New year’s Eve horoscope 2018


New Year’s Eve (or First Night as some call it) will be sultry and passionate for you Aries. Two delectable choices are on your menu. You may put in an appearance at that fabulous bash being thrown by a socialite couple at an exclusive club.

Their bulletproof guest list includes only 500 of their closest friends. When you make your entrance heads will turn. If you are a man, you resemble a modern day James Bond in flawless black tie. If you are a woman, you are quite the sexy, mysterious lady in a red silk gown.

But you will also be invited to a much more lovely and exclusive party — the one where you and your sweetheart are the only guests! As you pour another glass of chilled champagne under the soft glow of candlelight, he (or she) will gently nibble at your ear lobe and you won’t miss the crowded throng of revelers at all! Hummm. Let’s see … decisions, decisions! Play your cards right, and both evenings can be yours in one. This is, after all, a whole new year!

Gemini men will do things “their way” but since this sign is always so current, you are sure to look hip. Your wit and fine sense of humor will shine and everyone will find you simply irresistible! You are never at a loss for words, and no doubt you’ll keep everyone laughing all night long!


Get set for a wildly romantic evening! On New Year’s Eve, the moon glides through compatible Scorpio and sends kisses to your sector of true love. The Sun’s position warms your relationship sector too, insuring that your partner will be in sync with your jovial mood.

Recent career luck has given you extra reason to celebrate. Choose to attend a small party with friends (crowds of people are not your “thing”), or plan a dinner for eight in an elegant bistro. Female Cancer should wear a strapless cocktail dress or something that’s partially (and seductively) transparent, for Cancer’s skin is known to be as luminous and as sensuous as silk.

If you might undress for your lover, wear lacy lingerie in one of Cancer’s best colors, a pale and silvery blue. Wear your birthstone — pearls — too. Male Cancer will want to look powerful and successful because, hey, that’s what you are these days! With both Uranus and Mars in your sector of physical intimacy, you can look forward to a night of passion.

Make sure you carve out some private time to spend with your sweetheart. The next morning, serve your sweetie coffee and croissants and watch the sun rise on a whole new century!


As the countdown begins to the Eve of the new year, a Scorpio moon brightens your home sector. This means you’ll probably avoid the all the big parties in favor of your own private celebration at home.

As anyone who has been entertained by a Leo can attest, your sign is an ace at creating memories that last a lifetime. Leo males, dashing in their black tie, will be pleased to act as masterful hosts.

Leo women will want to wear something dramatic and wonderful in a firey hue. For entertainment, hire accomplished musicians and other performers you know to entertain your guests. Sprinkle in an astrologer, a numerologist and a palm reader so your friends can find out what lies in their future. Cater a fine dinner (Leo doesn’t chop and dice, darling) and be sure to order many cases of champagne.

Afterwards, have a second crew clean up while you and your sweetie head off somewhere private to indulge in a passionate encore inspired by that Scorpio moon. Let the night melt into the dawn as sweetly and slowly as chocolate. Life is beautiful!


Virgo is known to be a worker bee, so the question is, can you take a night off? Don’t let visions of your To Do List intrude on your greeting the new century! You are wise enough to know that taking a little trip away from home will accomplish that feat faster than if you remain in familiar territory.

(You’ve been known to drag out the vacuum cleaner just prior to leaving for the opera, or load up the dishwasher before leaving for a black tie gala, so we understand your plight, dear Virgo.)

Big year 2018 parties don’t suit your reserved style, however. You yearn for comfort, warmth and a personal touch. Ring in 2018 by celebrating with close friends over dinner in an elegant bistro. With the moon in encouraging, emotional Scorpio, you’ll enjoy a fun, sexy time through to the following morning. Run away with your lover to a charming rural bed-and-breakfast, complete with fluffy feather bed, plush pillows and plan to play until dawn.

When the “Do Not Disturb” sign comes off your door, the inn’s staff will deliver a pot of hot coffee, croissants, butter, jam and fresh fruit to get your century off to a great start!


Libra is the party animal of the zodiac, so there is no chance you will be watering your plants or walking your dog come this midnight hour! If you and your sweetheart aren’t invited to a bash, you’ll throw one of your own.

You’ve got only one obstacle to overcome: cash. Your chart has been showing signs of heightened expenses for months, and you may be a bit concerned about racking up more on New Year’s Eve. Hummm, let’s see … a new outfit, catered food and cases of champagne (not to mention the cost of the space) could set a Libra back quite a bit. Luckily, you’re ingenious enough to figure out a solution that will create the memory of a lifetime and still won’t break the bank. Your date at this year’s festivities will remain in your life long after this night has passed.

He or she is someone you trust implicitly, and who admires your style and wit. This man or woman shows up in your chart fairly clearly, and his or her giving attitude is an instant turn-on to you. When the fireworks start, plan to duck out for private time together.

Making love while fireworks explode overhead should be something everyone experiences at least once in a lifetime, and this could be your year!


On the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve the moon is midway through a tour of Scorpio. Lucky you! This insures you will get to welcome in the brand new century any way you like.

However, Saturn opposes the moon, suggesting that everyday obligations could weigh down on you as you get ready for the big night. In order to enjoy festivities to the max, delegate some of these responsibilities to willing helpers.

Since making small talk with strangers is not Scorpio’s idea of fun, skip the big parties and go for something more intimate. Scorpio loves water and privacy, so why not try to have both and plan to ring in the New Year aboard a yacht or cruise ship with your sweetheart by your side.

While you might want to mix and mingle at smaller pre-parties, be on deck at midnight (or at water’s edge). Looking at the stars, the moon and brilliant fireworks reflecting off the water will be a memorable start to the century.

Female Scorpio: wear a chic black cocktail dress with a long slit up one side. Scorpio of any gender: turn your legendary “bedroom eyes” to your sweetheart in a smoldering glance and he or she will be putty in your hands. What a way to enjoy a night you’ll always remember!


During the first moments of the century, chances are you will be celebrating privately on a small, yet elegant, scale. You are in love, so the rest of us will understand if you don’t feel like sharing your sweetheart with many (or any) of us! If you do go out of town to celebrate, you will probably remain fairly close to home, rather than voyage to some exotic locale.

Venus in Sagittarius guarantees that your allure and magnetism will be at their peak, and with Jupiter in your sector of romance, you can expect an enchanting evening, no matter where you are! By the time the night is over, more than a few single Sagittarius (or their sweethearts) may be sporting sparkling engagement rings. If you are married and have a new baby (thanks to Jupiter’s recent tour through your 5th sector), you may choose to invite friends over for a cozy celebration at your place. Sagittarius enjoys good conversation and a wide mix of guests, so a casual, beautiful buffet would be ideal.

Ask each guest to bring his or her favorite dish. Lucky Sagittarius, this is one of your most romantic evenings of the year — and a magical start to the new century!


When the clock strikes twelve on New Year’s Eve, Capricorn will be surrounded with dear old friends and happy new acquaintances. In order to be healthy and energetic on the Big Night, slow down a little in the days leading up to it.

Your chart shows you’ve been spreading yourself a bit thin. Because the holidays have proven costly for Capricorn, you’ll be on the alert for exciting things to do that won’t break the bank. Luckily, with Pluto in your 11th sector, you have plenty of friends in high places. The solution for what to do on New Year’s arrives when your boss or wealthy friend invites you and your date to a spectacular soiree or charity ball.

Rubbing elbows with the rich and famous will be glamorous and fun. (Robin Leach, eat your heart out.) You quickly decide that you could get used to life as professional party-groupie! Dress up in something that reads “old money,” and is reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn or Carey Grant. Female Capricorn should borrow Grandma’s elegant strand of opera-length pearls or her antique diamond earrings.

Then, add your own touches of modern-day glamour, like high-heeled sandals, a tiny jeweled purse or a white silk wrap. Capricorn men and women: don’t be surprised if flashbulbs go off when you and your date make your entrance! Looking like a million dollars will get 2018 off on the right foot. The “in” crowd is where you’re headed!


As a gregarious Aquarius, your choice for the perfect evening would be a celebration with friends — and the bigger the party, the better! That night, you’ll love being part of the energy that only masses of happy people crowded together can create.

Venus touring friendly fire-sign Sagittarius will insure that you are one of the brightest stars at the ball! Because you devoted yourself to your career in 2017, you formed several key friendships with powerful clients and individuals at your firm. With the moon in Scorpio (highlighting relationships with VIPs) you may want to include some of your new work friends in your plans. What an action-packed night it will be!

Thanks to a well-placed Mars, your energy will be high, so prepare to dance ’till dawn. At midnight, when music, the roar of the crowd and a thick blizzard of confetti fills the air, you’re sure to be in high spirits.

Yet a fleeting moment of seriousness may come over you too. Mercury (planet of thinking) will send Saturn (planet of permanence) an important, positive beam, prompting you to wonder how you can make your current romantic relationship much more permanent — forever perhaps? Slow down that analytical, high IQ brain of yours and kiss that special person, dear Aquarius!


Pisces is a retiring sign who is more interested in genuine feeling and closeness than in flash and spectacle. With your ruler Neptune settled in your most private sector with Mars and Uranus, you’ll probably avoid the crowded parties in favor of a more private affair.


If you were to hold your very own small and elegant sit-down dinner, it would be the perfect way for you to show off your creative talents while you nurture friends and family. Pisces is well known for providing wonderful tender loving care!

You will be in a festive mood because December is such an enormously successful career month for you. Because Pisces believe it’s out of place to try and outshine their guests, the females of the sign will probably choose a silky slip dress in a soft, subdued tone (try deep violet).

Pisces men will enjoy dressing up in sophisticated black tie, or will take the Soho approach of casual all-black clothing in luxurious fabrics. No matter what, the moon in Scorpio is a super spot for you and will increase your sex appeal enormously.

In the afternoon hours before the Big Night, you may choose to volunteer at a children’s hospital or work at a soup kitchen. Pisces can only celebrate after they have done something positive to help others in need.

Your ruler Neptune is considered the planet of universal love and compassion. Little wonder your sweetheart adores you! With the moon in the sexy, compatible water sign of Scorpio that night, your date will show you his or her love in a million tender ways. Dear Pisces, you give out so much love, that the rest of the world will return it to you ten-fold!

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