Pisces 2019 horoscope

Pisces in general, is the most spiritual of all the Signs but in 2019 this already intense spirituality was intensified and strengthened even more. It has enflamed and engulfed you and this trend is only getting stronger in the year ahead and for many years to come.


Those looking to have spiritual breakthroughs are certainly having them now. You are under such intense spiritual influences now that it is hard to keep you in the ‘world’.

Your feet hardly touch the ground. You have the kind of aspects where people make pilgrimages, run off to the Himalayas to do nothing but sit at the feet of the Master, escape to some sacred place to meditate or go off into all the world and preach the gospel.

Everything else seems sub-ordinate to these pursuits.

Uranus’ move into your Sign permanently in 2018 has made you ready for intense and dramatic change. Your urges for personal freedom and liberation, always strong have got even stronger and these urges will take you on interesting adventures.


Much depends on your present stage of life. Younger Pisceans are more rebellious and more difficult to handle. They want a kind of total personal freedom which is nigh impossible to obtain while in a body. Older Pisceans are doing the things that they’ve always wanted to but could never get round to.

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They are being liberated from many obligations in natural ways.

This is the major headline for the coming year and for many years to come.

Health was good in 2018 and should be good in 2019 as well.

Finances were status quo in 2018 and will more or less be that way for most of 2019 but come October 26th, when Jupiter moves into Scorpio and into fabulous aspects to you, there is prosperity and good fortune. Two eclipses in your Money House are going to prepare the way for it.

pisces 2019
Most important interests in the year ahead are spirituality; the body, image and personal appearance; fun, creativity, children, speculations until July 16th; health and work after July 16th; debt and its repayment, personal transformation and reinvention, depth psychology, occultism, past lives, life after death until October 26th; religion, ministry, metaphysics, higher education, foreign travel after October 26th.

Your paths to greatest fulfillment in the year ahead are finance; debt and its repayment, personal transformation and reinvention, depth psychology, occultism, past lives, life after death until October 26th; religion, ministry, meta-physics, higher education, foreign travel after October 26th.

Pisces 2019 Health Horoscope

Health should have been good in 2018, as most of the long-term planets were either making nice aspects to you or leaving you alone. Only Pluto has been in stressful aspect and Pluto by itself is not enough to cause major problems. In 2019 we see the same sort of trend.

Saturn will leave its harmonious aspect on July 16th but then Jupiter will take its place on October 26th. There are no unusual planetary stressors on you.

Come July 16th when Saturn moves into your 6th House of Health and Work making this area of life important to you for the next two-and-a-half years, there is a focus on health. Since nothing seems wrong, your vitality is wonderful, this focus is most likely of a preventative nature.

There is an interest in diet, exercise and disciplined health regimes. With your spiritual life so active, this could show an interest in the health of other people, in the healing field.

Your already good health can be enhanced even further by paying more attention to your heart, spine, knees, teeth and overall skeletal alignment. There are many natural ways to strengthen these parts of the body.

Most of you are already well familiar with them. Regular visits to a chiropractor seem like a common-sense plan, as this will keep the spine in correct alignment. Disciplines such as Alexander Technique and Feldenkrais Method also seem advisable.

These deal with educating the body in the correct posture so that you don’t lose your alignment through jerky movements. These systems are concerned with the overall skeletal alignment and not just the spine. Regular check-ups with the dentist also seem in order.

Since problems, should they occur are likely to begin in these areas, these simple steps should be good preventatives.

Saturn is the Ruler of your 11th House of Friends. Its position in your 6th House of Health is showing a connection between these two areas of life. One, you seem concerned with the health of your friends and this is probably the impetus behind your newfound healing interests.

Two, disharmony with friends or among groups that you belong to can be the origin of health problems. Should a health problem happen, these things need to be explored and cleared. Restore the harmony with your friends before running to a health professional.

Then, either the problem will clear up on its own or the health professional will have an easier time clearing it.

The Pisces nature is filled with contradictions and ambivalences. This is why others have such a difficult time understanding them. These things can only be resolved by a transcendent power and by the process of transcendence, then there are no contradictions and everything is perfectly consistent.

In your personal life you are the rebel, the experimenter and the unconventional type person but in health matters you are the spirit of tradition and conservatism. You mistrust all the new, faddy, untested therapies, pills and supplements, you want proof.

You want your therapies to have withstood the test of time. You want scientific studies and government approval.

You are this way in your personal health and in your healing efforts for others. Though you are by nature a ‘faith-based’ person, in health you seem very scientific.

Pisces 2019 Love Horoscope

Your 7th House of Love, Marriage and Social Activities is not a House of Power this year. You seem to have little interest in committed relationships, relationships that have duties, obligations, contracts or covenants involved.

Your desire for personal freedom is at the root of this. Also, your commitment to god. You love the god above all else, more than your husband, wife, children, etc. So, marriage is not likely in the year ahead. Existing relationships are going to be severely tested as well.

Those married to Pisceans or involved with them romantically need to give them a lot of space. This is probably the only thing that will save the relationship.

Pisceans also need to do some work here. They need to explore their desire for freedom in a deeper way. A great Yogi once remarked that ‘freedom is freedom from the idea that you are free’ a statement that is like a Zen Koan, right up your street these days. Freedom means obedience to god, to your own true self, to the higher power within you, to have no other gods before ‘Me’.

Freedom means the freedom to follow this and nothing else. If god has led you to a relationship, does freedom mean that you are to abrogate it? Each of you will find your own answers to this but it is a good question to ask yourself.

Sometimes what seems like limitation, a dirty word to you these days is the doorway to other forms of freedom. Sometimes by limiting ourselves to one partner, we gain the freedom to explore the deeper forms of intimacy.

Single Pisceans are more likely to have serial relationships than to marry but this applies only to those who are working on or who are already in the first marriage. Those working towards a second marriage have beautiful opportunities after October 26th.

They have the best marriage aspects of all the Pisceans. A second marriage is very likely perhaps it won’t be a legal marriage in the conventional sense but a relationship that is like a marriage. Even here, the urge for personal freedom will be something you have to deal with.

This person is of high stature, both educationally and in the world. He or she is as much a mentor as a lover. You might meet this person as you pursue career goals, in educational settings, at university or a church or ashram. It seems very happy and fortunate. This person could even be your professor, mentor or boss.

Those working towards a third marriage have a status quo year but romantic opportunities arise at the workplace or as you pursue your health goals or with people involved with your health.

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Those working towards a fourth marriage seem better off staying single and enjoying the unexpected love opportunities that will come in non-committed ways.

A sibling or someone who is like a brother or sister to you is likely to marry or be involved in a serious relationship after October 26th. Two eclipses in his or her Marriage House are going to shake up the love life in order to prepare him or her for this.

The marriages of parents or parental figures seem status quo. Children of marriageable age could have married in the past two years and still have good aspects for it until July 16th.

A business partnership is likely after July 16th.

Grandchildren of marriageable age will face severe tests of their existing relationships after July 28th. Marriage doesn’t seem advisable in the year ahead. They are better off letting love develop as it will and not rushing into anything.

Some will see the price tag that comes with jumping into relationships prematurely. Their personal Horoscope cast for the specific date, time and place of their birth could modify what I say here.

Pisces 2019 Finance and Career Horoscope

Though your Money House is not strong this year, no long-term planets are there and thus any interest in this sphere is only temporary, two eclipses in this House show major changes in the status quo.

There is a Solar Eclipse on April 8th and a Lunar Eclipse on October 17th. Since Jupiter is about to move into harmonious aspect with you on October 26th, these eclipses should be read as the cosmos preparing you for new prosperity.

Old ruts in thinking, old limitations, what you can and can’t afford, etc., financial strategies or investments will get shaken up and discarded.

They were based on false assumptions which the eclipses will reveal to you. Perhaps you were suffering because you made a plan based on certain income expectations, now those income expectations are shown to be wrong and you have to revise your plans.

Perhaps you passed up many a joy because you felt you couldn’t afford it, the eclipses will change this. Perhaps you invested in company X based on certain assumptions about yourself and the company. The eclipses will show the falsity of this.

Eclipses have a way of sending a message that can’t be ignored. You will be able to make corrections. Solar Eclipses in general signal job changes for you so these are likely this year.

Eclipses tend to be disruptive because they break long-held attachments either to ideas or to certain conditions but if you are grasping the pennies very tightly, how can the cosmos send you prosperity?

There is no room for it to come in. Drop the pennies and let the pounds come in.

When Jupiter makes nice aspects to a person there is generally more prosperity, more good fortune, more of what the world calls ‘the lucky breaks’, more travel, honor and recognition.

Usually big-ticket items come to people as well but this Jupiter transit seems much stronger, more benefic, than even the average. First off, it happens in your 9th House of Expansion. Jupiter is much more powerful in the 9th House than in most Houses (except the 4th), for this is its natural domain.

Also, Jupiter will be in a rare and happy, mutual reception’ aspect with the Lord of your 9th House, Pluto. So prosperity is going to be big, greater than you expect. Probably your financial desires are bigger too and this plays a role.

Since Jupiter also happens to be your Career Planet, there are going to be important and happy developments career wise. Pay raises, promotions, honors, and happy career opportunities perhaps in foreign lands but not necessarily.

It’s very likely you will be doing much foreign travel related to your career. Those of you and there are many, involved in ministry, academia, publishing or the travel business are going to have exceptionally strong career years.

Those of you just starting out in a career are likely to gravitate to these fields.

University students receive honors and do exceptionally well in their studies.

Others will have important and happy educational opportunities which should be taken though they might cause short-term financial discomfort.

After October 26th Jupiter will be in opposition to your Financial Planet for a few months.

This is not a long-term trend and will pass in a few months but it will force hard choices between status / prestige and bottom-line considerations. Both are important to you but which should you choose?

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After July 28th, Mars your Financial Planet will make an unusually long transit in your 3rd House. It will be there for more than five months! Normally it is in a Sign for about two months. This shows the importance of communication, writing, sales and marketing in your earnings.

The need is to get the word out about your product or service. You need to make clever and correct use of the media. This is also true for a parent or parental figure.

Jupiter will spend most of the year in your 8th House. You can expect increases in your line of credit, greater access to outside capital either through borrowing or attracting investors and the ability to pay off debt quickly and also to incur new debt.

Those of you involved in tax issues with the government or insurance issues, can expect best-case scenarios to unfold. Many of you will inherit money or property this year or perhaps be remembered in someone’s will.

Family & Kids

Your 4th House of Home and Family is not a House of Power this year. The cosmos pushes you neither one way nor the other.

You have great freedom and latitude in this department but though you have freedom, you have little interest in exercising it. The status quo is likely to prevail.

You are not likely to move or change your actual residence but with dynamic Uranus, the planet of dramatic and sudden change right near your Ascendant, you are likely to lead a nomadic type existence while not ‘officially’ moving.

You are likely to live in different places for extended periods of time, perhaps even in foreign countries. Though you have a home, others will have a hard time knowing how or where to reach you. Getting a mobile phone this year might be a good idea, it also seems good for business.

Family issues definitely take a back seat to your spiritual life and to your urges for personal freedom. You don’t want to be burdened with these things. You want to do what you want, when you want. Happily, family members seem to understand this and don’t present any major obstructions to you. They are giving you your head.

A parent or parental figure is also moving around a lot and experiences great changes in the family pattern.

There are either actual physical moves or many renovations of the present residence. There is a constant tinkering, constant upgrading going on in the home.

A sibling feels cramped in the home and might want to move but this doesn’t seem advisable, as smarter use of the existing space will solve the problem. Children are moving this year and it all seems happy.

Improve your life in 2019

As mentioned earlier, the big story this year and for years to come but especially this year is the spiritual life. We see this everywhere we turn in this Horoscope. No escaping it. First off, you are a Pisces, with an ingrained love of these things.

Both your 12th House (Spirituality) and your 9th House (Religion and Metaphysics) are important Houses of Power. The Lord of the 9th House is the most elevated planet in the Horoscope for much of the year showing the reverence and respect that you have for higher learning and metaphysics.

Later on in the year, the natural ruler of these things, Jupiter will become the most elevated planet or at least as elevated as the Lord of the 9th, reinforcing the reverence and awe that you feel. The Lord of your 12th House (Spirituality) is right on your Ascendant, a very powerful and prominent place.

The Lord of your Horoscope, Neptune is in your 12th House of Spirituality. So though there are interesting and prosperous everyday events occurring, the real story is your spiritual life and growth. This is a year especially after October 26th where many a Pisces will meet their guru, their master. This will accelerate their spiritual growth. Many will be flooded, inundated with religious and spiritual revelation.

It can be overwhelming. Many of you will be spending a lot of time on spiritual type retreats and this is a wise thing to do. Many of you will actually go and live in an ashram or spiritual community full time though don’t do this if you are tied to family or business obligations but if you are free, it’s a nice idea.

Many of you are working to be free precisely for this sort of reason.

Where many find their entertainment or amusement at sporting events, the theatre, cinema, clubs, discos and bars, you will find it at the meditation centre, the prayer meeting or the lecture or workshop of a visiting guru, swami or spiritual channel. Many a Pisces is going to be running these kinds of lectures and workshops too.

Many people travel to go sightseeing, enjoy cultural events or for business reasons and you will be doing some of that.

You will mainly be traveling in order to visit this ashram or that monastery, this famous master or that shrine.

A spiritual pilgrimage is very much on the cards. Christians and Jews might go to Jerusalem. Moslems are more likely to do their Mecca pilgrimage in the year ahead.

Yogis will be off to India. These kinds of pilgrimages when done prayerfully and with the right intent always bring long-term change and lasting consequences.