Gemini 2019 horoscope

Getting through 2016-2018 with your health and sanity intact was a major achievement, Gemini.


Many of you felt locked in to certain circumstances during those years but mid-2018, things began changing.

In 2018, Uranus moved into Pisces on a permanent basis accelerating the changes. Dramatic and sudden change remains the main theme for the year ahead and for many years to come. The catalyst for these changes is your career, which has become dynamic and exciting.

It can pull you in all sorts of unexpected directions.

Health has been steadily improving since 2015 when Saturn left your Sign and this trend continues this year in 2019.


You still need to be more careful and not take things for granted but there is improvement.

With Jupiter in your 5th House for most of 2019, this is a fun-filled year. The joys of life are being given and you certainly deserve them. Women of childbearing age are much more fertile now. Men too, will have a deeper interest in children.

Committed relationships have been bittersweet for some years but now things seem much improved. Love is happier than it has been in years.

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Finances are getting much easier too. You still have to focus on financial management until July 16th and learn these lessons but by then the lessons will have been learned and you will feel less strapped and limited.
gemini 2019 horoscope

Most important interests in the year ahead are finance until July 16th; communication and intellectual pursuits after July 16th; children, creativity, love affairs and the joy of life until October 26th; health and work after October 26th; religion, philosophy, higher education, foreign travel; career; spirituality after July 28th.

Your paths to greatest fulfillment in the year ahead are friendships and group activities. Creativity, love affairs and the joy of life until October 26th; health and work after October 26th.

Gemini 2019 Health Horoscope

As mentioned, health began improving in 2016 when Saturn left your Sign. Still, with two long-term planets in stressful aspect (Uranus and Pluto), you need to watch your energy levels. A little common sense will go a long way.

Rest when tired. Keep your focus on essential things and let go of lesser things.

Avoid excessive thinking or speech, a major challenge for Gemini, use the mind but don’t abuse it.

Pluto, your Health Planet has been in the Sign of Sagittarius for many years now and will be there for some more years to come. This indicates many things. First off, your sexual organs need more care, more strengthening.

Sexual activity should be kept in balance, neither too much nor too little. Your liver and thighs need more attention. Thighs can be regularly massaged. Since your Health Planet will be and has been in the 7th House, there is a strong connection between love and health. One seems to go with the other. Your Love Planet’s move into your 6th House of Health on October 26th reinforces this connection.

If health problems occur, chances are that love problems are causing them. Work to clear up the love problem before running to a health professional. Chances are the health problem will clear up on its own once the underlying cause is resolved and then, even if the services of a health professional are needed, the healing will go much faster and easier if you’ve sorted out the underlying problems.

Pluto rules detox regimes. So you, more than most, benefit from these things. From July 16th onwards, the Lord of your 8th House will move into good aspect with Pluto, further reinforcing what we say here.

Good health for you is not about ‘adding’ material to the body but more about purging it of that which doesn’t belong there. If a health problem should occur, try a detox regime first to sort it out.

Pluto in your 7th House suggests that your spouse or lover is contemplating surgery, usually this would be a cosmetic-type surgery. This could have already happened, as this has been a long-term trend.

Jupiter’s move into your 6th House of Health (October 26th) is basically a positive for your health. It shows that both you and your spouse or partner are paying more attention to these things. It also shows that if there has been a long-standing health problem you should hear good news about.

Your understanding of health and disease, on a metaphysical and philosophical level is increasing and with this understanding comes better health. Many will be taking courses on health and healing.

Jupiter is the planet of religion and metaphysics. Its move into your House of Health shows that many of you will benefit from metaphysical type therapies, prayer, meditation, invocation, etc. More of you will explore these areas of health too.

Your most active health period, when your healing powers are at maximum will be from September 11th to October 8th and from October 23rd to December 21st.

Health of children seems good. They benefit most from new and experimental types of therapies. If there are health problems, they can clear up very suddenly and miraculously. The health of your lover or spouse seems status quo.

Your mutual interest in health this year is a big positive. You will stay on top of things and not let problems get out of hand. Health of siblings can be enhanced through better care of the spine, knees, teeth, stomach and heart. Siblings are into health regimes from July 16th onwards.

Gemini 2019 love horoscope

Love and career seem the most active and happiest areas of life in 2019. Enjoy.

Some years are about friendship and some years are about romance. This year is about romance.

Jupiter, your Love Planet is in the romantic Sign of Libra for most of the year, this of itself is a positive love signal. Romance is on your mind but it is also in the fun-loving 5th House. This is showing us many, many things. Love is honeymoonish.

Even existing marriages will be more fun this year. Many will go on a second honeymoon. Love opportunities for singles come at the usual places, at places of entertainment, at the theatre, cinema, parties, resorts and as you pursue leisure activities.

Since the 5th House rules children, many of you (single and married) are thinking about this. Married’s are likely to have children this year. Singles are thinking about marrying for the purpose of having them.

In many cases, when the Love Planet is in the 5th House of Fun, you’re not sure whether you just want a fun, non- serious relationship or something more. There is some indecision here. The opportunities for both types of love are plentiful.

Both types of love come easily. Which should you choose?

When the Love Planet is in the 5th House there is a tendency to be too light-hearted about love. One approaches it as something that’s all about fun and nothing else.

Since no serious relationship can always be fun, the honeymoon spirit can’t be maintained all the time, when the rough spots come, you want out. Hey, this isn’t fun anymore, I’m getting out.

When the 5th House is strong, sexual activity tends to increase. There is also greater fertility.

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Gemini’s working towards a second marriage will have a wonderful social life, probably many affairs and opportunities but marriage doesn’t seem likely. There is too much excitement and instability in this area. Too much experimentation.

While this is fun, it usually doesn’t lead to marriage. Love opportunities happen at the job or as you pursue career goals. You are allured to people of high status and power and they to you. You are interested in people who can help your career.

Gemini’s working towards or already in a third or fourth marriage have a status-quo year. Married’s will tend to stay married, singles will tend to stay single.

Love can strike all year but especially from January 19th to February 26th, May 10th to June 21st and August 17th to October 23rd.

Your most active social periods will be from August 17th to October 23rd and from November 22nd to December 21st.

Single siblings will be involved romantically with either very highly spiritual or creative types of people, people into yoga, meditation, music and art. Children of marriageable age are having a good and happy year but romance seems status quo.

If they are married they will probably stay married, if single they will stay single. The marriage of parents or parental figures seems in crisis, very severe tests going on. Personal freedom is the main issue.

Grandchildren of marriageable age will need patience for the next few years. They might gravitate towards someone older and more established who can give them a sense of order and stability.

Gemini 2019 Finance and Career Horoscope

Though many of you are doing well in your career these days and this trend continues in 2019, finances have been tight, perhaps stressful. Earnings haven’t been the problem. It’s been the need to manage finances better.

If you have over-borrowed, misused debt, over-spent or been wasteful with your resources, you have been paying the price these past two years. Stern Saturn in your Money House has seen to that. It’s not that Saturn wants to punish you, quite the contrary, it wants to enrich you but before it can do that it needs to rid you of destructive financial attitudes, habits and practices.

Saturn likes long-term, stable prosperity. If it were to pour its gifts on people who aren’t ready, it would be like pouring water into a sieve. So before Saturn pours the water, it first has to plug the leaks. This is the part most of us don’t like but when Saturn’s finished and if you’ve co-operated it will pour on the prosperity and you’ll be able to ‘hold’ it.

Saturn loves order and a sense of proportion. This constitutes true financial health. Spending needs to be proportional to income. Money must be earned in the right ways, in ways that enrich everyone concerned.

Getting must come from earning, you must give the employer, client or customer, a good day’s work for a good day’s wage. No fudging or cutting corners. Your labor should produce some common benefit for others or for society.

All of this sounds old-fashioned yet these are the classic virtues that eventually produce true and lasting wealth.

Money is not just money but a tool, a creative tool that can create more money. There is a right use to it and this has been Saturn’s message to you these past two years.

Many of you already understand these things and have been applying them. You had nothing to fear from Saturn’s transit through your Money House.

In fact, you probably got richer. The tightness you felt led to new and creative ideas which enriched you further.

Happily, Saturn will move out of your Money House after July 16th and these lessons won’t be necessary any more. Debt will be less of a burden.

The need to economize or be overly budget- conscious will pass. You will be financially healthier and probably imbued with better financial habits. This was the whole purpose of the exercise.

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Every challenge has a compensating good. The tightness in finance seems to have produced a boldness and experimentation in your career. Perhaps it was precisely the financial pressure that led many of you to explore new career horizons, even new careers.

In some cases it was new ways of pursuing the old career. I see a risk-taking going on in this area and though risk-taking does lead to some failures, it also leads to many successes. Many Gemini’s are going into their own business.

Many are freelancing. Many are taking advanced degrees to enhance their present career track. Career highs are unusually high but there can be some dry periods too.

You want to be seen by the public and in your profession as an innovator and inventor. You want to be known for your originality.

Many of you are gravitating towards industries that are supplying innovative solutions to the world. When it comes to your career, you are a true visionary.

When Uranus is in the 10th House, it often indicates serial job changes. In some cases there will be actual job changes to different companies. In some cases these changes will occur within the same company.

In other cases it can show if you are in your own business or a freelance person, an ever-changing clientele. One client comes, another goes. One assignment goes and a new and better one comes in. Things will never get stale with you.

There will be many educational opportunities that involve your career and they seem happy and wise.

What Gemini doesn’t like education? There will be much travel involved with the career, foreign travel and much dealing with foreign countries this year.

Job seekers will have wonderful success after October 26th. Of course, if you need a job immediately, you should take it but after October 26th dream job offers and opportunities will come. Looks like this happens through your spouse, lover or social circle.

Those who employ others will expand the workforce after October 26th.

A parent or parental figure is prospering this year perhaps through property or a family business.

Siblings are taking on more responsibility and working harder but their finances seem status quo. Children prosper after October 26th. The finances of grandchildren seem very unstable, now very high and now very low.

With the fast-moving Moon as your Financial Planet, money tends to come to you in many ways and through various people and situations.

The Moon moves through your entire Horoscope every month. These short-term trends will be covered in the month-by-month forecasts but in general, your financial power and enthusiasm are stronger when the Moon waxes than when it wanes. Keep this in mind when you schedule yourself.

Family & Kids

Normally, the lack of power in your 4th House of Home and Family would show a status-quo situation at home but this year, I’m not so sure.

Dynamic Uranus is hovering near the Midheaven of your chart, a long-term trend and this always shows sudden, dramatic and major changes.

Though technically this will be happening in your career, there is no question that it will have a knock-on effect on the home, family and domestic situation as well.

Many career moves can lead to domestic moves as in the case where you are transferred to another city or country. Great focus on the career is going to force many of you to de-emphasize family relationships. Not because you don’t love your family but because career matters are so frenetic.

Though you seem satisfied with your present domestic arrangements, you are where you want to be in that area, life events will force changes.

A parent or parental figure is undergoing many changes. He or she is ‘breaking loose’, asserting his or her freedom. He or she wants to be free of all obligations, to do what he or she wants to do when he or she wants to do it.

This figure is also making important changes to the image, wardrobe and personal appearance.

There is a whole redefinition of the self going on. This person is likely to be moving around a lot, visiting different places for extended periods. There could also be actual changes of residence perhaps many.

Family and domestic issues will be important and active from July 23rd to September 22nd.

July 23rd to August 17th is an especially good time to beautify the home, to redecorate or buy objects of beauty for the home. This is also good for family gatherings or for entertaining from home.

A sibling will move or enlarge his or her residence after October 26th. The sibling seems to prosper from property activities as well.

Improve your life in 2019

Gemini is the most mentally agile Sign of the zodiac and perhaps the brightest though Aquarius will give them a run for their money. They literally inhale information. Their intellectual interests are broad. They want to know everything about everything and no fact is too trivial to be ignored.

They love learning and teaching. So, Saturn’s move into the 3rd House of Communication and Intellectual Interests on July 6th is an important transit. Saturn is going to force you to put some limits on your intellectual interests. This is one of Gemini’s problems.

They are all over the place. There is a need to focus on a few studies and to master those. So, Saturn is going to force this. Saturn is not punishing you. It only wants to deepen your mind and make it healthier.

The natural Gemini tendency is to disperse energy. For the next two-and-a-half years, you will learn to focus and concentrate.

No one loves talking more than Gemini either but in the next two-and-a-half years you might find more limits on your speech. Saturn knows how to do this. Don’t rail against it. There’s a good reason for it.

Good communication is a wonderful thing, no question about it but silence is golden. So now you will learn the value and joy and wisdom of silence. Oh, you will still talk and communicate but it won’t be compulsive. It will be for a definite purpose. Learn to enjoy the silences as much as the speech.