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Interesting things to know about Aries

Aries – 21 March to 20 April

This fire sign is impatient, demanding, yet very attractive. Aries can mesmerize people and work their way out of them. They can get people as fast as they want but they could lose people faster than they can get them. If you are an Aries, cool down your fire a bit and think.


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Element: Fire

Fire signs are warm; they give out light but they do not get tired of doing so. Fire people do not plan their moves but they just burn along time and do not logically make their ways. They burn for the moment and will give away whatever they have for that moment without much judgment or consideration. Aries horoscope signs for all these reasons are spontaneous and hot; they can burn fast but cannot sustain it for long.

First House: Self
Aries have the first house which symbolizes self which means us, our body, our personality and how others see us. It is not about who they are but who people think they are. For an Aries, it is not about what he is but what he is bringing in. It is not about the other person himself but usually about how others see us.

Key Planet: Mars
Mars, the angry red planet is what drives an Aries. In Greek mythology, Mars was the God of War but Mars is not all about fighting. An Aries must keep going; wherever it may be but going on is what they want and whatever comes in their way, they fight it down. As it is the key planet of Aries, it keeps telling them to ‘just do it’.


General characteristics for zodiac signs:

Aries horoscope signs live their life for the moment, and their horns are not just for fighting but for clearing out their way as well and they will knock down who ever stands in their way. Aries are known for their courage and leadership abilities because they are always ready for the action. They like excitement and love following it as well; they get into something and then show their confidence which leads them to being the leader of all.

This does not mean that Aries zodiac signs are fearless; this attitude is just their way of covering up for their fears and overcoming them. Aries’ motto might be ‘Ready, aim, fire’! Instead of first aiming they go for the fire; this might be very ridiculous for many others but they do not think while doing it. They are impulsive and that often leads them to troubles. While others are preparing for the actions and doing their calculations, Aries people are already on the go for it. Aries often do not finish what they start and go on to the next thing before hand.

Since an Aries has a fire sign attached to them, they have that energy, enthusiasm and the stamina of a burning fire. Aries people tend to remain young at heart even when they are old, this is good for the signs who like liveliness but again their flickering moods and likes can be a bit hard to understand and deal with. Along other things, fire also gives Aries the ability to destroy the things, and usually the good things. They have short attention spans and at times a caustic tongue which is not a great trait. However, if someone keeps providing them the energy they want, they can stick as well. The thing about Aries is that they keep making dreams and keep letting go of them as well.

Compatibility for Aries horoscope signs:

When you will meet an Aries person for the first time, you will find him surrounded by many people and this will have you wondering. The first time around, you wouldn’t see anything too fascinating about them but as time will drift away, they will turn out to have a magnetic personality. Time after time, you will see the better side of these Aries and you will find them attractive and very friendly. Aries can make other people work according to their wants. They have leading propensities, and these qualities prove very impressive. Usually people get blinded after they have been mesmerized by an Aries and people who have not witnessed that feeling yet keep wondering that what is so special about Aries.

Aries have a lot of friends, and when it comes to compatibility, they can deal with anyone. The point is that dealing with them is not too easy. Aries’ built in charm is always on and they keep adding their friends to the list but well retaining those friends often becomes a difficulty for them as they lack that ability of giving attention to someone for a long time. Many times, people do not feel ignored by Aries because they are in their charm but Aries remain the same, quite often people break their bubbles and get out of them. But Aries have many friends in reserve so they don’t feel this much; people often call them ‘selfish’. Only if they start giving credit to people for their services, they would become the coolest people to be around with.

When it comes to love, Aries people like going after the lost causes. Things that tend to be tragic or hopeless attract them as they feel that they can do it. Aries like to go in deep days of gloom every once in a while as they keep trying for lost things. They do not remain depressed for long, and due to this, many times people might consider them as emotionally detached. Aries can be very supportive in relationships as they are very ambitious but getting them in that knot is difficult because they have a short attention span.

Aries usually find them lost at times, because they do not think and quit things before rationally thinking about them. This fire in them compels them to jump into things that they just want before calculating the risk and the consequences. Often they get what they want and realize later that this is not right; this frequently lands them in problematic situations.

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