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December 2018 Monthly Horoscope

Happy Birthday Sagittarius – The new moon in your sign on the 11th followed by Venus in Sagittarius on the 16th and Mars in Sagittarius on Christmas promises you an easier year than the last one. There is romance afloat. This is the year for someone to make you commitment phobics realize that you too can partner up for more than a year or two. Jupiter makes a nice aspect to your sun this year proving that once again you are lucky and have just the right friends on your side.


Uranus in Pisces has made it possible for you to make very bold moves in your life from behind the scenes. 2019 brings wonderful partnership opportunities. Jupiter in your house of marriage brings blessings and second chances to romances. Libras bring you luck and yes; I know how different they are from you. They bring a calming influence into your life. Mars and Venus team up to put wings on your feet and travel excitement is written in the stars.


You’re able to glide through some tricky financial situations now. Tax disputes can come to resolution, worker’s compensation and similar legal proceedings reach a conclusion. Try to hold off signing final documents until Mercury is Direct on the 20th December 2018. This New Year’s Eve will be one of the most memorable for you. Let the confetti fly as you have so much to celebrate. The 3rd, the 13th and the 31st are good days to get it done.


So much is going on this month in your duplicitous house of marriage. Is there a lover’s quarrel that is smoothed over by the loving effects of Venus bailing you out of the most extraordinary circumstances? Your sex life is full throttle and you have the energy to live the two lives you may be leading. You are adventure and intrigue and everyone around you can just wait for the unexpected and weird.


Sentimental and sensitive, okay downright moody at times, you find yourself swayed by every bright wishing star. The whirl of shoppers, the sounds of carolers leave you wondering where your magical other is. Thoughts are definitely on a kiss, a promise, a ring, a joint checking account but it is time for someone to seal the deal. Wishes come true at Christmas and so you need to put yours out there perhaps on the spellbinding night of the 7th under the harmonious Libra moon.


Start your engines. Leo is on a tear. With so much planetary activity in your house of love affairs and children you may move, play mid wife, think of adoption or just decide to play around. Whatever you do think big. You are creative and have a play or a song in you. Express yourself. Bring the fire elements into your home. Use reds and oranges to entice the fame and fortune energies that lie just beyond you.


The money mystique unravels in your house of finance this year and you get wonderful, terrific, fabulous windfalls in the coming months. The 4th and the 31st are good days for you to focus your energies on you and your personal needs. Take the time to look at your life script and re-write it. You are getting a cosmic jolt. Work with it.


This year is going to offer you the Sun, the Moon the Stars and some of the best stellar opportunities that you have had for years. You have luck shining over under and around you. About 11 years ago you got some get breaks and now you get another set of the most fortunate circumstances. Make your special wishes on the 7th, which is your day if there ever was one.


Can you hear the jingle of cha ching in your second house of finances. Money is ready to come pouring in for Christmas. You are preparing for a time of major changes in your life. You’ll need the stash. The time is right for you to assert your self. You’ve never shied away from anything before and you won’t now.


You’re the star now. Megawatted, brighter than Christmas candles, you take center stage just before Christmas. Abrupt sudden events offer unusual opportunities. This year wasn’t the easiest for you but you see now that new and more promising horizons are just a wink away. Don’t forget to leave the cookies out for Santa. You still believe at some level the magic that is Christmas.


The full moon on the 26th December 2018 has you howling. No bio feed back for this Moon and you. Many things come to completion for you at the end of the year. You tie up loose ends about career changes and real estate deals. Winter born, you are affected by the cold. Bundle up. Pour some hot chocolate and find a quiet corner where you can listen to your inner drummer.


Dust off the manuscript. This is the year you think about telling your story. Publishing enterprises are in your stars. Your thoughts are on higher education or returning to school. Perhaps you can combine the two and take your life to a new level. Legal matters will be resolved in 2019. Your future is dazzling and as intense as your blue eyes


It is a time of unexpected twists and turns and some reversals. Or at least it seemed like a reversal at the time. However, all this works in your favor if you are willing to learn. There is a new path before you. A better life. The high road is on the horizon just a blink away from the enchanted stars and skies.

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