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This placing confers quick thinking and the ability to assess problems in a straightforward way. This natural decisiveness usually works well, but there can also be a tendency towards impulsive or even rash decisions. There is a love of argument and debate here, as well as a liking for making provocative remarks. Generally, fools are not suffered gladly.

Although he overall grasp of this subject is excellent, he would do well to enlist help when making complicated plans – he is bored by detail, and lacks the patience to ‘sweat the small stuff’.

With Sun in Pisces, this placing adds a much needed helping of self-assurance. The imagination will be ignited, and the subject gains the confidence to experiment creatively. The high emotional level of Pisces is increased, and the ability to express feelings enhanced.

With Sun in Aries, this placing is spiced with the Arian need for action. There is a general hastiness, with patience almost non-existent unless the Moon or Ascendant suggest otherwise.

Directness of approach and positive, uncompleted thinking are great strengths, provided they can be controlled and channelled well, and selfishness controlled.

With Sun in Taurus, this placing adds speed and vivacity and decreases Taurean caution. Problems and projects are approached with realism and enthusiasm, and the Taurean ability for careful planning will be enhanced by the ability to grasp a situation quickly and precisely. A spirit of enterprise blends well with Taurean business sense.


Thinking is steady here, and progress when studying is likewise steady rather than dramatic. However, whatever is learnt is learnt well and deeply. Stubbornness is strong, and more flexibility needs to be encouraged, otherwise the subject may become proud of being dogmatic.

Caution and practical common sense are often coupled with a conservative outlook on life. Sometimes the subject is in danger of getting stuck in a rut, because change is often something they fear.

With Sun in Aries, this placing acts as an excellent stabiliser to the impetuous Arian. The chances of impulsive or reckless decision making are very much mitigated, and there is plenty of common sense.

The subject finds it easy to prepare well for examinations and important work. Sometimes Arian selfishness can be accentuated by Taurean stubbornness, but there will be a tendency to disown both faults when they are mentioned.

With Sun in Taurus, this placing makes for a real ‘salt of the earth’ type of person, solid, dependable, reliable. Taurean stubbornness and a dislike of change will certainly be present.

Every opinion will be carefully and cautiously considered – this is the strong, silent type. The grasp of situations and knowledge will be slow but exceptionally thorough; thoughts are charmingly expressed.

With Sun in Gemini, because Mercury rules Gemini, its placing has a considerable effect on the sun sign characteristics. Considerable stability is added to this lively type of person, and it will greatly assist them to think more carefully and constructively, maybe even adding a bit of patience.

Practical common sense is usually present, and Geminian restlessness is likely to be less of a problem. Generally speaking, this is an excellent ‘anchoring’ placement for the Sun Geminian.


Here Mercury is placed in one of this signs it rules, considerably strengthening it’s placement. This person likes to be heard, and really does need to communicate with others. He or she is a natural ‘multi-tasker’ and excels at doing more than one thing at once. Quick decisions are made, but not necessarily adhered to – often the mind changes faster than even the subject themselves can believe! Although there is considerable interest in learning, this is often superficial – this person may have a tendency to be a jack of all trades and master of none. There is often a flair for selling, and a real gift of the gab. Impatience with those slower than themselves is common, as is craftiness and cunning. Adaptability and flexibility are two great assets.

With Sun in Taurus, the subject will be far less stubborn than those Taureans with other Mercury placings. Whilst still liking routine, there is much less chance of this person getting stuck in a rut, since Mercury will add considerable adaptability without sacrificing the Taurean staying-power. Superficiality is unlikely.

With Sun in Gemini, all of the paragraph under ‘Mercury in Gemini’ is doubly emphasised. This person is easily able to talk their way out of a difficult situation. Often the subject finds it hard to trust their emotions. Superficiality and restlessness are common faults, but if the speedy thought processes can be controlled, there is often more than a touch of brilliance.

With Sun in Cancer, Cancerian changes of mood will be exacerbated by Mercurial changes of mind, but this placing will counteract the Cancerian tendency to be over-sensitive and over-nostalgic. There is a strong sceptic streak present, and the memory facilities will be excellent. Importantly, this placing helps to overcome the Cancerian tendency to worry too much.


An excellent memory and imagination is likely with this placing, but an obsession with the past can make the future seem a threatening place. Imagination works over-time, often negatively, and molehills are turned into mountains. If creativity is indicated elsewhere in the chart, this placing can indicate exceptional writing talent. There is great tenacity, especially when studying, but the subject does tend to run into problems when his Cancerian intuitions clash with his Mercurial logic. The Moon sign often gives an indication of which will dominate.

With Sun in Gemini, a healthy dose of sensitivity and intuition are added, making the subject more sympathetic than critical. It can cause even the most logical Gemini to worry, but in the end, logic should still win the day.

With Sun in Cancer, the Cancerian imagination is at double strength, and must be found a creative or positive outlet. Undue worry and pessimism is extremely likely, and if depression is hinted at elsewhere in the chart, this should be guarded against too. Intuition and love of the past will be greatly increased, as will moodiness. The thinking process is almost entirely intuitive, and ideas, thoughts and decisions will be made quite instinctively.

With Sun in Leo, intuition and sentimentality are heightened, and the imagination is put to excellent use. Leo optimism will help to overcome the Cancerian tendency to worry too much, and Mercury adds kindness, consideration and sympathy, making the subject less bossy and dogmatic. Mental shrewdness is also an asset, and caution acts as a good foil to Leo’s fire.

MERCURY IN LEO: This placing contributes excellent planning and organisational abilities, and whilst there is the capacity for creative thought, these people are also often extremely stubborn, especially when young. The subject has lots of determination, and good powers of concentration. Speech can be dramatic, with a tendency to exaggerate. There is no lack of enthusiasm, and these people are usually very optimistic about life. They communicate well, but at times can behave in a rather condescending manner.

With Sun in Cancer, there is less tendency to worry irrationally, but the subject can be surprisingly bossy. Tenacity is enhanced, with the individual able to make long term plans and stick to them. Enthusiasm will help the subject to overcome any apprehension.

With Sun in Leo, the subject will be full of fiery enthusiasm and positively. However, bossiness and a dogmatic manner can easily mar many of these people’s lovely qualities. There is considerable leadership ability, the power to get things done and a lot of dramatic flair. Flexibility is somewhat lacking, as stubbornness can be a fault.

With Sun in Virgo, this placement often works very well. Mercury rules Virgo, and it’s placement in Leo will help sun Virgoans to overcome any excessive worry and lack of self-confidence. The Virgoan preoccupation with detail is less evident, and there is usually a better grasp of the overall picture. Critical carping can be coloured by bossiness, which the subject should try hard to counter. Creative and literary flair are often present.


This is the second sign ruled by Mercury, so this is again a strong placement. The ability to analyse and to critically assess every detail of a situation is very pronounced. This placing also gives much common sense and a practical attitude, yet still the subject often suffers a great deal from worry and nervous tension. Preoccupation with detail can sometimes mean that the overall grasp of a situation is poor. Often the placing of Jupiter and/or it’s aspects with Mercury will help. The subject can think constructively and fast, and has a great deal of intellectual potential. There is a lot of highly charged nervous energy which must be burnt off if stomach upsets and migraines are to be avoided.

With sun in Leo, Mercury acts as a brake to many of the over-exuberant Leonine qualities. This influence will add some practical down to earth common sense, and preventing the Leo from over-reacting. This is an excellent blend of the Virgoan attention to detail and the broader approach of the Leo – the best of both worlds.

With Sun in Virgo, the individual will seem very Virgoan, with many of the Sun sign qualities emphasised. A tendency to worry too much is present, as is a strong critical streak. This criticism is often turned inwards on the self, however, leading to low self-esteem and a lack of self-confidence. Shyness is often an issue with this placing. But here is an excellent mind, capable of detailed analytical work and research of all kinds. Nervous haste can cause some surprisingly careless mistakes, and the ability to relax is almost non-existent.

With Sun in Libra, Libran procrastination and indecisiveness is mitigated, with the subject able to assess more problems more critically, and with a more agile mind. There is a liking for social intercourse, and especially gossip. Nervous Virgoan energy also counters the Libran tendency to being too laid-back.


The thinking processes tend to be slowed down with this placing, and although there is always increased sympathy, understanding and a desire to communicate, procrastination and indecisiveness are likely. The powers of concentration are a bit hit and miss, and a careless approach is sometimes in evidence when matters are detailed. The Libran need to keep the peace is strong, and the subject is often reluctant to discuss anything controversial, or to rock the proverbial boat. In general, these people have the attitude ‘what will be, will be’, and are slow to take action for themselves.

With Sun in Virgo, hastiness and a sense of urgency are added to the personality. The attitude to life and it’s problems is quite calm, with less Virgoan worry, although the powerful critical abilities of Virgo may cause undue carping towards loved ones. But there will be a sense of fairness.

With Sun in Libra, indecisiveness and an extremely laid back attitude sometimes wrongly give the impression of a lack of intelligence. Often, however, laziness is merely a deliberate cover-up for lack of self-confidence. Procrastination is often quite a severe problem.

With Sun in Scorpio, this takes some of the harsh, incisive edge off the Scorpio Sun traits, and gives the ability to listen sympathetically. There is greater flexibility of thought, so stubbornness is less of a problem. Popular and charming, this subject communicates well. The tendency to brood, especially over personal problems, is not as apparent, since these people find it easy to talk to friends and relatives about their troubles. The mind works well, but in a relaxed way.


Scorpionic intuition and intensity combine with Mercurial logic and a rational approach. Determination is a strong point, and the individual will have a sleuth-like mind, leaving no stone unturned in their search for ‘the truth’. Here is someone with the mind of a researcher. Whilst this placing usually works well, there can be obsessive tendencies, especially if Mercury makes a negative aspect to Pluto. These people are quite inward-looking, going in for a great deal of self-analysis and often being very knowledgeable about psychology. There is much imaginative and intellectual capacity, and often a fascination with crime, mystery and the occult.

With Sun in Libra, Libran indecisiveness is not such a problem, as this placing adds determination and a sense of purpose. Natural Libran charm is well expressed, but there is often a major tendency to plot and plan and scheme. However, if the sense of direction and purpose can be channelled positively towards the achieving of the individual’s goals, this is a very positive placing.

With Sun in Scorpio, the thinking processes of Mercury will be as intuitive and as intense as they can be, with formidable determination and sense of purpose. The intellectual power are usually excellent, but the subject quite easily becomes obsessive. There will be a fascination with the unexplained, and anything that grabs the attention of this individual will be relentlessly researched and followed-up. Scorpionic jealousy and resentfulness are often quite a problem.

With Sun in Sagittarius, this placing acts as a good counterbalance to the Sagittarian dislike of detail. It reduces hastiness, and endows the natural enthusiasm with a healthy dose of caution. Any tendency towards over-optimism is also controlled, and Mercury in this placing adds depth to the character. This individual is a force to be reckoned with, with a dry, witty sense of humour.


Traditionally, Mercury is not at its best in this placement. However, provided that restlessness, superficiality and over-optimism can be controlled, much can be made of this personality type. This subject is an eternal student, who truly needs intellectual stimulation. Consistency of effort should be developed, and interests should not be changed too often, because restlessness and lack of satisfaction will be inhibiting. Breadth of vision is considerable, as is a quick grasp of a situation. All will be well if a philosophical outlook on life can be developed. There is often a flair for languages here, and travel – whether mental or physical – is of great importance.

With Sun in Scorpio, the heavy intensity of the Sun Sign gets a lively injection from Mercury, encouraging the subject not to take himself quite so seriously, or to become obsessive. A certain openness will be very refreshing, as will this subject’s broad-mindedness and optimistic outlook on life. A controlled enthusiasm will be shown, and the emotional content of Scorpio will be positive and reasoned, generally allowing free expression of the true feelings.

With Sun in Sagittarius, we find a very lively combination, which really does need some steadying influence from the rest of the natal chart. These people often find it very hard to cope with details. Initial gushing enthusiasm often fizzles out quite quickly, leaving projects unfinished. Despite the exaggerative tendencies, this placing can be positively dealt with. It helps a great deal if the subject has a physically demanding job or hobby, in which to burn up excess nervous energy.

With Sun in Capricorn, optimism and a more positive outlook are added to the rather serious Capricorn traits. The off-beat Capricorn sense of humour is greatly enhanced. Here is a lively and ambitious subject, with many aspirations. He is likely to be less single-minded and doggedly persistent, being instead more laid back and easy going, and coping with set backs in a philosophical manner. A controlled but enthusiastic attitude can be both endearing and amusing!


The mind works fairly slowly here, but the subject thinks in a practical and constructive manner, able to form a cool and rational view of every situation. Mathematical ability is often found. However, progress when studying is likely to be steady rather than dramatic. What is said is meant, and these people have no time for gossip. Pessimism can be a problem, especially if the Moon and Saturn form negative aspects, but there is also considerable ambition and achievement. The approach to life is very matter-of-fact. Excellent at long-term planning, the subject tends to weigh up every move carefully and keeps his cards close to his chest. Quite conservative, he often under-states his own achievements.

With Sun in Sagittarius, over-enthusiasm and blind optimism are calmed but not eradicated. Common sense and a practical cautious streak are added, plus the ability to cope with details. The broad Sagittarian sense of humour is spiced with the wryness of Capricorn, making the subject very amusing at times. Sagittarian restlessness will be less of a problem, but the price to pay for this is a decrease in flexibility.

With Sun in Capricorn, there is plenty of lively ambition and a positive outlook. The subject enjoys competition, and excels at detailed planning and forethought. The mind works in a very calculating manner, usually with excellent scientific and mathematics potential. Sometimes there is also musical ability. A measured, steady but slow pace is common, but what is learnt is learnt very thoroughly indeed.

With Sun in Aquarius, Aquarian perverseness and originality are steadied by the ability to think in a steady way, and stubbornness becomes less of a problem. However some conventionality will be added to the Aquarian unconventionality, so the subject’s opinions and preferences can tend to veer wildly between two extremes. A flair for science is present, and imagination will be shown in all intellectual pursuits.


Here the mind is quick, and the individual usually has considerable originality of thought, especially in opinions and ideas. There will be an intellectual approach to problems, and considerable dynamism. However, the subject can be stubborn and perverse, and perhaps bloody-minded under stress. Nervous tension can cause problems, and these people find it difficult to unwind. Consistency of effort must be developed. The subject is usually very friendly and helpful, with strong humanitarian instincts. These may show themselves in a talent for fund-raising or bringing to light injustice. Unusual studies or hobbies often fascinate, and there may be also a fascination for the deep past or the distant future. Creative ability is increased if shown elsewhere in the chart.

With Sun in Capricorn, a burning need to be an individualist may clash with a love of tradition and a wish to conform. The ambitious Capricorn will find ingenious ways to achieve success, but progress may be erratic, especially during studying. This placing adds a lively spark to the sometimes rather serious sun sign Capricorn. There is considerable objectivity, and the ability to detach the self from personal problems.

With the Sun in Aquarius, considerable originality is almost certain, but then so are considerable perversity and stubbornness – sometimes the subject is his or her own worst enemy. Very objective and detached, friendly and helpful, this individual mixes Aquarian unpredictability with sudden changes heart for no apparent reason.

With Sun in Pisces, Piscean emotions are countered by the ability to think objectively. The subject can become detached from his or her feelings, and so is less likely to become overwhelmed by them. Natural intuition is also controlled by more logical thought processes. Piscean sympathy and kindness blend well with the Aquarian humanitarian urge. The imagination is good, and can be used well and creatively, but Piscean self-confidence needs boosting if the most is to be made of this potential.


Here the mind works in an intuitive but rather disorganised way – decisions and opinions will ’emerge’ rather than be consciously taken. Kindness, sympathy and empathy for others is very evident, but there is also often forgetfulness and even carelessness, leading to situations that the individual finds confusing and hard to resolve. It is often difficult for this individual to develop constructive thinking and practicality – however, a practical approach is not always necessary, for the instincts here are rarely wrong. Much care is needed when coping with worry, because a strong imagination can easily make mountains from molehills. A tendency to take the line of least resistance is often combined with deceitfulness – when lies are told, it is not malicious, but rather in an effort to spare the individual, or someone else, from pain or inconvenience. Shyness and self-effacement are common with this placing.

With Sun in Aquarius, the rather brittle Aquarian traits are softened, and the kindness of Pisces is warmed still further. Creative and original imagination cries out to be used, and there is much more flexibility of opinion and of mind. Aquarian perversity and unpredictability are often lessened, since Pisces contributes considerable sensitivity to other people’s feelings.

With Sun in Pisces, the subject often becomes rather scatter-brained, surrounded by confusion and muddle. However, there is great kindness and selflessness here, and considerable capacity for sacrifice. A wonderful imagination must be channelled and constructively used if it is not to contribute to over-worry. When under stress, there is a tendency to deceive the self and others, and to fall back on negative escapism. Self-expression through the arts, especially photography, is strongly encouraged.

With Sun in Aries, Arian assertiveness is softened, and selfishness is less likely to be a problem unless Venus indicates otherwise. Arian decisiveness will also be not quite so strong, and forgetfulness over small matters can cause great annoyance to the active and energetic Arian. The increased intuition of this placing is a help, particularly in competitive situations. The emotional level of Aries is increased, but the subject is less likely to be roused to anger.

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