

Professional investors should look at these industries for profit opportunities. They should also look at gold, utilities, gaming companies, resorts and the entertainment field.

Leo rules children. Your Financial Planet in that Sign after July 16th shows that many of you will earn through fields connected somehow with children. There are many possible scenarios. Some of you will stay home with the children and feel very comfortable earning in that way.

Others will be motivated to financial success because of the needs of their children. Others will find earnings opportunities working with other people’s children or in industries that cater to them.

Leo is a very speculative Sign and Sagittarians are speculative people. So there is more risk-taking in financial affairs this year. You are likely to succeed more often than not but still never take risks without following your intuition carefully.

Job seekers have a status quo year. Likewise those who employ others.

Career too seems status quo but the volatility in your domestic life could have career implications. If there are major moves, this could necessitate job changes.

In general you seem less ambitious this year. Home and family, emotional harmony and spirituality are more important than career in the year ahead.

Job seekers will achieve the best results from April 15th to May 28th.

Your most active and profitable financial periods will be from January 1st to February 2nd, November 5th to December 15th and December 21st to 31st.

Family & Kids

This area of life has been important since 2017. Many of the trends that we wrote about last year are still in effect in the year ahead.

Uranus is now permanently in your 4th House.

This is a classic signal of domestic unrest. A signal for multiple moves this year and in years to come. It’s as if you’re searching for your dream home and every time you think you’ve found it a new and better home reveals itself.

In many cases this transit shows a nomadic existence, living in various places for long periods of time. Even if a physical move doesn’t happen though it’s very likely, this transit can show a constant renovation and upgrading of the home.

Every time you think you have it just right, a new idea or plan comes to you and you start all over.

Uranus in the 4th House also shows ferment and unrest in the family situation and in your relationship with family members and the family as a whole. The whole family pattern, the power dynamics in the family is shifting and changing.

In some cases this transit shows an actual break with the family. In other cases, just a change in the relationship.

Many of you feel that you are being controlled and manipulated by family members and family obligations and you long for freedom. In other cases it is a family member who feels rebellious and wants out of any obligations.

Parent and parental figures are also feeling rebellious these days and are making big, dramatic changes in their lives.

Perhaps moving, perhaps divorcing or separating from their spouse or partner. They want to break free of old patterns. This too changes the family dynamic.

On a more mundane level there is a desire to outfit the house with all the latest technological gadgetry, satellite TV, video cameras that monitor the home, the latest in and the like. Your taste in homes will be either for the most modern or for the very antique. Likewise in furnishings for the home.

On a psychological level, aside from the desire for personal freedom there is a desire to abolish any kind of hierarchical pattern in the family. The family is a team. A group effort. A democracy. There is no one boss. No authority figure.

Everyone is equally important and has an equal say. So there will be much experimentation with this in coming years resulting in many successes but also many failures. This attitude, carried to the extreme, can easily lead to anarchy and chaos but this is the nature of experimentation.

Redecoration and beautification projects, cosmetic type things will proceed more successfully from February 18th to March 22nd. This period is also good for buying objects of beauty for the home. Heavy construction projects will fare better from May 1st to June 12th.

Improve your life in 2019

Sagittarians tend to be naturally religious and spiritual. These interests have been further strengthened by Pluto’s position in your 1st House for many years now.

Pluto is your Spiritual Planet. This year we see a further boost when Jupiter who also happens to be your Ruling Planet moves into your 12th House of Spirituality on October 26th. It will be there for the rest of the year and well into 2019.

So you are going to see the results of all your spiritual disciplines and practices in the coming year. It is as if the heavens will open up for you bringing you secret knowledge, new faculties and the enhancement of old faculties.

You will feel and know that you are guided by a Higher Power, that you are part of the flow of life. As is usual with these kinds of transits, your dream life will be active. Dreams will be both prophetic and educational.

You will have many mystical type experiences both in your inner and outer life (really these are just two aspects of the same thing, as you will see this year). Many will meet their spiritual masters or gurus. Many will be channeling higher intelligences.

The spiritual path can often be arduous. It comes with many trials, tests and initiations but this is the year that you experience the joys of the path. Your prayer life will become powerful and dynamic, more importantly, it will become a joy, much more interesting than most worldly pleasures for you.

Nothing compares to it. Many of you will want to retreat from the world at times this year. Indeed, going on more spiritually orientated retreats would be a good idea but not everyone can do this full time so you might take a weekend here and a weekend there. Watch how quickly prayers are answered this year.