Tiger Horoscope 2020

Don’t show your claws: although you like taking chances, the influence of the rat will make you more prudent and better organized, which will increase your chances of success.

Romantic life
It will be difficult to find your balance in love. Although you will have all the chances to be happy, your moody behavior could ruin everything. You will not know what you want precisely and you will be under the impression that the grass is greener somewhere else. If you are bachelors, do not overdo it with too many romances. During summer you will become more reasonable regarding love and in the autumn an unspotted joy awaits for you.

The professional life is going to be, indisputably, in your center of attention this year. Strongly pushed from the back by the proud dog, you will not only half-enjoy things this year. With a strong hand you will remove anything that could stay in your way, even if that means taking some rough decisions. Both hardworking and very innovative, you will succeed, regardless of your profession. Your qualities will get noticed and you will benefit from a promotion that for some is going to be a real blast.

Luck is on your side in 2020, provided you avoid the hasty decisions that, as the tiger you are, you cannot set aside. Do not spend too much and do not make risky investments because this is not the right time. If you manage your finances carefully, you will quickly enjoy promising results, especially during the spring and by the end of the year, when it is very likely to receive some unexpected income.

The Tiger
General characteristics
The Tiger child is curious, indiscreet and very canny, so they will try to catch everything that moves, will dominate their play friends and will even be pretty aggressive. Being charming, full of energy and talkative, they will express their point of view very directly.

They can’t keep secrets from others, but they also can’t stand when others keep secrets from them. If they are not taught to auto-control themselves from the moment they are young, they will change their character in an awful one.

As they become adults, the Tiger means power, daring, impulsivity, a person that inspires respect, admiration and fear, but not always other people’s trust. They have a lot of luck in their lives and if you support them, they will give back double. We could say – a pleasant company.

An honest and affectionate type, the Tiger likes being into the spotlight. But remember that, as they have a suspicious and impulsive character, they can be easily influenced [either in a good or a bad way] and as they are testy, the fight is going to be on life and death…

When they want something, they give everything for it. They are seen as optimistic, adventurous and cute natives that have no material interests.
They can get very jealous and possessive when it comes to love and they will not accept their partner to mind other people too. But you can rest assure, because when it comes to love, the Tiger gives everything and will offer you everything you want.