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February 2018 Horoscope




Mars is in Aries all month and will help greatly in all that you undertake to transform energies, especially if these are linked with educational pursuits. By the 19th should have changed these around sufficiently so that they are no longer a challenge.

Venus moves into Pisces on the 12th February and then you may assimilate and work inwards realising that you have picked up a wealth of information and knowledge. This also connects with friends that are on the same path that brings friendships together through this common ground.

By the 14th February Mercury moves into Aquarius stirring up activity for the next 3 weeks allowing you to enjoy this busy time with friends.


Venus your ruler moves into Pisces on the 12th February and enables you to deal with important financial developments that may be linked to legalities. If this has been on your mind it should begin to happen especially when Saturn moves direct on the 8th and Mercury on the 9th helping discussions.


The 21st may be of particular importance where again professionals are involved. Take it step at a time; this is the beginning of the end where you should reach some satisfaction.


Gemini’s that haven’t been entirely happy with family or relationship will now begin to ease, realising that you have done as much as possible and that time will reveal what is necessary.

There are planetary influences that bring to the surface situations that have been under wraps. Mercury your ruler moves direct on the 9th indicating that communications with loved ones will more than likely be in your favour.

Realise that this will be soon be part of the past but there is a little way to go yet.


The main focus this month is with family and shared resources. If you are involved here events should turn out in your favour, though much of this energy is behind closed doors.

The full moon may bring events out into the open, where family members will then be able to bring in their viewpoint.

This month may bring about financial changes whether it’s gain or not depends on how you have played your hand.


An exceptionally busy month with friends and loved ones. With the sun now half way around the zodiac this may well be time to focus on all the important issues you have had on the way.

On the 12th the new moon activity is fast as well as surprising. This may connect to authority figures as well as bringing in a new chapter into life.

Watch how the early days of the new moon goes, as it may well be quite significant


There may be the sense of being totally involved with work or career that is creating too much of a burden, especially as you have your sights set somewhere else.
This new moon on the 12th should make the difference that is needed to create a new life style. It is as if you have been carrying a weight around for far to long and now that burden will be lifted, this links to an outside influence.

Mercury your ruler moves direct on the 9th followed by the new moon in your house of work,

Don’t give up! Events look promising.


Venus is moving through your 5th house of love and creativity. With the main energy being in this sector you certainly won’t have time to get bored!

Venus moves into Pisces on the 12th and the new moon links to the planet of change. There is plenty of excitement, discussions and activity.

Mars in Aries should prove a very happy time with changes that maybe you were not expecting.


Home and domestic areas are in for a change. This is something that comes out of the blue and is somehow linked to finances and professionals.

Mars your ruler is in Aries and feels quite happy there, as you are able to channel energies and plans easily. Mars links to Pluto on the 10th and although these energies are harmonious they are not gentle.

Still this will enable you to make progress and actually get a handle on money and security or whatever has been on your mind. The new moon may bring in an unexpected turn around in these events but I feel you’re able to handle this


With Mercury the planet of communication moving direct on the 9th and Saturn on the 8th relationships will be able to move on.

Jupiter your ruler has had a bit a hard time of late, he wanted you to realise something, to get down to your roots, to see and accept, but above all understanding yourself.

Next month Jupiter moves direct, it is then that you will recoup the benefits of Jupiter and be happy with him in Cancer where relations and family should be that much more happier.


Capricorns are very much involved with what is of value. This may be a financial project you have had for some time. What ever it is Saturn plays quite an active role, enabling a financially based project to become real.

Saturn moves direct on the 8th followed by Mercury on the 9th and with a new moon in the second and financial house expect changes, whether this is what you have worked towards or an outside influence, expect this areas to be busy!


A time for change, this may be in relation to a creative project where progress should be made.

Early in the month Saturn and Neptune join forces to bring form to something that’s been on your mind. On the 12th the new moon in Aquarius also links to Uranus the planet of change and also to Venus, every thing comes together interacting with close friends.

A fast and moving time.


With so much going on behind closed doors, do you really want to see how life is? Or would you rather carry on oblivious to what is really happening?

Dynamic Mars is in Aries and demands action, take hold of the reins and be in charge. The new moon may promote you to act spontaneously. Your ruling planet Neptune connects very well to Saturn that may help life to become more harmonious and stabilise feelings. If you do feel a little unsettled this month realise that Neptune is probably working on an unconscious level, so follow your feelings and intuition.

Next month when Jupiter moves direct then life will again become more harmonious and full of hope.

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