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March 2019 horoscope


Try advice rather than criticism in a brain-storming situation and try to be pleased with the outcome even if you do not fully agree with it. Memories are from yesterday and you cannot use them in solving today’s problems, but the experience gained could come in useful. Some overdue good news comes along and with it a reward for a job well done. Lucky day 12th.
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You pride yourself on being a mind reader this month and it helps you to understand what is going on around you! You may also discover a secret admirer that will really amaze you. Be honest when a colleague asks for an opinion but it might be better not to reveal what you know about deals behind the scenes. Remember that written words are more secure than spoken ones. Lucky colour white.


An affectionate family member may hold you dear but could also hold you back from desirable progress. Be gentle but firm and don’t feel you have to justify your actions too much. A gamble on love could turn out to be a winner in the relationship stakes. It is time to count the cost of a daring decision in the workplace. Lucky day 28th.


Bite back jealousy when a colleague wins a prize that you might have felt entitled to – this is only the start and there could be better things in second place! At work or at home, any project you put your heart into will surely succeed – but your heart must definitely be in it. Lucky day 11th.

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Trust what you see not the wonderful promises that you hear. You will be given the liberty to make all the rules in love but you must make sure they are kept! A family member looks to you for support and you must study your options before you give a commitment. The reason for a change that you have never understood, does start to make sense and you might even end up agreeing with that change. Lucky colour yellow.


You can climb any mountain if you really want to and you can develop new practical skills that you never though possible. Surprises come in all sizes but you will find the smallest are the best! Capable confidence is the key to your existence and it ensures that you look at things in a way that had not occurred to a friend. Lucky day 18th.


There are lessons to be learned this month and you will see very clearly who and what is really important in your life. Generosity is a strong urge but avoid going too far with it as it could seem like you are showing off. An old love re-ignites something that you thought had burned itself out ages ago and a new horizon appears. Lucky colour blue.


A personal makeover may be a good idea but do not let it go too far or you won’t even recognise yourself! A relationship that has always been on the formal side will now move into a new and more personal realm and you can unlock deep feelings that have been stored away for too long. A legacy presents itself but the question is, do you want to accept? Lucky day 20th.


You may feel the urge to display your deepest desires but only so that they can be met by the object of them all along! It is past time to tie up loose ends in love and in money matters too. Learn to swap skills and thereby have more free time left over for important tasks. A little stroke of luck could bring the job title that you wish for. Lucky colour green


Old chains of responsibility start to fall away this month and you are feeling free to be yourself again. You like what you see and a new you is slowly emerging – you will hardly recognise yourself! A love that you have longed for is nearer to your grasp than ever before but make sure you wait until someone has earned your trust. Lucky day 22nd.


So many people depend on you both at home and at work and you enjoy this so don’t let anyone down. But do direct some of your new will-power towards your own well-being and get into that healthy eating regime you have been promising yourself. Property plans are uppermost in your thoughts at this time but remember to keep within budget. Lucky colour red.


This month could see your ambitions turned into reality – you have the energy, the will-power and the confidence to seize brilliant opportunities just now, so go ahead and do it! You fill an empty place on a team this month and your popularity increases as a direct result. A word of caution in matters of the heart – while truth is appropriate in a certain situation, tact is also a very necessary commodity. Lucky day 14th.

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