Meanings of the Planets in Astrology


in Natal Chart

as a Transit or Progression

Moon Emotions, Emotional Needs, Wants, Yearnings, Feelings of Nostalgia,
Family, Parents (especially mother), Relatives, Home Matters,
Feelings of patriotism or allegiance, What you care about or wish to nurture.
As transit: Changes in mood. As progression: Changes in home
environment (residence changes, home remodelling), Events involving
family (marriages, births, get-togethers, reunions, etc.).
Sun Personality, Learship capability, Station in life, Talents,
Abilities, Interests in general, Children, Recreational pursuits,
What gets you noticed.
Events with children, Special projects, Hobbies, Performances (taking
the spotlight), Demonstrations of talent or leadership, Recreational
activities, Level of vitality.
Mercury The mind, Intellectual interests, Communication skills, Ideas,
Nervous energy, What you’re interested in or curious about, Siblings.
Communications (letter, phone call, e-mail, messages), the aquiring
of information (records, data, ideas, concepts), Short trips, Making
personal contacts.
Venus Love life, How you relate in romantic relationships, Your outer
appearance, manner and behavior, What or who you attract,
Partnerships, Artistic inclinations.
Romantic encounters, Changes in outer appearance, Meetings (one on
one), Negotiations (agreements, compromises, sales, transactions.
Mars Identity (what you identify with), Role in life, Your drives,
Aggressive nature, What you are willing to put enery into.
New changes (Mars acts as a ‘kicker’ to break up stagnation), Changes
in role or identity (jobs, new affiliations), Times of physical aggression.
Jupiter Philosophy of life, Religious beliefs, Education (subject matter you
wish to make a study of or know comprehensively), Attitudes, Lifestyle.
Travel, Education (classes, seminars, higher education), Changes in
attitude, lifestyle, perspective, religion, philosophy, Legal
matters, Educators, Dealings with professionals of all types.
Saturn Career, Lessons in life, Karma, Where you ‘hold back’ or are
restricted, How you assume responsibility, Repeating patterns, How
you relate to authority, Your father.
Career changes/opportunities, Encounters with authority (boss,
police, government agencies, higher-ups), Life lessons, Contact with
successful people in your area of expertise, Obstacles, Delays, Frustrations.
Uranus The type of friends or associates you attract, The types of clubs,
groups or fraternities you join, Group consciousness, Areas in which
you seek comaraderie or cooperation from others, Eccentricities.
Changes in friendships/associations, Parties, Conventions, Informal
gatherings, Contact with or expansion of influence into: new markets,
companies, fraternities, groups, Sudden developments, Accidents.
Neptune Spirituality, Creativity, Intuitive or psychic sense, Your ability
for abstract thinking or where you are able to grasp subtleties,
Sensitivity to your environment or surroudings.
Changes in spiritual orientation, Dreams, Intuitions, Subliminal
messages, Grandparents, Contact with elderly people, Spiritualist
phenomena, seaside activities, Incidents which touch deeply.
Pluto Sexuality, Intimacy, Passion, Where you are able to perceive truth,
What you are passionate (fanatical, extreme) about, Where you power lies.
Deaths, Inheritances, Tax matters, Sexual affairs, Speculation (stock
market, new enterprises), Big money deals, Finances (commissions,
royalties, trusts, annuities, etc.), Exercise of power or influence.