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July 2019 monthly horoscope

Happy Birthday, Cancer

Saturn the planet of responsibility is still making annoying demands and will for one full birthday year. Try to eliminate restrictions that are bothering you. Where, then, can you finalize obligations and commitments? Who needs a helping hand? Saturn is about doing good deeds also.

Offer favors in the next 12 months and see if the Karmic gods don’t pay you back tenfold? Mars in your second house for the next two months gives you the chance to make money and carry wads of cash. The grand trines in your chart near Christmas give you every opportunity to climb that ladder of success and, yes, find a new partner. This is a year of change that you will always remember.


An exciting month for romance you find yourself drawn to dramatic, charismatic lovers. Sparks fly and you are stung by cupids arrow. Not a believer in love that lasts a lifetime you reconsider in late July 2019 and August. You are always physical, enjoying the outdoors, the unknown, and adventures from underwater to mountain climbing. This month you find exhilaration in lotteries, gambling, stocks and anything to do with taking chances.
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Every now and then you find the energy to work that second job, to find an additional revenue stream. This July 2019 is one of those times. Usually, steady and plodding, you find yourself energized over a money making scheme. Is a brother or sister involved in the enterprise? No matter, you are finding more ways to make money. And that after all, is the very thing you were born to do.


In the world of business speak, you are the megaphone. And, never were you busier, more energetic or verbal. You have ideas now that you are ready to implement. You want to take that quantum leap in life and reinvent your twin self like you fellow Gemini Donald Trump. Problem is you get nervous with all the activity and demands you make on yourself now. So allow for down time.

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The new moon mid month gives you a fresh new astrological start. What would you like to do? Have a make over? Buy that house? Take cooking classes? So many choices and so little time. It seems that things are opening up for you now and you can proceed with your plans. Remember Cancer, destiny is written all over the map of your life.


Always bold and yes, sometimes aggressive, you find yourself roaring like your symbol the Lion this month. You are fearless and undaunted by logic, facts and figures. You can do most anything you set your mind to and you are sure of it this summer. Don’t let this steamroller energy carry over to your romantic relationships. The 18th and 19th July 2019 provide you with opportunities that you will remember for quite some time.


Uranus in Pisces is giving you a rare insight into dreams of a magical nature. More than that, you do things against your usual character like getting tatted up. People start describing you as audacious and rebellious. What is going on? New insights are on the horizon and you find you do not have to be stuck in that same old rut. There is a certain ease this month that gives you a vacation from your fears.


Blinged out in Hollywood or conquering your kingdom in the Mid West, you have some hesitancy this month. It is only natural with the Sun transiting your 12th house of secrets and hesitation. So, while you are always dynamic you now find yourself in preparation for August when you get the part or win the contest. You are the winner who takes all in poker bluffing your way into a coveted position.


Most of the month Jupiter, Uranus and the Sun offer you ease and planetary support. But, Scorpio the Phoenix who constantly rises from disaster likes to overcome, to reinvent, to reach new heights so simplicity may come with mixed emotions. A knockout Virgo crosses your path and has you reading Prevention and writing Haiku.


July is the month of the Moon and the Moon is the mistress of change. Ready to go at a moments notice Sagittarius finds set backs in travel just now. Don’t you hate that? Not to worry, you find adventure in many situations. You meet new people this month that turn into long time friends and form important alliances. Venus in Gemini now smoothes the trouble waters of your marriage or live in situation.


This is the time of the month that you are feeling down. Stomach troubles may cause concern. Drink lukewarm fluids. Yes, it is not tasty especially in summer but it can ease digestion. You fidget this month, overly anxious and fearful. It is because the Sun is in opposition to your Sun and energies flare. But, it also means that you are on the astrological upswing starting late July.


For such a wonderful, gregarious guy you can be quite the mystery from time to time. This summer you are back in your bubble, deep in thought and definitely in your own world. You are also a little blue with Mars in Leo opposite your Sun. What does that mean? Don’t set your boundaries at infinity. Pace yourself. Don’t make promises to your sweetie that you can’t keep. And try not to get lost on the way home from the planetarium.


An old friend contacts you. He begs forgiveness because there was no other way to get your attention. You are shocked. Why? Because you are confronted and will have to take a stand. Venus squares your sign this month and you feel thwarted in love and romance. So maybe a friend or two returning now can help you through troubled times. Maybe, too the 6th July 2019 will help you understand what the stars have in store for you now.


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