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November 2018 Monthly Horoscope

Happy Birthday Scorpio.
The Sphinx of the Zodiac, you are mysterious as the monument itself. You rise and fall, lose it all, gain it back. This year Jupiter offers opportunities that require dedication and work. But, this year also reminds you of your limitations. Your wings take flight in 2019.


You have to learn when to stop, what your boundaries are and when to let go. The eclipse of May shook up your ideas about relationships and makes you rethink your options. You are reminded that you don’t get to control relationships only share them. The eclipse late April finalizes the relationship puzzle that began in May 2018. All in all you will like the structure your life is taking on.


The new moon of the 11th helps you locate lost checks, find valuable receipts and actually plan ahead for tax season. This could be the month you get on top of all the tedious details of life. More than that, you are lucky in speculation, in love, in office pools. Create a two-week plan for yourself and see if you don’t actually make your wishes come true about money. Is there a new piece of jewelry that has your name on it? Or are you off to New York to see some shows and walk Broadway?


For those of you born near the eclipse in October you begin a journey into some Karma. You have that chance to meet your magical someone. Many of you will find this nearly impossible to believe as a relationship is in trouble or a romance seems to be failing. The stars however suggest the possibility of a soul mate on the horizon. The 12th November 2018 marks important dates for things to come. Patient, Taurus can wait.


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Gemini is one of the bachelor signs of the Zodiac and often hyped to be careless in love affairs of attachments. But, every now and then you get really, really involved. You worry about your loved one, a child perhaps, to the point of enabling and over protecting. Once again, I remind you with much affection, to let go and take care of you. Later this month and early December you get the strength to do all the right things. Isn’t that wonderful?


Intent on making money now, you make up for the losses of the recent past. You are more driven, more ambitious and focused. Take time to do what you do best and have others over for dinner, snuggle up with friends and family and look after all your lost souls and abandoned critters. The moon in your sign on the 29th and the 30th November 2018 set the tone for the upcoming month. Make note of what occurs then.


The Lions of the Zodiac you have never roared louder, pranced and pounced with more glee. Mick Jagger is out touring, Madonna is getting great press (remember any press is good so they say). So what about you? Are you promoting yourself? Find a way. Ask for favors. Record your song, patent your invention, and sign up for classes. Do whatever you can to improve yourself because the geometry of the skies is there to help you.


You get a few perks this month. You deserve them, of course. Take advantage of them especially on the 7th November 2018. By mid month you find a need to re-organize. Go through your closets be even more selective. Clean out the garage and sort the sox. The mundane acts as a mantra to calm you, to keep your mind off the obvious which are your worries about money. Fret, fuss and finagle no more. The planets are about to plop some money in your account.


Seems impossible that that same old issue about you and your assets remain unresolved. This month marks the last unsettling aspects regarding troubling matters between now and spring. And, like flowers after a winter thaw you find money is freed from seemingly hopeless situations. Favorable Jupiter aspects continue to bless you, the charming Zodiac favorite. Your favorite public or charitable issue is highlighted now with the planet of good fortune in your house of hopes and wishes.

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This month begins your personal solar return for the next year. Take time to celebrate your birthday on your own. Of course you will have friends and family to celebrate and party with you, but you need to set aside alone time. Why? Because you always do your best when you sit and visualize, focus, and plan your future. Your seering vision helps you see where you are really headed this year. Use it.


The first three weeks of the month finds you unusually thoughtful and somewhat withdrawn. The great myth about the Sagittarius is that you are always optimistic and cheerful. Not so. There are times when like your friend the Capricorn, you just want to pull the drapes and pretend that the world has stopped. When this passes you are back to you exuberant, irrepressible self. The rest of us love that about you.


October 2018 is over and thank heavens. There are usually minor health issues that seem to slow you down. Teeth, skin and bones are usually most often the October health culprits. Now, you are back, stronger than ever and ready to scale the heights of the mountains. Does a sexy new partner seem sent from heaven? Maybe so. Someone leaves you in his or her will. It is really a gift of love. Who could deserve it more?


Get the passports out. You are ready to travel in style. Faraway places, exotic locations are calling. You’ve read about excitement and adventure long enough. Now, you get your turn to take that thrilling trip. Money has finally come easier and you have a little change to spare for just you. Jupiter in your 9th house continues to add wonderful blessings to you and your partner for exotic locations and travel. Love is all around.


Sun, Mercury and even an out of phase Venus are making wonderful vibrations for you. This is a month of harmony in spite of the stresses to your health and state of mind. You are getting help from the Universe. Make an effort to get outdoors. Get some exercise. Buy a dog. Try seven minor things to improve your life that you are not currently doing. See what happens.

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