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January 2018 Horoscope




This month needs to be used to reflect, to become aware of just how far you have come; it’s also time to look at everything especially those events that you are not too happy with. With the sun in your solar 12th house it’s time to analyse, pick up all the pieces so that you’re ready when the sun enters your birth sign on the 19th.

The early part of the month is quite fast but most of this is taking place in private ways, this may include higher education. This is an easy period, it won’t last long but because you feel that you have everything firmly under your belt you may not feel too worried. My advice is get as much done in whatever you are pursuing while the time is right.

Towards the 16th there is quite a lot of energy so be aware of it, as it can be disruptive. This takes place either with over seas or higher education, if it’s the latter you may be able to complete a section of what every your working towards. The 20th you may come up against opposition or a challenge of some kind. Don’t push your luck and try not to fight it, simply go with the flow, channel your energies so that you can make the most of these to create the changes that you need.

Saturn moves direct on the 22nd and then your path will be completely clear. So make the most of this time as it’s fast and loads can be accomplished.


The new moon on the 1 February may seem to predict a lucky break or quick way of making money, at this point not everything is revealed so be cautious. With your ruler moving into Capricorn on the 5th you should feel far more secure and comfortable. Venus links to Chiron on the 18th and although you will be moving forward there may be something that needs to be left behind. Change seems to be on the cards and may link to money and security.

Friends and neighbours will tend to be especially social, and you should find high times to let your hair down. The 16th links to family concerns this may be disruptive and it may be something that needs your attention. This may link to the new moon, the end result should enable you to clear away something that has been bothering you.


A good progressive month where you are able to get security firmly under your belt once these obstacles that in the past you have had not enough influence over have been removed, with Saturn moving direct on the 22nd these should then fall into place.


The emphasis tends to be with personal relationships, the more difficult aspects of this are coming to and end. Mars and Pluto are at odds with one another at the early part of the month and this should bring to the surface anything that has been troubling you. This may be brought on by someone else creating challenging times; the beginning of a conclusion is reached.

The middle of the month you may find someone offers support and gives you the chance to unwind. Mars is really active at the moment and it is this that seems to be pushing and gearing you to resolve old and perhaps family problems. Try to be aware of your feelings and those of others as you decipher many events in life that led to this in the first place

A lovely aspect between Mercury and Neptune can bring a real understanding of the inner workings of your mind and that of others on the 21st so spend sometime in quiet places, enough to allow your self to resonate to different options and find peace of mind. All in all an excellent month, where as long as you work for it, you will find the answers that you have been searching for.


Mars influence is fast, and should propel you out of your shell and along a far more distinct path, blowing caution to the wind and basically having a go making life far more rewarding.

The new moon on the 1st brings idealist feelings to the fore as well as big ideas, so long as you keep your feet firmly on the ground and follow your feelings you won’t go far wrong. If you have been trying for a career move this may be your chance to prove to your self that you can be anything you choose.

The only difficulty comes up on the 16th where there seems to be an abundance of energy, there may also be an underlying factor, make sure that you see to everything that needs to be done, check paperwork, catch up on anything that needs your attention, if you have business with legalities you need to be very careful indeed, check out the small print yourself. This could be something well over due, or may not be in your jurisdiction, nevertheless it will find its way to the surface so be aware.


With Jupiter still moving retrograde your having to tread the same old path again. However this isn’t a problem as it may boost your confidence and place you in a position that you feel you can really count on your self to realise your abilities. This is the last little bit of a very difficult road ~ the rest is easy.

Last months main concerns were with family and the home. This month is mainly linked to creativity and children depending on where you are right now. The Mars influence is propelling you forward, to check this out review the last couple of month’s progress that has already been made.

The new moon on the 1 February is helping to rid your self of any erosion that is still around and Neptune will work her magic so that the purest parts of you are left, so if there anything that needs to be left, release it gracefully.

The 8th produces time to change events; these are more likely to do with partnerships or work, especially if it’s creative.
Relationships take on a surprising turn around the 17th, not sure if this is negative or positive ~ after all this is energy coming from Uranus so who can tell!


Last year you made big changes in your professional life, now its time to come to terms with this. And then you will feel more at ease with life and the way you are heading.

Mercury your ruler is in Capricorn, which is not the easiest placement, but will help to ground your energies so that you can once again feel confident and happy with the way events are going. Take time out to analyse and get your feelings out into the open this will leave you far better for it.

The new moon that occurs in Aquarius on the 1st is creating wild dreams ~ make sure they have some foundation. From another point this may help you to understand the inner promptings of the real you. With the sun in your opposing sign this appears to make events unclear or not that straight forward, this is because underlying factors may need to be resolved first.

The 16th indicates a little frustration and links to home, if you’re working from home or making alterations there may be a hiccup here, but it won’t last for long. On the whole a great deal of progress can be made so long as you see the now and not the past.


With Venus in Sagittarius you may have just released your self from a hurdle. Now it’s time to move on and you’re moving forward at a fast pace, especially if this is to do with higher education that gives the opportunity to make steady progress.

There is a strong connection to Chiron on the 18th and may indicate that it just may be time to leave something behind. On a different note this is a wonderful aspect for all types of healing.

Mars is strongly guiding you and making you more adventures, and this links to the more social side of life. Whether this is with family; brothers sisters, perhaps bringing more confidence, or simply enjoying yourself. Venus moves into the 4th house stimulating home conditions to make these beautiful ~ this may incur over spending!


A strong and powerful month for Scorpio’s everything seems to be happening. This month is about widening your scope so that it’s easier to function and get down to what you really need to do.
The 5th February links to progress and expansion in career. Life is now opening so that more freedom is within your reach this also links to finance. If you have been trying to get life on a more even keel this is it, especially if this connects to 2017, Mars spent an usually amount of time in Sagittarius and now has gone through a complete cycle once again, though this time its been really energised so that there’s no stopping you.

The 16th may be a little difficult as something comes to the surface, and again the 20th may prove frustrating linking shared resources so long as they are dealt with that’s the end of it. The good news is that Saturn moves direct from the 22nd so if there’s been limits or problems placed upon you by authority figures, relating to legal matters this should just about begin to clear so that you can simply get on with life.


If your mind has been on a career change concerning some form of teaching you may get the chance. This may bring about all sorts of idealist feelings but it seems important now to grow and bring more into life.

A lovely aspect between Jupiter your ruler and the sun takes place on the 2nd, this will last for about 3 days the 2nd being the strongest. Make the most of this time it can take you far. There could be a connection with a professional person at this time who is there especially to help and guide you.

The 16th provides an opportunity in quite a big way and you feel really high, you can’t keep your feet on the ground. This is going to change events around, at the same time there may be a disruption within family circle this may be in connection to what is happening around you now, or could be something entirely different possibly concerning relatives or loved ones away from home. What ever comes up you are more than equipped to deal with this no worries.


With the sun in your 3rd solar house influencing friends and neighbours there may be a sense or restlessness about you. there’s quite a lot taking place right now and you generally like to feel where you’re going. The 16th causes some sort of a stir with how your feeling as what ever it is you have set in progress comes to the surface. The planets are being extra sensitive so that you are fully aware of the impact you have on others so that you’re more gentle of how you put thing across.

Neptune is playing her part just here and gentle removing foundations no longer required. The 17th should clear your way whether this is positive, or not, just expect the unexpected. The 20th Jupiter links to Mercury so there seems to be contact with professionals concerning money or joint ventures with spouse. Mars is working in the background helping to formulate ideas and he’s challenged by Saturn your ruler. it wont be until after the 22nd that events start moving more in your favour.


There’s a tremendous amount taking place in your personal sphere as well as with friends that you have a common link with. This may be to do with business meetings necessary for work, what ever it is it seems that some one of an official nature is going to feel his influence and bring events to that cause some disruption.

The 17th brings surprising events and touches you in such a way that you feel the need to be more that you are right now. Don’t expect events to just run along, rather you will be more outrageous than ever. Try to do something with this energy if you can, it’s exciting and wonderful but it all depends on how you handle. It’s not easy; this may have connections with your partner or someone from a professional background. Use your intuition during the whole of the month as it will be an excellent guide and the results may even surprise you. A month of changes both in personal event but also with friendships.


You are able to recharge your batteries as the sun is in Pisces; if you have been feeling low this is just the ticket. If you’re into the creative arts this can be a particularly interesting period where wild ideas can be formulated to work.

Be aware of how you’re feeling on the 1st the new moon, and the 17th where Uranus links to the sun a period of 3 days. It depends on how you use this energy, it may not be positive; you may need to make the best of it.

The 16th links to work and something you have been trying to get off the ground. Although this may be disruptive it’s going to clear the way so that any difficulties you may have had with officials linking to work or career will come to the surface then move out of the way. Another pointer is to be aware of how you relate to others. This month will be extremely lovely, emotionally you are aware of how others are feeling and voice your options accordingly.

All in all and excellent month.

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