Libra 2019 horoscope

Last year was a bittersweet one. It was as if you were boiled in oil and then dropped in a honey pot. The cosmos was playing ‘good cop, bad cop’ with you. Saturn was the ‘bad cop’ bringing trials, tests and a few tribulations.


Jupiter was the ‘good cop’, bringing enhanced self-esteem, good food, good wine and many other of the finer things in life.


This alternation between pleasant and unpleasant, fun and responsibility, restriction and expansion happens to bring you to a place that is above either.

Its purpose is to bring you to higher ground in yourself. You need to see that both sides are necessary to your evolution and progress. This above mentioned trend will continue for the first half of 2019 and then dissipate.


Last year was a very important finance and career year. These were the major interests. Again this will last for the first half of 2019 and then dissipate though finance will still be important throughout 2019. The lessons will have been learned and you are on to new things.

Health will vastly improve this year as Saturn moves away from its stressful aspect on July 16th.

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Prosperity was strong last year and will continue to be strong in the year ahead.

Love was more or less status quo last year but two eclipses in your 7th House in 2019 indicate that important changes are happening.

Most important interests in the year ahead are the body, image and personal appearance until October 26th; finance after October 26th; communication and intellectual interests; children, creativity, fun, speculations, leisure activities; health and work; career until July 16th; friendships and group activities after July 16th.

Your paths to greatest fulfillment in the year ahead are the body, image and personal appearance until October 26th; finance after October 26th; love and romance.

Libra 2019 Health Horoscope

Health is mixed for the first half of the year. With Saturn making a Square aspect to you, there is a need to watch your energy, rest and relax more and work smarter, not harder.

There is a need to conserve your energy for the things that are really important to you. You have the energy to do whatever really needs to be done but not enough for frivolities. So, sharp discernment is in order now. Tough choices have to be made. This trend has been going on for a while and continues until July 16th.

Career has been active and many of you have been elevated in your career. There are more responsibilities on you. This too has taxed your vitality but there is much good news on the health front. Saturn will move away from this stressful aspect on July 16th. Most of the other long-term planets are either leaving you alone or making nice aspects.

You should feel an immediate improvement in overall health and vitality during the latter part of 2019.

Neptune is your Health Planet. In the physical body, Neptune rules the feet. As a general principle, your health is enhanced by taking better care of your feet. Wear comfortable, well-fitting shoes, shoes that don’t knock you out of alignment or balance.

If you have to sacrifice fashion for comfort, then sacrifice. If you can manage to combine fashion with comfort, all the better. Feet should be kept warm in the winter.

Foot massage and foot reflexology are wonderful health tonics for you as you respond dramatically to these things.

Lately and this has been going on for a few years and will continue for many more years, your ankles have become important. Uranus, the planet that rules the ankles is in your 6th House of Health.

Neptune, your Health Planet is in the Sign of Aquarius, which rules the ankles. So give your ankles better support when exercising or indulging in sports. Regular ankle massage, on them and all around them will be wonderful preventative medicine.

Not only will you be strengthening your ankles, you will be stimulating other powerful reflexes in the body, the sexual organs.

As has been the case for many years now, your Health Planet is in the 5th House of Fun, Children, Creativity and the Joy of Life. This is telling us many things. Joy is of itself a healing power, stay joyful as much as you can. Avoid depression.

Personal creativity is not only fun but will enhance your overall health. It will help you express many pent-up feelings both positive and negative. It is a wonderful outlet for you. Many of you are as much concerned with the health of your children or other people’s children as you are with your own health.

Contacting your own ‘inner child’ is a wonderful therapy and will enhance your health for it is the child within us that is capable of joy. Our inner adult is not.

With Uranus and Neptune both intimately involved in your health, orthodox, traditional medicine is not for you. You benefit from unconventional and new therapies. There are some important technological breakthroughs happening in conventional medicine too and these too should be looked at if health problems arise.

If there are health problems, healing will happen by a ‘new way’. Perhaps the technology is not even invented yet as of this writing.

The health of parents or parental figures seems challenging lately perhaps there has been surgery but things should improve in the latter part of the year. The health of your spouse or lover seems status quo.

Libra 2019 Love Horoscope

Your 7th House of Love and Marriage is not a House of Power this year. Though Libras are always intensely interested in this area, this year they are less so. It is a matter of degree.

Probably your love life is where you want it to be and there’s no need to put undue attention on it.

Though you may be satisfied with the status quo, the cosmos isn’t. There are two eclipses in your 7th House in 2019, a Solar Eclipse on April 8th and a Lunar Eclipse on October 17th.

This is sure to bring long-term changes in the marital status.

There are many scenarios as to what may happen. Married Libras will have their marriages tested.

Long-seething issues will come to fore and be dealt with, things that you’ve swept under the rug will now be forced to the surface. A good relationship or marriage, one that is based on real love will survive these things and get even better but flawed relationships could dissolve.

Likewise, unmarried Libras who perhaps were enjoying being single, might not find it that enjoyable and will work to change their condition. Unmarried Libras in existing relationships will see these tested too. Singles could marry. Married’s could divorce.

Relationships that were just ‘rolling along’ with no apparent destination will now be forced to take the next step either take it further or dissolve it. These eclipse periods are times for decision.

Libra’s working towards or in a second marriage will have a status quo year. Married’s will tend to stay married, singles will tend to stay single. Libras working towards a third marriage will need a lot of patience. These people might be attracted to a father or mother figure this year.

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They might marry as a career move but not from romantic passion. Those who are already in their third marriage will see it tested this year.

Children of marriageable age are not likely to marry this year. In fact they need to tone down their social life a bit, to focus on quality rather than quantity.

They might get romantically involved with older people, people more settled and established than they.

They are making friends with spiritually orientated people.

Grandchildren of marriageable age are playing the field and enjoying themselves. They are more fertile this year. Love opportunities come to them in the usual places, parties, entertainments, sporting events and as they pursue leisure activities.

After October 26th they can find love opportunities at the workplace or as they pursue their health and fitness goals.

Your most active social periods are from March 20th to April 15th and from June 12th to July 28th.

Libra 2019 Finance and Career Horoscope

A very important area in the year ahead with much sudden and positive change.

There is an eclipse in your Money House in 2019, a Lunar Eclipse on April 24th. A Solar Eclipse on October 3rd, which occurs in your own Sign could also impact on you financially. Jupiter, the planet of prosperity and abundance will move into your Money House on October 26th.

So the status quo is getting shaken up. The cosmos needs to prepare you for prosperity by uncovering and correcting flawed plans, strategies and investments.

It will force you to make changes that need to be made and when it’s all over you’ll be glad you made them.

Prosperity is strong now too but will get stronger after October 26th. Right now you are living as if you were wealthy, probably on a higher level than you are used to.

Perhaps some of you fear that you won’t be able to maintain this lifestyle but the cold cash and financial opportunity is on its way. Keep the faith.

Many of you are investing in yourselves now. Spending on yourself. You are either buying or receiving big-ticket personal items, clothing, jewelry, accessories and objects d’art.

You are traveling more. You are eating in better restaurants, more upscale kinds of places and tasting many of the finer things of life.

A wealthy sibling or neighbor seems unusually supportive.

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Since Jupiter rules your 3rd House of Communication, this is an area that brings wealth to you. This could happen through your writing, teaching, sales and marketing ability. It could happen through the business side of education.

It can come through investments in telecommunications, transport and media type stocks. Many of you will also receive big-ticket communication equipment in the year ahead. Perhaps a new car as well.

In spite of your many responsibilities, self-esteem is relatively good and this is a big help in earnings.

When Jupiter moves into your Money House on October 26th, assets you own will increase in value. There will be more speculative luck though of course you should never do this blindly but only under intuition.

It will be a good period to pay off debt and these seem easily paid or to refinance them at more favorable terms. Professional investors should look at bonds and the bond market, retailing, publishers and media companies or the bonds of these companies.

Some of you might receive an inheritance and others might be remembered in someone’s will. Those of you with good ideas seem easily able to attract outside investors or credit to your projects.

Your spouse or partner seems totally focused on finances after July 28th. He or she is working hard, is very active and perhaps a bit risk-taking in this department. Yet he or she seems generous with you.

He or she believes that ‘I create wealth, I make it happen by my own effort’ and there is some truth to this attitude. The risk-taking will produce some dramatic successes but there may be a few shocks as well but your partner seems unperturbed.

These shocks go with the territory and ‘I will pick myself up and start again.’ Property seems a good investment choice for your spouse or partner at this time. You and your partner seem in financial disagreement, there will be a need for much compromise.

You seem more laid back about finances, you know they will work themselves out. Your partner wants to be more aggressive.

Prosperity will be strong all year but especially from September 11th to October 8th and from October 23rd to November 22nd.

The job situation seems highly unstable in the year ahead. There could be serial job changes either within the same company or with new ones.

The conditions at the workplace also seem unstable and keep shifting and changing all the time.

Those who employ others deal with a revolving door. Employees come and go. You don’t know who will be around when or who will show up when. You will become adept at reshuffling.

Family & Kids


Though your 4th House of Home and Family is not a House of Power, the Ruler of this House, Saturn has been prominent for a few years and will be so for part of this year. Saturn occupies the 10th House, a position of power and prominence.

Of all the long-term planets, Saturn is the most elevated in the Horoscope. There is a strong interest in family matters. You seem to honor and exalt family values and perhaps family members above all things.

Though you are very ambitious for most of the year, you honor emotional harmony more than career success. In fact, attaining emotional harmony means career success for many of you.

Some people honor tycoons, some honor political figures and others honor scholarship and intelligence but for you, the good mother or father, the good brother or sister, the people who sacrifice to maintain family harmony, these are the most honored. You could be right.

Many of you are working hard to integrate family and career, emotional harmony with outer success and professional achievement. This has been the challenge, the main thrust for a few years and it continues this year.

Many of you are working more from home. Many are trying to make their corporate workspace more ‘homely’.

The distinctions between home and office are blurred these days. It is difficult to write about the home without discussing the career, they go hand in hand.

Family members are more ambitious this year too and you are just as ambitious for them as you are for yourself.

Having said this, the basic domestic pattern seems status quo for the first half of the year.

After July 16th there are some changes but nothing too major. At that time you seem to work to build a team spirit within the family. You want everyone to co-operate as a team, perhaps you incorporate some corporate’ values and virtues into your domestic life.

A parent or parental figure gets very involved in personal transformation, estates, perhaps he or she is an executor of an estate and insurance issues. They may face job changes at this time too. Children who live on their own are doing extensive renovations in the home after July 28th, a process that could last until the end of the year and even into 2019.

Grandchildren who live on their own have a status quo year domestically. Siblings will have an unstable domestic life.

Not only will they move but they may experience multiple relocations in the years ahead. This is a long-term trend. Their emotional lives are volatile and they need to strive for some semblance of emotional equilibrium.

If you are redecorating in order to beautify or if you want to buy objects of beauty for the home, January 9th to February 2nd and November 5th to December 15th are good times. If you want to do extensive renovation, construction, January 1st to January 19th, February 7th to March 21st and December 21st to 31st are good times.

Improve your life in 2019

I mentioned earlier that your main challenge and the main area for improvement was in integrating a successful career with a happy family life to succeed in the outer world and yet be emotionally comfortable with your success.

Many are successful but they sacrifice everything for it, family life, love, the ability to be there for their children, sometimes even their health but this is not the road you want to follow. Many of you will choose different paths to this integration.

Some of you will work from home. Some will work for a family business or for the family. Others will try to make their office more like a home and to think of their co-workers as family members. Others might even opt to make their family their actual career and work to boost the status of individual family members and the family as a whole rather than their own.

Sometimes we can do more from behind the scenes than out front. Each of you will find a unique solution to this and this is as it should be. It’s not an easy thing to accomplish but nothing worthwhile doing is ever easy or quick.

After October 26th and for the next two years, there is a need to winnow out your friendships. Friends are wonderful asset but you need to make sure that they are quality friendships and this is what is happening for the next few years.

There are sure to be some disappointments with friends and much need for learning forgiveness but at least you will know who your good friends really are.