Planets in astrology



This placing confers quick thinking and the ability to assess problems in a straightforward way. This natural decisiveness usually works well, but there can also be a tendency towards impulsive or even rash decisions. There is a love of argument and debate here, as well as a liking for making provocative remarks. Generally, fools are not suffered gladly.

Although he overall grasp of this subject is excellent, he would do well to enlist help when making complicated plans – he is bored by detail, and lacks the patience to ‘sweat the small stuff’.

With Sun in

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Planets in astrology

Mercury is very often overlooked in astrology, and it’s influence considered to be merely a ‘back-up’ to other, more dramatic planets. In my opinion, however, Mercury is in fact one of the most strong and powerful indicators of the subject’s fundamental character and likely path through life.

In mythology, Mercury is a direct descendant of Hermes, the messenger of Zeus and the God of Travellers. Mercury invented the lyre, and he was a marvellous athlete. He is usually shown stripped for sport, clad only in winged sandals and helmet. His characteristics are typically those of Gemini, which is one of …

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Planets in astrology

One of the most vital parts of any astrological chart, the moon since ancient time has been the symbol of the Great Universal Mother, the feminine principle of deity and the fertility of nature. The astrological moon is also known as the ‘Gatekeeper of the Unconscious Mind’. Although not strictly speaking a planet, astrologers refer to the moon as one of the two ‘Luminaries’ or lights (the Sun being the other), and for ease of reference the term ‘planet’ is often used.

Useful keywords to remember when assessing the astrological strength of the moon are: Response, Instinct, Intuition, Fluctuation, Emotion. …

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Planets in astrology

Most people automatically associate ‘Venus’ with love, and indeed it’s placing in the Natal Chart tell us a great deal about a subject’s attitude to love, romance and sex. However, the astrological Venus indicates rather more than just that – it is also a vital part of the Natal chart when it comes to assessing finances and financial interests, artistic ability and love of beauty, and the whole way in which we relate to other people, both socially and economically.

In mythology, Venus was a legendary beauty who inherited the attributes of Aphrodite, and so she became the Goddess of …

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Zodiac Signs

Leo the lion is a strong zodiac sign and comes in halfway at the 5th position in the line of zodiac signs. The month duration for this star sign is from July 23rd- August 22nd and the lion is known for much than its roar. Leos are known for their warm-heartedness and loving nature. Although they are depicted otherwise Leos are extremely affectionate when it comes to loved ones and/or friends. They are highly dominating individuals and have a voice of their own. Leos love being opinionated and like to speak their mind. They like being the centre of everything …

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Zodiac Signs

Libra is the 7th in line of all the zodiac signs. Librans are generally known to be the most sociable of the star signs. Born during the month of September 24th-October 23rd Librans are unique in their own ways. They like all the big-time gatherings and enjoy parties and will want to make as many friends as possible. They will try to have as many people surrounding them as they can and remember each acquaintance as well as their old childhood friends. These weighty scales are a like something out of a Hollywood Movie where they like to make small …

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Aspects are pre-defined differences in degrees between two planets. The aspects most commonly used in astrology are set at increments of 30. Each aspect is said to have an angle, which expresses its size in relation to the rest of the zodiac wheel. A square, for instance, has an angle of 90 (out of 360); a trine has an angle of 120, and so on. The major aspects in astrology are:






Action: Positive

This is by far the strongest and most positive of all the aspects. It
means simply that one planet is
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in Natal Chart

as a Transit or Progression

Moon Emotions, Emotional Needs, Wants, Yearnings, Feelings of Nostalgia,
Family, Parents (especially mother), Relatives, Home Matters,
Feelings of patriotism or allegiance, What you care about or wish to nurture.
As transit: Changes in mood. As progression: Changes in home
environment (residence changes, home remodelling), Events involving
family (marriages, births, get-togethers, reunions, etc.).
Sun Personality, Learship capability, Station in life, Talents,
Abilities, Interests in general, Children, Recreational pursuits,
What gets you noticed.
Events with children, Special projects, Hobbies, Performances (taking
the spotlight), Demonstrations of talent or leadership, Recreational
activities, Level of vitality.
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