Love Horoscope 2020

All Signs — Accordind to Horoscope Annuel , 2020 will be a very unusual year for love, caused by a planetary set-up that hasn’t occurred during all my years as an astrologer. Venus trine Mars, the typical, traditional love aspect, usually lasts a few weeks — long enough for most people to fall in love.

But this year, this love aspect lasts four months, almost as though the heavens wanted to beat reluctant lovers into submission! Spectacular romantic fireworks start now, in February, and last to June.

A kind of “extension” of the romantic vibe flares past June, into September. This tail end of the comet of love could turn lovers into adventurers, or it could leave one side chasing a suddenly coy other person.

Aries – (March 21-April 19)

This year, you become the object of someone’s highly energized attention. This can create a spectacular love affair, and a highly unsual “switch” for you. Typically, you like to chase — in fact the hunt is often the most exciting phase of your romantic experience.

But 2020, from February to September, seems designed to make you the hunted one. Whether you’re a male or female Aries, you’ll glow with a sweet, mysterious magnetism. Your rough edges will soften, your grace increase.

A Libran could display unusually erratic and impulsive actions or emotional displays during this period — they feel assertive and charged up, and they WANT you, so they act out of character a bit. Before you run in fear, remember this: Libra is generally a very good partner for you, life-time. And that unsual assertiveness will tend to fade after September.

Scorpio offers you deep, intense sexual intimacy, but after awhile you could feel a little trapped or uneasy.

The Sagittarian type will madly love you (and vice-versa) but after the love’s immediate passion is spent, he/she will be saying, “I want to go to Arabia. (Or to some philosophical never-never land.) Want to come?”

If you do, you and Sage could have a wedding planned pretty quickly! (No one is better equipped to handle your “here for the passion, gone for the boredom” syndrome than Sage.)Leos will expect you to chase them this year, though they’ll offer the “first flirt.” Leo craves grand passion, and you’re totally equipped to deliver it.

Particularly before July, Libra and Sage are ready to form a life-long bond. Yet you remain casual about “wedding situations” during the same period. You might have to make a decision to overcome your indecision!

(Or, you might decide to wait, for another huge love period comes from mid-2021 to 2022.) From July to October, loving couples will find great luck when searching for a residence, to buy or rent. This luck continues after October, but, in a subtle way, it becomes less lucky to marry.

Taurus – (April 20-May 20)

This French Astrology website reports that some of you singles just met a pretty exciting person — or will, into mid-February. If so, this relationship could turn intimate in a deep, profound, even life-changing way, now through the end of summer.

You could become involved financially with your new partner — e.g., buying a residence together. Your growing finances (and they improve rather splendidly now to July) will allow you to spend more freely with (and on) your loved one.

But if you’re attached, you’ll both be better off if you steer the financial course from Feb. 25 to mid-April (be careful not to be too impulsive). After this, let him or her take the lead in making important decisions such as choosing a residence, investments, pension decisions, education funds for the kids.

If you find yourself entering February footloose and free, the year ahead holds a major sexual attraction, lasting until early September. Taurus, you MUST guard against any relationship upon which society would frown, such as love with a married person.

The temptation toward this will be very high, perhaps unbearably so at times. Be honest, find another who is free to engage — otherwise, you could face some harsh music Sept./Oct. If you seek honestly, a profound relationship could result. Relationships now will open the doors to the very secrets of life. Divorcees, for example, could now learn why marriage didn’t work before — and how it can in future. With your sensual side so hotly emphasized, be sure to protect against STDs.

Aim for privacy and coziness in your love life, at least until June. You might meet someone in a government office, institution, or connected to health, investigative, or financial fields.

Romance could be connected, in a very puzzling way, to your career, monetary or work areas in February, June or October. These are times to sit back and re-assess. True attractions are powerful from mid-August through November, when a new type of person and feeling could enter, one that’s more above-board and spontaneous.

Gemini – (May 21-June 20)

Typically, everything’s a split for you, Gemini. Your love dreams come passionately true in 2020. Yet, with Pluto mucking around your marriage house, relationships remain complex. You might have felt a deep tendency toward withdrawal in recent years: 2020 seems designed to wipe these out, at least temporarily. This is probably the best year for love until 2008, so don’t waste it!

If you enter February single and alone, you could deeply and fervently bond with someone anytime now through summer (to Sept.), someone with whom you like to flirt, tease and play.

Geminis who enter February already linked to two or more attractions (that’s most of you!) could find that one of them grows more assertive and determined this spring/summer, literally takes you by the wrist and makes your choice for you. Aquarius, Libra, Aries or Sagittarius stand out as likely candidates. If you persist in juggling two or more “romantic friends” life will excite — but prepare for some angry scenes and a balancing act that fries your nerves! If you marry, do so before October 13, or wait until 2022.

Married Geminis face a choice, until Sept., to fight or play. 2020 will transform your marriage, either placing it on new levels of happiness and mutual attraction, or endangering its foundations — loyalty is the main differentiator between joy and a split.

All Geminis experience a new, deep sense of duty and responsibility from April onward, which can help stabilize your love life. However, don’t let this sense of duty (nor a deeply growing sexual desire) be the prime factor in choosing a mate. The sexual side tempts powerfully Sept./Oct. But shared adventure, fun, travel, happy social times point to the right person for you.

You’ll be indecisive about love in Feb., June and Oct. — months when old flames could arrive. Late Oct. into December provide more relationship thrills, but if anyone newly arrives during this time, he/she won’t be a good mate in the long run.

July onward brings a large income increase — and a desire to spend it on home, furniture, etc. The nesting instinct rises!

Cancer – (June 21-July 22)

Until 2008, Cancer, you are most likely to be attracted to people who work in roughly the same field as yourself. Your deepest heart now wants, not the quick flare of temporary ecstacy, but a co-operator, someone who will work alongside you on life’s journey.

The last month or so might have drawn you toward someone in your career field, perhaps a higher-up. (This relationship has just faced, Feb. 3rd, a bit of a show-down: do we continue or not?)

Generally, since mid-2000, your vitality and charisma has been a little low. This has impeded single Cancers in finding a mate. Yet it’s been a blessing in disguise, since you’ve gained a new sense of self-esteem from your independence, a new relaxation and calmness. (Marrying during this period, which lasts to Oct. 13 this year, can tie you to a burdensome situation. Wait for Nov. onward.)

For married Cancers, the door is open, until late April, to a quiet, solid growth toward a long-term mutual goal. (For example, a house purchase.) Deepening optimism and trust visit your union.

For singles and marrieds, temptations have and will arise toward purely sexual unions, or verboten affairs. These spell bad luck before April 20, yet can be the doorway to a uniquely durable, supportive relationship from May’01 to 2022. Still, love’s a better life-mate foundation than lust.

From July 2020 through July 2021, you’ll start feeling bright, cheerful. Your popularity, which has lagged for the past two years, begins to grow as soon as May. Burdens ease, certain duties lift off your shoulders. All this leaves you freer for love.

You’ll be attracted to someone in a social setting during May and June. This person could provide “sweet respite” (or a luxurious home) for you. Your magnetism soars in July, but a work overload seems to keep you off the love track. In August, you glow physically and sensually. September/Oct. could bring a hot attraction which can turn into a whiz-bang professional partnership as well, or to a jealousy-prone, competitive relationship. In November, you could meet someone sweet-looking, sweet-tongued, and sweet-mannered, who could plunge you into a sexual spin!

Leo – (July 23-Aug. 22)

You’re set for a major love attraction this year. Passions will run hot yet sweet, and entwine your heart on many levels at once, particularly from Feb. 14 to Sept. (DON’T start anything before Feb. 14, or you’ll net a tangle of jealousy and hidden, volcanic angers. Better yet, wait until after Feb. 24 to contact anyone attractive.)

In a wider lens, you’re in the midst (1996-2022) of a face-to-face influence with others. This can cause business opportunities, doorways to fame, sudden attractions, sudden marriage — but it also triggers the flashpoints of legal disputes and divorce.

If you’re happily married/involved, use a Feb. to Sept. love phase to fete your spouse, teach your children, to engage in mutual pleasures, travelling, and socializing. Your love for each other can be reborn with a giant flame. But if you’re unhappy in a present relationship, this love period could send you whirling off to a third party’s arms with a ferocity and giddyness — and total finality — that surprises everyone!

If you’re single, 2020 can trigger marriage with stunning speed. However, you’ll be facing someone who’s every bit as strong and stubborn as you — you’ll have to accept equality with someone unpredictable and fascinating!

Old flames are everywhere in February, June and October. One of these could ignite to become your love partner on a long-term basis.

Love, until July, can ignite most luckily in your social group. Feb. to April 20 finds you strongly popular; then, to July 12, your popularity is a thing to be “worked,” it’s strong, but sober, might increasingly involve co-workers. After July 12, the social group is NOT a fertile romantic ground — it’s time to find a cosy, intimate lair for you and your loved one. In November, flames of attraction (or dispute) light once more — a sweet home atmosphere can help turn them into glowing affection. Romance tickles your heart sweetly in December.

Virgo – (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)

2020 is probably the sexiest year you’ll experience in decades, but it won’t be the most romantic. (Romance is melting hearts; sex is desire, period.)

Until July, your career and financial ambitions appear so lucky that you probably won’t want to take “time out” for sentiment. This is wise, as heavy romance — infatuation — is a doorway to frustration and delay, even loss, right into mid-October.

If you’re married, though, go softly with all that ambition, as Feb. to Sept. can cause a lot of domestic turmoil if someone feels neglected. It’s easy to defuse disharmony during this sensual year: snuggle into the sheets together!

The message is obvious: a sweet sexual relationship is very likely to take the place of romance for both single and co-habiting Virgos, from February to June. By July onward, the sexual heat continues, but it becomes more abrupt, dry, not so tender, and you must take care not to hurt someone’s feelings — don’t be “rough.”

By summer/autumn, singles will face another typical Virgo choice: do you elevate this deeply sensual attraction to marriage, or do you end it to search for new personal horizons? It’s a tough one: this relationship isn’t really “romantic,” your head doesn’t swim with infatutation, and yet could you find another who fits your lifestyle and sensual needs — even your financial path — so nicely?

You’ll reach a final decision in Sept./Oct. Even before this, you could be thinking about marriage as early as late April to June. However, delay any actual wedding until at least Sept. 10th onward, or you’ll have a “discontented” domestic future.

The second half of 2020 (into July 2021) raises your popularity, brings social delights and light romantic flirtations. If you passed on the sensual intimacy outlined above, love’s still possible and waiting, especially in Sept.

Libra – (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)

You don’t fall in love terribly easily, Libra, but the concept of marriage has an immediate and powerful appeal. In some cases you end up marrying, hoping the love will develop later, “in the course of things.”

This year, from February to June, a potent attraction can arise — but is it chemistry, or that old marriage urge? Actually, it’s something halfway between. The marriage urge is certainly there. Yet at various times this year (Feb., June and Oct.) just as your love feelings are highest, you grow most indecisive — perhaps an old flame enters, to confuse you. Many librans will face a choice between two equally viable partners. Here’s a hint: the “right link” will involve a lot of “messaging” — phone calls, e-mails, etc. Casual words contain profound hints. A marriage proposal could be scrawled across a post card. True love could emerge from a casual friendship, or be met while travelling.

Before you dismiss all this as too “talky-superficial,” consider that 1) until mid-July, you’re in one of the most benevolent wedding cycles since 1989, and 2) the “true love” cycle of your life is at an 84-year high.

Some timing notes: If you wed (or first meet) January to Apr. 20, sexual and financial fruitfulness will evade your union (or be slowly gained with quiet sacrifice. If you wed or first meet anytime after April 20, this warnings disappears; instead, expect a long-enduring partnership.

June is intimate, sensual, marriage oriented, but indecisive. From July to Sept., the rush of marriage potential continues, but it starts to become more talk than action.

July brings unions which elegantly combine love and practicality — and a favored community status for you. Sept./October bring an all-or-nothing phase: you pick the house, or break up. Flames re-ignite in Nov./Dec. — Now the chemistry is very obvious, and though a wedding will take a long time to achieve, it’s likely to occur — and bless you!

Scorpio – (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)

Your magnetism and a sentimental rush might have created a nascent love affair this last month or so, or nudged a sexual affair into true romantic feelings. But by mid-February a change occurs. You begin to focus more strongly on your work scene. Romance, sentiment whiffs away. A frankly sexual, physical-bonding urge re-asserts itself, perhaps toward a co-worker.

Your sensual desires are very likely to find a consenting partner, especially from late February to mid-July, and, in many cases, solidly beyond this (into September). (Some of you already found this sexual partner, this intimacy, in the last seven months. If not, your prospects increase strongly now to July.)

Be aware, though, that lust has its burdens: from late April onward, your “purely physical” partner might demand that you assume a more duteous or spousal-like role. Show up on time. Share the rent and groceries. Babysit. Whatever. You probably won’t mind this — in fact, by June you could start thinking along the lines of marriage. From mid-July right into July of 2021, very fortunate wedding vibes exist. Yet your hunger for physical gratification could quietly decline as autumn matures into winter. Make sure you really can last with someone before you marry on the basis of “pure chemistry.” With Uranus disrupting your domestic scene until early 2022, some surprises are still in store on the home front.

June might lure you back to an old flame, someone who has always treated you sweetly. If you meet after the 22nd, this could turn into a long partnership. August thrills your mind with someone who travels, teaches, or simply holds unusually wise views of life. Social joys and your popularity rating climb Sept./Oct., two months which could bring a friendly romance (full of talk, short trips). In November, your grace, mystery and charisma attract members of the opposite sex — but arguments over who’s in charge could erupt on the home front!

Sagittarius – (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)

Like Gemini, you often face two opposite roads, Sage, especially in relationships, career, and home. With lucky Jupiter in your marriage sector until July this year, you can be wonderfully attracted to a wonderful person. In addition, until October, you face “easy conditions” when you enter the intimate, sexual side of life, or when you commit to combining lifestyles and finances with another. (This also means you can become pregnant pretty swiftly.) After October, Sages who “partner up” will experience a general, subtle, permeating uplift in life and soul.

Yet in the huge picture (until 2008) you’re tempted to remain alone. You can feel that engaging another completely and wholly is simply too much trouble. After mid-October you’ll the lure of independence and withdrawal grows even stronger. Following it will bring an eventual frown to your face. This entire “withdrawal” tendency means your mystical, spiritual self is rising. Find someone who can share the mystical side of life with you, or join with a person who loves to research, investigate, perform charity, support others — these are all built of the same “mystical fibre.”

That the doors will open to love this year, is absolutely certain. A rare “romantic rush” of a duration and intensity you’ve seldom, if ever, felt, should push you over the fence of hestitation, into the embrace of love.

But you’re very capable of turning this passion into a winning streak in the creative arts, into teaching children, political causes, travel or educational adventures, sports. But if you want love, Sage, especially if you want marriage, there is no better time to chase, find and keep it. That “winning streak” applies just as strongly to amour!

There’s nothing more to say. Love’s here. If you don’t fall in, you don’t want to. However, you’ll still experience indecision, especially in Feb., June and Oct. Perhaps you wonder if your love object will remain faithful, or wants you totally. In one sense, it doesn’t matter, because what you experience won’t harm you now, and a love affair will enrich you whether it becomes permanent or not.

Capricorn – (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)

Before mid-July, all proceeds smoothly if you possess a long-enduring attraction. You give and get loyalty, depth of feeling and romantic security. From February through June, your desire grows to share a home, to decorate, to build a comfy love nest. Go ahead — with only one warning: if you and your sweetie buy or rent a new place now, it could have some burdensome flaws. So check it out thoroughly for structure, heating system, mold, loud neighbors, etc. — and for “commuting location.” Don’t buy a place that will eat up your days with long commutes to your workplace. A baby might arrive, helping to knit you together. June brings sweet romantic feelings to all Capricorns, despite the fact that work, this month, demands extra time.

By mid-July, twelve months of great good fortune begins in everything involving relationships: business negotiations, relocation, legal and public benefits, as well as greatly improved marriage prospects. If you’ve been dating someone for a long time, this influence could wrap your relationship into one neat package, with wedding bells and shared pension plans! (If you’re in an unhappy marriage, this aspect tends to to bring divorce papers.)

If you enter July footloose and fancy-free, you could find love through relocation, or at a far distance (e.g., through the internet). Law, government, and big corporate offices abound with likely lovers. This suits you, as you love prestige and formal elegance, in business and nightlife.

August combines deep sexual drives with a sweet tenderness toward someone. In Sept./Oct., your magnetism and willpower flare to a two-year high, virtually handing you the reins in love! November promotes light romance, socializing — you could meet a partnership prospect in a group setting. All year, you might struggle somewhat between settling deeply into a domestic shangri-la, and ambition. Solve this dilemna by choosing an ambitious mate, one who wants to work with you to build a “productive partnership.”

Aquarius-(Jan. 20-Feb. 18)

This very month, February, something unusual happens — Venus and Mars, the two romantic planets, go into a major love aspect for over four months — an incredibly long time. For you, this romantic influence is a glancing one — it doesn’t hit you straight on, but it adds flirtatious sparkle to your social, travel and communications side. Normally, you’d face a light, frothly, friendly romance for the spring.

But this year has extra rockets: huge Jupiter inhabits your romantic sign Gemini until mid-July. Since it’s already been here seven months, you might already be in love — or half-so, if you’re split between two prospects. But whether you’re semi-involved or totally single right now, the luckiest thing you could do is to fall all the way in. If you’re married or avowedly celibate, the same influence luckily boosts creative, pleasure, kid-oriented, or speculative projects.

You’re all-or-nothing in love: if you’ve been hurt or divorced, you become triple-wary of any new commitment. Consider this wariness carefully now to September, as the cosmos offers tremendous opportunities for romance. Mid-October right into early 2022 tends to bless deep romance, and will frustrate efforts to remain on the friendly, social level. What’s friendly to you now, could represent deep, sincere passion for the one who courts you.

Romantic indecision and old flames pop up in Feb., June and Oct. Passion’s powerful, all three months. Nesting instincts deepen in June. July makes a Gemini appear super-sweet. August/September can propel you toward marriage — Leo plays a prominent role. Your sexual magnetism rises in November, but don’t let this cause trouble with your reputation or career!

Though romance is ultra-favored until mid-July, a sober note enters late April, signaling that love will carry deep responsibilities for the next two years, yet will grow enduring and stable. The luckiest Aquarians will pick a partner between Feb. 25 and April 20, then carefully advance into a stable, loyal love.

Pisces – (Feb. 19-March 20)

You like romance to be quick, changeful, yet enduring. Something approaching this state could have just occurred, Jan. or early Feb. But the outlook from here on is quite different. Now to September, you’ll be worked to the limit in career (and so had better watch your manners and schedules with VIPs) — and you’ll make more money (maybe much more) as a result. But this leaves you little time for romance. It might hardly enter your head. A whiff of sexual intimacy, though, is sure to lift your eyebrow with interest, now to June — and if you’re single, there’s no harm in indulgence. Opportunities will definitely occur.

However, for most Pisceans, now through July is a superb opportunity to either feather your nest or regain your emotional equilibrium. Contemplate. Study. Rest. Diet. Fix your teeth. Buy property or find a new residence. Undergo therapy. Restore your house, your body and your soul. If you’re married, sink into spouse, kids, garden.

This is important, this rest and rebuilding, because it leaves you strong and attractive by mid-July, when a full 12-month period of superb luck in romance will begin. The strongest period of this luck lasts July to mid-October, when “karma” adds its promise of long future happiness, too. During these 12 months, you might romance a co-worker or higher-up, or find you meet love at a prestigious event, company party, professional convention, etc.

You’ll be indecisive all year about tying your life in a practical way to another’s, esp. in Feb., June and Oct. — so this is a fall-in-love year, not overwhelmingly a marriage year. Still, co-habitation is favored, and can put you on a long, slow but solid road to your eventual dreams.

You could meet someone sexy and romantic in August. Marriage vibes occur Sept./Oct., but so does that indecision. Your social life, both months, can introduce an assertive yet diplomaic person who’s loaded with testosterone. November could entrance your mind with love visions, but also rings the danger bell of clandestine or verboten attraction — be honest, and your heart will ring true.

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