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Libra Characteristics – Complete Libra Zodiac Information

Libra is the 7th in line of all the zodiac signs. Librans are generally known to be the most sociable of the star signs. Born during the month of September 24th-October 23rd Librans are unique in their own ways. They like all the big-time gatherings and enjoy parties and will want to make as many friends as possible. They will try to have as many people surrounding them as they can and remember each acquaintance as well as their old childhood friends. These weighty scales are a like something out of a Hollywood Movie where they like to make small talk and gossip endlessly without having to think about deep meaningful conversations.

Ruling PlanetThe ruling planet for Librans is Venus.

Element Librans have the zodiac element of Air.

Symbol for horoscope signs The Scales

Some Famous People belonging to Libran horoscope signs: Christopher Reeves, Jackie Collins and Roger Moore.

Compatibility for Libra zodiac signs

The Librans are most compatible with Leo, Gemini and Taurus making intellectually union possible with all three. Librans do however, cleverly match the same attributes as Aquarius and is perfectly suited to them. It also has a well bonding capability with Sagittarius.

Characteristics of Libran zodiac signs

Libra is the only zodiac sign that has depicted and represented using something inanimate since the rest of the signs have been represented using humans and/or animals. Astrologers keep Librans in quite high regard and favor it the most. They also find it to be the most desirable since it represents the component of the year where it is at its highest peak—the Zenith. They are preferred because their appealing characteristics overpower their negativities. They are one of the most civilized out of the zodiac signs and have a sense of greater than average physical appearance. Some of their most alluring qualities are the fact that they are very charming indeed and that combined with good looks is what everyone is looking for. What more can you possibly want?

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Librans have an elegance about them that is fascinating; they have a good taste of life and in aesthetic terms, they have a strong sense of organizing everything to suit their senses. Feng Shui is something that interests the Librans to quite an extent. They are finders and admirers of beauty, be it in art or music, they prefer to find the beauty in all things that they come across. They also like harmony and peace and try to promote these as much as they can and with everyone they can. They dislike the fact that there is animosity among people and will always back out of a fight. Such situations do not appeal to the scales because they are a balance, all-rounded personality. They also have an ability to be completely unbiased and see something critically without any partial judgment. This is especially useful when they have to be constructively criticized and/or need to give some constructive criticism.

They can be the kindest when it comes to any situation but when and if their opinions, thought and ideas are challenged they will not stand for an argument. They feel that once they have come towards a certain conclusion no other opinion matters especially if it is one that is challenging their own. They do have this one fault that they are hungry for approval in all forms, be it in love or in their practical lives. On the whole they are very diplomatic individuals who are neutrally temperamental. When it comes to relationships such as friendships and romance, they personally try to resolve and conflicting issues using their compromising ways and make sure they can solve all issues within the realms of harmony and tranquility. Surprisingly enough they will try to save a personal relationship to such an extent that even if it is against their will and there are claims that are disadvantageous to them, they will go ahead and pull through simply for the sake of the individual.

Marriages that take place are very much successful simply because they stand out to be like actual true minds in a union together. Librans tend to be the most empathetic out of all the zodiac signs. They will always try to understand their spouse and their partners can never complain about being misunderstood because Librans will leave out no chance to make amends and better their situation. They may not be so passionate but will strive for a romantically fulfilling relationship. Business wise Librans are not so lazy as everyone makes them out to be. They are very energetic and enthusiastic.

Whenever they are faced with a practical challenge they face it with courage and endurance and make sure they succeed with zeal and vigor. Librans have a set mind to achieve the best since they are extremely ambitious. They will want to make sure they struggle for their work but have no choice for dirty work. Clean work that requires productivity and resilience is something that Librans are used to putting up with. Financially they are stable individuals and if they end up being down in the dumps they are such individuals that they can pick up where they left off without going into a state of depression.

Overall Librans are romantic and charming, alluring and extremely understanding, they can be demanding but when you them your world they will make sure they give you everything. They are easygoing and sociable and like to have a whole network of people with whom they can share and enjoy hot gossips with. On the dark side however Librans are very flirtatious and promiscuous. They can be indecisive and changeable when it suits them and when it benefits their situation. Despite all these small negativities astrologers have to admit that Librans are the sweetest, kindest most caring individuals who have a balanced personality to go with a fantastic nature. Loving and affectionate they come across as angels who can sweep you off your feet in a heartbeat. Now wouldn’t you want a Librans to be your soul mate?

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