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Interesting things to know about Leo

Leo the lion is a strong zodiac sign and comes in halfway at the 5th position in the line of zodiac signs. The month duration for this star sign is from July 23rd- August 22nd and the lion is known for much than its roar. Leos are known for their warm-heartedness and loving nature. Although they are depicted otherwise Leos are extremely affectionate when it comes to loved ones and/or friends. They are highly dominating individuals and have a voice of their own. Leos love being opinionated and like to speak their mind. They like being the centre of everything and will work hard to make you feel likewise.

Ruling Planet for Leo horoscope signs: The ruling planet for Leos is the Sun—which isn’t a planet at all. It is a star.

Element for zodiac sign Leo: Leos have the element of Fire.

Symbol for Leo horoscope signs: The lion.

Some Famous People belonging to Leo horoscope signs: Helen Mirren, Martin Sheen and Enid Blyton

Compatibility for Leo horoscope signs

The Leos are mostly known for their extroverted nature and the sociability attribute which makes them fun loving individuals. Because they are so affectionate and caring and out-spoken, they go hand in hand with Aries, Sagittarius, Libra and Gemini.

Characteristics of Leo zodiac signs

No other zodiac signs can be as magnanimous as the Leos. They are in actual fact the rulers of the jungle. Being depicted like the lion they are the beasts of the territory in which they are born. This zodiac is probably the only one that comes as close to Aries as it can ever get. Leos are born leaders, they are independent, ruthlessly the best, self-confident and very dominant. They have a strong peace of mind and stability serves them well when it comes to physical and psychological aspects. They are sure of what they want and when they want it and they will use all their energy to make sure they get it. Leos personality shines the most when they are standing in front of everyone else and because their dominance is so magnetic, everyone will follow suit without an argument. They have the power to control not only their own free-will but also others which means there is no room for doubt left in their midst.

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Leo’s zodiac sign are found to be extremely strong willed. Once they have their mind they probably will not change it unless they think it is a rational move for them—which it never is so that argument has settled. Leos are born to be great which means ambition runs through their veins like blood runs through their followers. Everything they do has to be the bigger, better and meaner than everyone else. How else can one make an impression? They idealize the greatness to come out of all their schemes and ideas and love taking the risk. Leos are known for living life, not merely surviving it. Because of their strong character there is nothing that can stop them. Obstacles and challenges are the main aspect of life and they face it with full zeal. They are uncomplicated and try to make sure others know that around them.

Romantically Leos are extremely passionate. No one could probably be more for when it comes to love, Leos make sure to that extra mile and give it their all. They are as big in love as there are in the grand schemes they make. They have an innate passion for luxurious living and a lustful relationship with a lover of whom they think grandly. A lion cannot go without a lioness and vice versa. Both search for equivalents that can add to their beauty and luxury and give more to being at the top. Leos are known to deal in a manner that can also be very negative and sometimes this gives way to the relationship for nobody is more important than the Leo themselves.

They are self-centered, cunning and conniving when things do not go their way. And if you’re not listening them you have no room to be standing in their midst. These lions of the jungle mean serious business when it comes to living as “Numero Uno”. If you cannot stand them, do not expect to be understood by the Leos. They will not bother with someone who cannot see the vastness of their personality and admire them for who they really are. At their worst Leos can be aggressive, arrogant, atrociously aristocratic and deeply proud. Their pride means much more to them than anything in the world. They prefer being the boss and that’s what makes them happy.

Even in the professional world give them any kind of job that has a position at the top and a whole network of people working underneath them and viola you have your king of the jungle as fit as a fiddle. They like being the superiors and rarely work well as being the subordinates in any profession. They will not prefer manual labor and will want to maintain a position that will show their ambition, vision and skill of managing those that work for him/her. The Leo is a proud fellow and needs a profession that can justify his means to an end, a better and grander end where he/she stands tall and everyone sees his/her superiority as a proof of their purpose in life. This is why Leos will only want the best in any profession. Surgeons, engineers, politicians and such highly ranked jobs are the types that Leos set out to aim for.

All in all Leo horoscope signs are faithful and loving, broad-minded and extremely ambitious. They have a knack for being the best and if anyone comes in the way of their schemes, the lion may have to use their cunning ways to obtain what he/she wants. They are generous when things have gone their way and make sure to please those who have followed them in their path to success. On the other hand they can be very bossy and a challenge to deal with but then that is life.

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