Leo 2019 horoscope

You pretty much had your way in 2018, as most of the long-term planets were either making positive aspects to you or leaving you alone.


There was good prosperity too. Many of you bought new cars or big-ticket communication equipment.

Love was very exciting and very happy though many of you still seem content to be footloose and fancy-free. Many of these trends continue in 2019. Love is happy and full of drama, just as you like it. Leo’s love the ups and downs of love, the more extreme the better they like it.

After all, where’s the drama in plain old ‘serene happiness’? A roller-coaster ride is much more interesting but Saturn moving into your Sign on July 16th is going to settle you down somewhat. The year ahead will be one for taking on more responsibility and measuring your energy better.

It is a more serious year. A work orientated kind of year. Sure, you will have fun but your focus will be on work.


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Jupiter will make an important move into your 4th House from your 3rd House on October 26th. This brings moves for many and perhaps babies.

Most important interests in the year ahead are spirituality until July 16th; the body, image and personal appearance after July 16th; communication and intellectual interests until October 26th; home, family and psychological issues after October 26th; children, creativity, fun and leisure activities; love and romance; sex, personal transformation, depth psychology, past lives and reincarnation; career after July 28th.

Your paths to greatest fulfillment in the year ahead are communication and intellectual interests until October 26th; home, family and psychological issues after October 26th; career.
leo 2019 horoscope
Your paths of greatest fulfillment in the year ahead are health and work, finance, love and romance.

Leo 2019 Health Horoscope

Your health and vitality are fine for the first half of the year but beginning July 16th the planets start to shift and you need to be more careful. First, Saturn will move into your Sign on July 16th. On July 28th, Mars will move into Taurus making an inharmonious aspect to you.

This Mars transit is significant and should be taken seriously, as it will stay in Taurus for an unusually long time. Then, on October 26th, Jupiter will move into Scorpio adding to the stress. So the message is clear. Rest and relax more. Pace yourself. Listen to your body.

Overwork or over-play will result in immediate feedback from your body.

Basically, for the latter part of 2019 you will be trying to juggle a very active career with a very active domestic life and both of these with your own personal desires and health regimes. This is going to take a lot of energy. Don’t waste it on frivolous things.

The cosmos gives us challenges, to be sure but never more than we can bear.

It might push you to the edge but never over it. So this is not a forecast for sickness. If you watch your energy levels, keep yourself focused on priorities, you will get through with flying colors.

There is some good health news here too. Saturn, your Health Planet will be in your Sign. This will give you a strong interest in personal health, health regimes, exercise and diet. You will willingly take on sustained and disciplined regimes and this will be a big help.

Also, you are unlikely to let problems fester and worsen, you will be on top of things.

More good news. There are many things you can do to enhance your health. The most important, as mentioned, is keeping high energy levels. You will have more responsibilities in the year ahead, true but take on only legitimate ones.

Discern sharply. One way of discerning whether a responsibility is yours or not is very simple. Have you got the energy, time and resources to take it on? The cosmos, as mentioned, will never give you a responsibility that you can’t handle. It is very competent and knows your capabilities.

More focus on the spine, skeletal alignment, knees and teeth will be a big help. Regular visits to a chiropractor or osteopath is good preventative medicine. Give the knees more support when exercising. The heart too, needs more attention this year.

There are many natural, drugless ways to strengthen it. Therapies such as Alexander Technique or the Feldenkrais Method are wonderful for keeping the posture right and the spine and skeleton aligned. Many of you will benefit from yoga, which also keeps the skeleton aligned.

Try to wear more gold, either the metal or the color this year. Many of you will start favoring darker colors, black, indigo blue, dark grey this year. True, these colors suit you and are basically good for you but don’t forget to include some gold.

With Saturn in your own Sign, this is a wonderful period (after July 16th) to lose weight and get the body in shape. Weight-loss regimes will go well during this period.

Leo 2019 Love Horoscope

Though love has become more stable than in past years, it’s still a far cry from being really stable. Everything is a matter of degree.

Single Leos are more likely to get involved in serial love affairs rather than actual marriage. Married Leos need more space and freedom within the marriage and this goes for your spouse or partner as well.

There is a great and long-term experimentation happening in love and relationships.

Leos are known for their strong libido. Only the Scorpio can match them in this department. I just read that some lions in the jungle will mate up to 50 times a day.

This gives us some insight into the lions of the zodiac! Yet, these days, your libido is even stronger than usual. Everyone knows that love relationships are much more than just sex but for Leo, it is the sexual dynamic that is most important these days but mere quantity is not the only issue for Leo. There is a need for experimentation in this area too. It’s as if they want to learn about sex and its delights through trial and error.

The rulebooks have been thrown out and they are going to find out what is good on their own. Now, if Leo can have this experimentation within one relationship, all is well and good but if not, they will tend to look for greener pastures.

For many years now Leo has been attracted to unconventional people and unconventional relationships. This trend continues and even intensifies. The orthodox, the run of the mill, is just not interesting.

Creative people, artists, dancers, musicians, rebels, psychics, astrologers all fit the bill. Inventors, computer experts, scientists and mathematicians are also alluring. Generally, these are people who live outside the ‘norms’ of society.

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Leo also seems attracted to ‘money people’, big earners, people who are focused on finances. Married Leos find that their spouse is more focused on finance this year too and is prospering.

When Saturn moves into your Sign on July 16th, there can be challenges in love.

Often this transit produces low self-esteem, which can be a problem in love but if you channel this Saturn energy towards something constructive like a disciplined health and exercise regime or towards improving the physical body and appearance, there will be no low self-esteem for you will be correcting the causes of it.

Single Leos working towards a first marriage will see the development of a significant relationship after October 26th.

It has marriage potential but will it actually lead to marriage? The jury is out. This is real love but will it be stronger than the need for freedom?

Leos working towards or already in their second marriage have a status quo year.

Singles will tend to remain single and married’s will tend to remain married. Singles will have love opportunities at the job or office or with people above them in status after July 28th.

Leos working towards or already in their third marriage also have a status quo year.

Leo 2019 Finance and Career Horoscope

Your 2nd House of Finance is not a House of Power this year, thus it is not as important to you as other areas are. Presumably, your financial life is OK and you don’t feel the need for a major focus there. Life is much more than just money.

Until October 26th there are financial opportunities and success in areas that involve sales, marketing, teaching, creative writing, advertising, PR, retailing and communication in general. Professional investors should look at telecommunications, transport, media companies and the beauty industry (perfumes, fashion, art, antiques) for profit opportunities.

After October 26th there are wealth opportunities in property (residential), restaurants, hotels, homebuilders and industries that cater to the home. Professional investors should look at these companies for profit opportunities.

Those who are not professional investors can earn from these fields too perhaps by taking a job there or attracting clients who are in these businesses.

As mentioned, the family seems supportive after October 26th and a family-type business perhaps working for a family business as well seems profitable.

Career doesn’t seem important to you for the first half of the year either but come July, when Saturn moves into your own Sign and Mars moves into your 10th House of Career, the situation changes. You become more ambitious, more serious.

You seem to be working very hard in your career. Perhaps you are fending off competitors or challengers to your business, place or position. Career becomes frenetic. Since Mars is a benefic planet in your Horoscope (Lord of the benefic 9th House) there will be success here and possible promotion.

Don’t forget to watch your health during that period either.

Job seekers have good success later in the year. Your Work Planet, Saturn moves into your Sign on July 16th.

This shows that job opportunities are pursuing you. Normally, job seekers go through all kinds of hassles to get a job but not in your case. It will come to you, seek you out.

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Though there is much confusion and possibly deceit in issues involving inheritance and insurance claims, the ultimate result is positive. Married Leos get good financial support from their spouses but the support is unpredictable.

There can be wild generosity, sky-high generosity, at certain times and then long dry spells. This it seems is because of the volatile nature of your spouse’s earnings. His or her earnings fluctuate wildly and his or her ability to be generous fluctuates as well.

I see the same kind of situation with debt. Though debts will be repaid, suddenly, unexpectedly like a bolt from the blue, one minute you are apparently drowning in debt and the next you’re free and clear. More homework needs to be done regarding the ‘fine print’ of these things especially if you are taking out a mortgage or other major loan. Things are not as they appear. Tax issues too need more study.

Family & Kids

Though your 4th House of Home and Family is empty for most of the year, there is still going to be much change and perhaps, disruption in this area. First off, there is an eclipse that occurs in your 4th House, a Lunar Eclipse on April 24th.

On October 26th Jupiter will move into your 4th House for the rest of the year and well into 2019.

Seems to me that the eclipse will prepare the ground for change. Right now most of you seem content with family and domestic arrangements but the eclipse will reveal any hidden flaws in these things so that you can take corrective action.

If there’s something wrong with your plumbing or wiring, if the roof is not right, the eclipse will reveal it to you. If there have been some long-term issues with family members, things that you had on the back burner now they will surface, come to a head and long-term decisions will be made.

Eclipses in the 4th House and especially Lunar Eclipses tend to bring up deeply repressed emotional material. Feelings that you never believed you had will come up. These are periods for making good psychological progress and for enhancing your understanding of these things.

Family members are also likely to bring up repressed material. Though it is more difficult, it is important to stay ‘above the fray’. You can feel but you are not the feeling. You are the Being of Light that feels.

Jupiter moving through the 4th House generally shows a happy move, a move to a larger, more opulent residence. An upgrade but often it shows a renovation or expansion of the existing home. Equally often we see people buying additional homes or properties under this transit. Also people invest in or receive as gifts, big-ticket items for the home.

Those looking to buy or sell a home will have good fortune from October 26th onwards.

So the eclipses will be the catalysts that produce happy changes. It is only discomfort that leads us to apply the right medicine.

Jupiter moving through the 4th House generally shows an expansion of the family circle. Usually this happens through births or marriage. Often it happens by meeting people who are like family.

Those who are on the ‘outs’ with their biological family or who have no biological family will link up with their spiritual family, everyone has one.

The expansion of the family circle through births usually means that family members start having children under this transit but in this case, it could very well be you yourself. Jupiter is also your Planet of Children. So Leos are more fertile this year.

They always love children but this year (after October 26th) this love is more intense. Those who are of age to have children might have them.

Older Leos might be thinking of fostering or adopting. In fact, one of the scenarios for a move could be because of children. The family expands and you need more space.

Leos love entertainment. This year, this love will be expressed by installing more entertainment devices in the home.

These look like expensive items. The home is not just a home but a playground as well. You spend lavishly on the home and on family members in the year ahead.

Improve your life in 2019

For the past few years there has been a great interest in spiritual healing. Many of you were exposed to it for the first time, others went into it more deeply. This trend continues for the first half of 2019.

Generally in health matters your tendency is to the orthodox. Saturn, your Health Planet is conservative and likes the tried and true. Probably you’ve used a bit of both, orthodox medicine and spiritual techniques.

Not a bad beginning. Whatever knowledge you gain these days will come in handy during the latter half of the year, when the planetary aspects get more challenging.

In the latter half of the year, issues of self-esteem will become more important. Your current sense of self-esteem will get tested. Saturn is going to give you a dose of ‘reality therapy’. If self-esteem was unrealistically high (not unusual with Leos), Saturn will adjust it.

If it was unrealistically low, Saturn will adjust that too. Though it is good to have a healthy sense of self-esteem and self-love, there is a way of having it without bombast or arrogance.

A quiet confidence is what you should strive for. The engine that makes a lot of noise is usually out of order.

A well-running engine is quiet.