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November 2020 Monthly Horoscope

On November 6, 2018, Uranus – who is now retrograde in Taurus – returns to Aries for the last time, so things are even more unstable. Uranus will stay in Aries until March 2019 when he finally sets up in Taurus for the next 7-8 years.

Uranus will not leave Aries – where he stayed from 2011 to March this year – until he is sure that all aspects of your Aries-led life are clear and never come back again! You’ve had 8 years of Aries-led life changes, and now it’s time to shut down that chapter and embrace your new identity! To definitively separate you from old and bad habits is one of the main purposes of this transit until March 2019. People do not have the natural willingness to break bad habits but rather have a lot of excuses and prefer to speak as victims. Well, Uranus retrograde in Aries will also clarify this aspect.

On November 7, 2018, on Wednesday, we will have a new Moon transformer in Scorpio!

Make sure you catch this important moment and do not miss this opportunity to make big changes in life. This new Moon in Scorpio wants you to get rid of everything that’s out of your life.

To be helped, have hope and courage to go ahead on Thursday, November 8, JUPITER IS MUTA IN SAGETATOR, and that’s a VERY LARGE VEST!

Jupiter will pass through Sagittarius for more than a year, but Jupiter can find something positive from anything, so this experiment will be even humorous and good for everyone. Jupiter will focus on everything that can be a positive opportunity for us and will gladly manage any situation.

HOROSCOP NOVEMBER 2018. In conclusion, Jupiter is determined not to let your life be scattered. And those who are attentive to what brings joy to them in life, will automatically be more joyful, and they will mourn the others with it!

Wow, the Universe can even pack 3 huge events in 3 consecutive days of fire! Do not miss the horoscope for each zodiac sign on how your lucky Jupiter life in Sagittarius will be affected by now until 2019!

Jupiter is the planet of expansion, opportunities, luck and growth, and is the Sagittarius coordinator. He will stay “home” in Sagittarius now until December 3, 2019! Many good things can happen to us, to be on stage!

In the middle of the month, we have a new series of large astral events and seemingly unsettling.

On November 15, Mars, the planet of action and energy enters the sensible and dreamy Pisces, where it stays fixed until the last day of this year. This is NOT a very active position of Mars who is accustomed to having an open field to do the job with much energy. Here, we rarely fight for what we want and we rarely know what we want. Doubt and hesitation are at home, so here’s another set of challenges until December 31.

The next day, on November 16, Venus, the planet of love and relationships, comes out of retrograde in Libra and restarts the direct movement that we all expect. Relationship issues begin to become self-explanatory after the intense 6-week challenge with Venus retrograde. Venus tells us that love always means a return to harmony.

And this happens in the day when Mercury, the planet of communication and thoughts, rejoins in retrograde (in Sagittarius) for the last time in 2018!

Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius shows that many of our well-convinced beliefs can still be capable of new developments and improvements, and that we do well to optimize them by the end of the year.

What time-trapping combination gives us the Universe for our experiences! We expected a lot of volatility in the middle of the month …. See what comes up on the surface to ask for your attention, but do not make a hasty decision. Let the major decisions for December – a month SOLIDA – and rather for the Christmas season – will be a good Christmas season this year …

HOROSCOP NOVEMBER 2018. Third set of 3 consecutive high impact events: November 22-23-24!

On November 22, the Sun changes its home for a month and enters into the adventurous and super energetic Sagittarius.

Now you are given the opportunity to connect with something bigger than you and the goals of everyday life. Sagittarius means grandeur and you will not let yourself be shaken, you will see!

On November 23, we have the full Moon in Gemini! A special day in which words become the most powerful weapons on earth. Choose them wisely and think before they speak. Choose head when to shut up when not …

On Nov. 24, Neptune, a very spiritual planet, IESE FROM RETROGRAD where it was June 18, 2018, and returns to the direct Pisces movement.

Neptune governs Pisces and is therefore home here. Neptune is in Pisces in 2012 and will stay here until March 30, 2025.

As we know and it’s written HERE, Neptune retrograde in June 2018 prevented us and showed us on our skin that are the risks of an uncontrolled imagination. Now, going backward in retrograde motion, it will be easier to distinguish between dream and reality. And where could Neptune, the planet of dreams and imagination, return only to the Pisces dreamer? Here is a transit at least interesting for the Universe and for us, now that we have all learned something from the retrograde stage.

November is ending with some lucky conjunctions between Sun and Mercury, then Mercury and Jupiter, bringing us hope, optimism and opportunity on the way!

Things finally happen. Are you ready?

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