Rooster Horoscope 2020

Faithful, discreet and honest, the child born under the rooster sign will be known for his dignity that demands respect and for his innocence. The rooster doesn’t like being threatened. He prefers avoiding conflicts. He will always protects his family, because for him, the family is everything. Sensitive and balanced, the rooster will accept you the way you are, expecting little in return from his peers. He will be a good student, causing no troubles. When upset, he will become unforgiving and he will never stop, once he started a fight.

As courageous and with a developed sense of justice, the adult is the most loved and respected sign of the zodiac. A natural lawyer, who will objectively plead any cause, but also the unbiased judge will fight for justice, understanding very well the “good and bad” concepts.

It is very hard to influence them, because they are the best servants of justice. If you ever make the mistake of criticizing one of their friends, without being right about it, you will surely be sorry in the next minutes.

Luck is on your side and helps you fulfill your wishes. But pay attention, you will have to progress one step at a time and avoid daring actions.

Romantic life

It is very harmonious until June. If you are single, get ready for life as a couple. If you are a couple, you will be happy. However, the summer seems to be rougher. Don’t make things worse and don’t ignite the fire. The situation risks to get a lot worse than you would expect. Peace and harmony will return once with the autumn. If you are single, you could find your soul mate by the end of the year.


Luck will back up your efforts for a good part of the year. Until August, your initiatives have high chances to succeed. Don’t hesitate to get involved in big projects. But be careful: during the autumn, the climate threatens to change completely.

Luck is no longer on your side and you will have to carefully think twice about anything you might undertake, so that you don’t get in trouble. Fortunately, this delicate period will not last too long and obstacle will start to disappear by the end of the year.


The year 2020 announces stability on the financial level. Your incomes will exceed your expenses and you will be able to sleep peacefully. Take advantage of this favorable climate in order to manage more carefully everything that you earn. During the summer you can make some interesting investments and in July you can even make a little excess without the risk of damaging your financial balance.