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December Monthly Horoscope




There is something mid month, that you regard as “hard work.” Don’t wait for something to go wrong, if in doubt, ask questions. Some doctors are devoted healers and some are devoted to making money. You may this month have contact with one of these two types.

You tend to get frustrated with frequent short trips. Practice being forbearing and patient with a loved one who “makes you angry” occasionally. Selfless love is a decision of the will, in the present moment, to give the best to even those who don’t appreciate it. False selfish love demands that everything be pleasant.

Just because someone maybe unpleasant to be around occasionally, doesn’t diminish the fact you love them. On the humorous side…. a trip to the car wash, would be an excellent idea.


Its possible to reach a conclusion to a financial matter involving the agreement of another. If you feel that others have a diminished opinion of you, remind yourself that you are a child of God. Contact with elderly people could occur shortly.


You more are at ease receiving visitors and entertaining in your home. In any important matter, there is greater clarity and trust to be had in a face to face conversation than a potentially confusing conversation over the telephone — that may complicate, not simplify a situation.

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You cannot take for granted that others are telling you the truth. Things tend to get lost for a protracted period of time.


You tend to resent the financial breaks others get, that you don’t. It is stress that makes you susceptible to illness. Be careful with whom you share credit card information. Europe could become a part of the world that is personally meaningful to you this month. A delay is the consequence of being selective.

You could witness some criminal activity or take notice of a police presence in events. You could receive frequent repeated phone calls from someone with a rather rude disposition. You can manage stress better if you let go an unrealistic desire for perfection — just do your best and let God take care of the rest.

So as not to spoil the surprise hide a Christmas present for the time being. A negative attitude is the biggest obstacle to overcome with dieting. You tell better jokes than you give yourself credit for. Hope is the virtue you can most easily model to others.


Many of this sign suffering with physical aches and pains — stiffness, could benefit from alternative medicine. Find out about “magnetic healing” by doing a search on the net — having the information could make a big difference with many people.

When out for a walk, you may find something remarkable. Don’t be overly independant or afraid to “receive” from others. For those in school: you need to redouble your efforts at learning to prevent getting bored — having a positive attitude will help you commit to memory even the driest of information.

If you have a pet dog, watch that they don’t bite a “welcome” visitor to your home. You tend to be more aware of eye strain than in prior months.


Proper, frequent stretching can eliminate back pain, but this is a gradual process. You may say “never” but not really mean it. The immediate reaction of someone (including yourself) upon hearing an uncomfortable truth is laughter.

A feeling of separateness even in the company of others, is a sign you need to see God reflected (however imperfectly) in them. Your moods seem to steadily improve this month even if some situations objectively speaking remain problematic.

It could be said that if it were not for “bad luck” you would have no luck at all. If you base a decision on chance breaking in your favor you will be disappointed — be realistic, hope for the best but prepare for the worst. You can be successful even in an adverse situation.


Over Christmas you may encounter people associated with universities. The healing process is an amazing gift from God — with right approach employed, the body can heal almost anything. Despite occasional tensions, you can maintain harmony in a relationship — if so count your blessings, as many other couples you know or meet up with cannot or will not.

So be an example of harmony to others in a relationship. Golf clubs may mean something, you or others close may have plans related to sailing. Near Christmas your boss is forgiving — if there’s been some difficulty with someone in authority, you can be gracious about receiving their kindness or demonstrating to them that you have “no hard feelings.”

A “self help” book could be either an item of personal interest to you or a potential gift for someone.


A cycle, or momentum test, which may have disposed you to depression is now over — count your Blessings. Over the next two months, you enter a time of happy, calm and joyful experiences. Have an attitude of gratitude towards God and much good will follow.

Music really does put you in a happy mood. A Christmas hug may be rejected by someone with a bad cold or flu bug. Encourage the use of the herb goldenseal to fight infectious illness. You cannot go wrong if you choose flowers as a gift to a loved one.

Too much alcohol can weaken your resistance to illness, therefore, be moderate. Otherwise you risk getting sick. Get ready for debates over Christmas concerning the subject of politics.


Computer assisted astrology may occupy your attention more than usual. You seem to dwell more on what you feel is lacking in your life than what is present — that could result in feeling blue — which you should not make allowances for.

Try to live in the present moment more. There are two (perhaps equally valid) views of the past you can take, one involves humor the other anxiety.

Some people you have contact with seem to be acting strangely out of character. There could be some temporary discouragement connected with a car. It may be a baseless concern, but you may have some suspicions that cash you have received is counterfeit.


Change the things you can change that are a bother to you (particularly) in your workplace and leave alone the things that you cannot change. The virtue you most need to develop to overcome obsticales is “patience.”

It is possible to have inner peace amid external pressures. A spiritual test is successfully completed when you don’t go negative in your speech or will during the test — but trust God. Prayer does work… sometimes over a longer period of time than we humanly speaking would like.

But, if you fall into the “trap” of complaining endlessly about circumstances — you nullify your prayer. Its impossible to please God without Faith. So in the midst of trouble, have Faith. Be quietly confident rather than negative and complaining in a test. You are persuasive with others concerning your philosophy of life.


You are not comfortable with others expectations of what you should be doing with your life, determining your future. Yet people do have great expectations of you. Our future is impacted by our present free will decisions. You reject any attempt to be manipulated by another.

After some effort you may obtain the agreement of an other on the purchase or sale of something. You need some privacy to devote to the study of something. A friend does not share your interest or lack of interest in certain sports.

You have a little episode of physical pain — take care not to throw your back out. There’s an occasion where you can overcome a fear (perhaps to do with singing.)


When the soul (which is infinite: eternal) is distracted into being preoccupied the finite details of a life centered on reputation, wealth and pleasure — a certain emptiness creeps in. We are all miserable without the infinite (God.)

Life is aimless only to the degree you value the material world too much. The solution to aimlessness is to put more emphasis on the spiritual dimension of life. Little selfless acts of charity that help others can restore a sense of purpose.

It is important to let go of prideful independence — become a gracious receiver — allow someone to “give” to you for the joy it gives to them, whether you feel you deserve it or not. Receive. You can be child-like without being childish. Give your self permission to enjoy playing computer games.


Don’t be offended if someone “won’t listen.” Mentally let go of any “accusation” that gets stuck in your mind at night. Be prepared for adverse weather, particularly involving hail stones. A measure of your “strength” is in proportion to your ability to forgive.

Something in the planning stage needs to be prayed about. You could laugh yourself close to tears about something. Blunt, direct, plain speech is preferred over dancing around an uncomfortable subject. Say yes when you mean yes, no when you mean no. The image of a “doll house” may be significant at some point this month. T

he volume that some music is being played at during the night could be an issue for some.

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