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June 2019 monthly horoscope

Happy Birthday Gemini, long-term planets are giving you financial fits for the rest of the year. Just when you think you have finally settled the disputes and problems with money and accounts, along comes another unexpected delay or loss.


But, not to worry, you are laying the groundwork for a lovely 2019 when good guy Jupiter comes to your rescue. You find opponents of your ideas and dreams fall by the wayside, stricken by the Karmic sword, as you move into a very favorable (and long overdue, I might add) cycle. Throw yourself two birthday parties, one for each of your twin selves.


Events since 2019 have been a series of wake up calls with layoffs and corporate restructuring. You watch the world change. Pension funds vanished and your neighbor became the dislocated worker. Changes are in the air now. Who can rise to the occasion? You, oh fiery one. So review and tackle, stay close to home and in late June make your move to start all over if necessary.

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Your good qualities of stability and perseverance can make you hesitant when it is time to make changes. When you believe that things are best left as they are it is hard to go with the flow of the Universe. All things are in constant movement and so are most of life’s choices. This is a good month for you to move, make moves and be a mover and shaker. The moon of the 4th and 14th help you get motivated.



You start off your birthday month with exciting, life altering events. What happens around your birthday sets the tone for what lies ahead this year. Money making ventures begin with dreams. Be prepared to take some chances to create your new wealth potential. Spend your birthday surrounded by things and people you love and get ready to own 2019.


Late this month you feel conditions of the past, the cloak and dagger and plots and sub plots resolve. You are empowered. One of the natural moneymakers of the zodiac, you see clues and coincidences in your life that help you to a new path for your dreams and goals. Is it a better home? Do you want a closer relationship with your family? It is yours now for the asking.


Unlike your Cancer friends you have trouble connecting the dots when it comes to the importance of coincidence and subtleties in the world. Let me help you. If your sales award falls on an open page of the newspaper pointing to a headline about New Growth in the Entertainment consider it a hint. Venus in your house of associations suggests friendships are lucky and networking is very important for you this month.

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Sometimes it is lonely out there. Did you wake up one day to realize that you had burned your bridges one time too many and now you are on your own and feel unable to cope? This month, after the 21st, you have fortunate aspects to recoup and recover. Jupiter the planet of good fortune still hovers over your sun sign. Feel the cosmic dust of good luck and don’t dust it off this time.


Born blessed, the first part of this month you can win that lottery. You will be at the right place and at the right time. Looking lovely naturally. You get a chance for a promotion. Don’t be surprised if people suggest that it was your good looks or family connections. It is rarefied air at the top and not everyone can make the transition without a hitch. You react wildly to the moon in your sign on the 25th. It is unusual for you to display all that emotion.


The predator of the zodiac with the strategy of a general you are daring and can lock eyes with the best of them. You live to dominate. But, has that been really working for you? Did your revenge and force of will really get you what you wanted? This is the month to write long overdue letters of apology. Make fresh starts and get back to school or return to your favorite port of call. Moves are in the stars. Don’t make one without considering the effects of this on others.

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Hiding you new clothes under dry cleaning bags may not help you conceal your recent extravagances? You have got to get that spending thing under control. Wait until you hit that lottery at work. Develop friendships with friends this month who are as exciting and interesting as you are. When Sag gets low you tend to pick friends who are also experiencing a downswing. Don’t do that. It is bad for your image, which is always about your being successful.


People are counting on you this month. Just when you wanted to cultivate acquaintances with your overseas contacts you get that proposal from the guy who rocks your world. Just when you get a chance to move up to the penthouse you have always admired, Mommy needs you at home. This month, like it or not, is so about other people.


Your life is filled with more ups and downs than any other sun sign. Change is your nature, your destiny and this month you make adjustments ever so smoothly and gracefully. Not usually what people call graceful, you are impressive now. You add harmony to all equations this June. You do your best work on the 6th and 7th. Don’t let the surprises in your financial picture overwhelm you. September resolves this.


Your ESP has never been stronger. You find many of your dreams don’t shatter in the face of reality now. Instead, you gain insights and are able to accomplish just about whatever you set your mind to with Saturn and Mars in good alignment. This is the month to just do it. Around the 8th, 9th and 10 you feel empowered. As it should be./

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