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October 2018 Monthly Horoscope

Happy Birthday Libra,

You get a partial Solar eclipse on the 14th to set off your birthday month. Eclipses blow the winds of change. Read about eclipses on my zine. This October also starts the passage of Jupiter in your very own Sun Sign creating a simply wonderful year for you. Whatever your problems are, Jupiter is there with a handout, a bounty, a bonus or whatever you need to counter balance the other, more stressful demands of the upcoming year. When all is said and done this is going to be one memorable year. A favorite time, I predict.


Aries will be affected by the changing of planetary guard. The movement of Jupiter in your house of relationships whether business or marriage, is going to let you work out problems that have seemed impossible to resolve. For single Aries, you get the chance to meet that special someone, while some of you even say the M word and talk marriage this year. The eclipse signals an important relationship becomes the focus for the next several years. This month leaves a stamp.


Eclipses always come in pairs and your get the Total Lunar Eclipse in your sign on the 28th October 2018. What does it do for you this month? It begins to open your eyes, alert you to what needs attention in your life and suggests that you take care of long standing health issues that you have ignored. Venus in Virgo gives you the good fortune of paving the way for that very special romance. You look for someone solid who has a spark, that someone who can transport you with his or her starry-eyed dreams and gypsy adventures that are so opposite you.

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The Sun, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter are in harmony with your air sign and give you the power to do most anything you want now. The powerful currents of this energy are best put to use in study, or preparation for some new field of discovery or thought. You can travel and have one of the best adventures of your life. You might even take a family member along and enjoy (surprise!) their company. Why not?


You are beginning a new phase and you find that your home base requires all the attention you can give it. You want to cook, to paint, to remodel and even relocate. Problem is there may be some quarrels on the home front that takes your time and energy. Don’t let emotional vampires take away from this very creative time around the house. Your home is your castle, Cancer. It is important to honor that.


You gain insight into the ever-puzzling world of money now. You learn this month that it is more than barter for new designer bags, Prada heels, days at the spa, sporting equipment and theater tickets. Yes, awakening is dawning and you realize you can invest, save for that unexpected twist in life that zaps your bank account. You think about how to make money grow on trees. Saturn is still testing you in areas of karmic debts but these too can be paid off now as in July 2018 you start taking responsibility for your new outlook and maturity.


Venus, the planet of love, is in your sturdy, levelheaded Sun Sign giving you more than your share of pheromones and allure. You can’t imagine how the person who never looked twice at you has finally seen your shiny, pure little heart (well, it was pure once) and views you in a whole new and, yes, very flattering light. You vibrate now to the number 5 and begin to take on lightness and beliefs in angels, elf’s, mysteries and things out of the ordinary. This surprises everyone around you. Mostly you.


Remember a time about twelve years ago when things were thrilling, enchanted and you were surprised that you, the dimpled- darling-Zodiac- favorite, reached yet another plateau of popularity? Well, brace yourself as you begin to soar through this month with a privileged, fated set of new circumstances. Jobs are created for you, parties are given for you, and friends are drawn to you like poor little moths to a flame. All you have to do is smile, charm and negotiate through the windfalls and oodles of gifts form the Universe over the next year.

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The month before your birthday is pensive. You consider obligations and restrictions and try to weave your way around them. It is a month of sorting through the psychological debris. You take time to consider where you are and what path you want to be on. You do this most frequently in October. This October 2018, a secret is revealed. If you were betrayed, can you rise above it? You can and in doing so will soar like your symbol the Eagle rather than the stinging Scorpion.


So you had a couple of flings or whatever? Will people find something else to talk about? There is so much more to you than that. You may be asked to take charge of a project that is important this month, with high visibility. Now, is the chance to show that you are more than the life of the party, the Don Juan or Don Juana of the Sun Signs. The buzz about you settles down after the 23rd October 2018. The moon of the 17th is for and about you.


It’s about work this month. Driven, ambitious Capricorn can actually enjoy long days, social sacrifices, battling deadlines and impressing authority figures. This is good because your work now is paving the way for the big leap, the big advancement or that once in a lifetime break. Learn to make nachos and plan to order out as you swiftly wade through complicated late night deadlines and come up with all the right answers for the guys handing out pay raises. Your determination is fierce and never more this October as you see the pot of gold beyond the keyboard.


Having just gone through some changes that you may have preferred not to be bothered with, you find this month is easy going, free-floating and very pleasurable. You discover you are a neophyte in your new studies about other cultures, beliefs or religion. Nothing could make curious, intelligent Aquarius happier. It’s about your mind now. Dust off the books, wander into lectures and open your eyes to a time of awakening.


You want to do something different, imaginative like Kirlian photography but you are stuck with estate matters, or unresolved tax issues. Pisces is often fearful but now you are finding more confidence in yourself. You, could it be, are craving excitement. It is Uranus in your Sun Sign awakening you to all kinds of possibilities and adventures. Don’t miss a one because it is unfamiliar or untried. The moon in your sign the 23rd October 2018 suggest a time for you to start fresh.


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