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January 2018 Horoscope


2019 begins and everything you have in mind is your goals and how to accomplish them. The partial solar eclipse will lead you to career opportunities. You are ready to climb to the top of the mountain and to master it. It’s something magnificent that bakes professionally for you and whatever it is, it will put you in a space of total security and long-term success. All you have to do is get out of the comfort zone at least to get this plan done. Fortunately, it will be easy for you to do this because Uranus comes out of retrograde in your sign. The ability to start brave all the time and take risks for something completely new is directly proportional to the level of success you will get.


As soon as the new year 2019 begins, you will have the extraordinary conviction that you need to stand upright and sustain your own truth, whatever it is and what others say. The solar partial parachute from the beginning of the moon is linked to Saturn and is in Capricorn, so you will get a fresh start when it comes to looking for deeper meanings of all your life. You can have the opportunity to be a teacher or a guru, sharing with others what you know and feeds your soul. Another possibility is to decide to return to studies to increase your level of knowledge. It will be easier for you now to study for diplomas, as you will have the discipline and dedication to present and do all the work involved.


If there is a zodiac sign whose list of New Year’s resolutions means complete personal transformation, that is you Gemini. The strong solar partial solar eclipse in your regeneration house requires a fresh start to keep you real and genuine and asks you to build a firm foundation on what is most important. The deep and meaningful parts of your relationship with others, the truly intimate and sincere, are now available to you thanks to this eclipse that opens you to an energy portal. It chokes you: Do not be afraid of the dark because it helps you see the light.


Relationships are serious for you since the beginning of 2019 and for a very good reason. You know you want something solid and stable, a partnership in which you can plunge in peace and a partner who will always be there to catch you if you fall. But the question is, do you have that? The partial solar eclipse is in your relationships. It is related to Saturn, the planet of maturity and commitment. The good news is that this energy at your disposal helps any alliance you form in the coming months – in business or in private – to pass the test of time. It will be a mutual understanding, a real sense of responsibility and assumed duty when it comes to the type of connection you will have. It’s about marriage or another significant commitment or a new business partner. Whatever it is, make sure the person wants to be there for you, because you definitely have all the time in the world to invest in this relationship.


More than any other zodiacal sign, you are probably the one who is planning the hottest in New Year’s resolutions to be in better physical shape or to improve something to your health. But this year will be different because you have planets that support your effort to make long-term benefits. All are possible thanks to the brilliant solar partial solar eclipse that spikes in your health sector. Eclipse is attached to Saturn, the planet of structure and discipline. There can be less beneficial alignment for you to make sure you finish what you start and that it’s not just a passing torch. You are committed to taking good care of your health and having the strength and determination behind you.


With the start of 2019, your heart may feel extremely empowered. The solar partial solar eclipse on January 6th in your real love sector will be close to Saturn, the planet of sustainability and authenticity. As a result, there may be a major change in your love life. Have you seen those adorable old hands on the beach? Do you want to have that kind of love connection with someone, knowing that you can love him / her until the golden years? Well, this is the type of moment in your life where you can meet such a person. You will recognize him instantly, because you will have a great state of calm when you meet. It is said that when you know your soul mate, you do not feel those butterflies in your stomach but a feeling that everything is real and you are very calm and sure of yourself. There is a state of stability in the heart that says everything is right and perfect and that you have known this person for thousands of years. That’s the type of connection available to you in January. Wow!

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