Chinese Horoscope 2021

The Year of the Metal Ox will enter the Chinese zodiac, starting with January 12, 2021. It will last until February 12, 2022, when the Year of the Tigers follows. Here is what the Chinese zodiac says for this year, according to the specialist in the field.

The Chinese zodiac for 2021 comes with big surprises

Thus, the Year of the Metal Ox will bring changes both in love and professionally for each sign. Some will find their half, others will focus on their careers.


The natives of this sign look at the year as a big piece of cheese, with many holes, these being new occasions that they must take advantage of, according to the specialists. You get great chances of financial gain, career advancement, new and profitable collaborations.

The buffalo will receive a special energy this year. You will be even more adventurous than ever in 2021, but you will also enjoy stability and comfort. You won’t get bored for a second in the year of the Metal Ox!
This year, the Buffaloes alone will find their half, somewhere far from home. The person you meet is very likely to become your partner for life, according to ZodiaqueChinois.com, quoted by HoroscopeChinois.com.


The Metal Ox will constantly throw tempting prospects in the way of the Tiger. The tiger is very lucky anyway, but in 2021, in your life it will be like a lottery in which you have all the winning tickets.
In love, the Tigers will not only be able to find a suitable partner, but also to fall in love with the tulip, experiencing the passion in all its nuances.


The rabbits had positive emotions, romantic moments, favorable circumstances, the support of friends, more money, but prick up your ears so that your luck does not escape! You have all the chances to receive an inheritance, to change your job and / or to have your salary significantly increased!


The Metal Ox comes to you with many surprises and emotions. You may also encounter situations that you find difficult, but with a lot of calm and optimism, everything will work out miraculously. The results are announced accordingly.


You get all the chances to change your life and start over, on a much better path! You will perceive everything as a breath of fresh air. The snake, usually cautious and calculated, will lose its mind in a whirlwind of intense feelings. The Ox will bring in 2021 an extra passion, harmony and balance in your married life.


In 2021, you are more ambitious, more hardworking, more hardworking and more resilient than ever, and the Metal Ox gives you the strength to finish the race victorious, the first on the finish line!

Sentimentally, you may be a little agitated. The jealousy, irascibility and arrogance specific to both the Horse and the Ox bring tension in the relationship with the loved one, so be honest and involved in the love story.


The positive changes for Capra natives will occur from January 2021 and will continue throughout the year. On a sentimental level, there are a lot of interesting emotions and experiences, completely different from what you have experienced so far.


For the Monkey natives, 2021 is a year of surprises, new beginnings, “Point and start!” Moments and they will have to adapt quickly to change. Do not fight with the news in your life, on the contrary, try to enjoy what the Metal Ox has in store for you!


The stars advise you to moderate your arrogance because it could turn against you! In the year of the Metal Ox there is no place for intrigue, lies or walking with the painted lizard. Be honest, human and common sense and you will have a sensational year!


The dog will have the energy, determination and strength to win the big bone! And it won’t necessarily take hard work because the Ox will reward them for their courage and hard work.


Everything that the Wild Boar will do in 2021 will develop and evolve further, and this will make the representatives of this zodiac sign in the Chinese horoscope work with even more dedication. The wild boar will prefer the flirtation to have a sequel, and the only passionate night could turn into a long and happy family life.

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