Rat Horoscope 2020

The sign of the Rat
You can smile: the year 2020 is promising, with challenges on the professional level and good opportunities on the financial level.

Romantic life
The year of the rat makes you wiser. It seems that during this period of time that is about to begin, instead of playing the seduction game, you are going to need to feel stability and safety in love. This is advantageous for couples. If you are very much in love, but still bachelor, you will undoubtedly decide to exchange vows. If you are single, a surprising meeting could change your life. Attention: during the spring, unexpected tensions could poison your love. Only by communicating with an open heart can you bring the harmony back.

At your work place, success is going to be present even if at the beginning and at the end of the year you will have to work a bit harder, make an extra effort and prove you can take on certain responsibilities. Spring is going to be extremely favorable: have guts and make yourself known.

It is going to be an ideal moment to change you activity or to simply change your professional orientation. During the autumn, you might have to face some misunderstandings, but despite that you will end the year on a very good note.

On the financial level, the best victories await for you. Your priority is going to be to improve the situation. You will start the year by being more determined to manage your budget better.

Not only will you find opportune solutions, but you will also know to make profitable investments, even if you only dispose of small savings. These efforts will be compensated in the second half of the year when your earnings will increase.

The Rat
General characteristics
Being shy, loving and economical, the Rat child learns to speak a lot faster than other kids of the same age. They make many friends, they have a good time being in a group and they can become ones of the greatest writers or historians in the world. But you should know that if you don’t give them your full attention, they will become very jealous and possessive and they are going to scream until you come back to them.

Being sincere and honest, the grown up Rat will work hard to fulfill all their ambitions.

Being an economical guy, even a bit stingy and with a great desire to become wealthy, the rat is, however, never stingy with their clan. They will always surround themselves with close relatives and friends and they will always feed one extra mouth.

Being very attached to their parents and friends, they offer them all their respect and support. Although they seem people that love parties, happy people, the rat is a very restless type of person, a person whose apparent calm and harmony are never a sure thing.

And just as well, they can become impertinent and pestle. And if it is to think about the dark side of things, the part that we don’t like hearing from other people, the rat likes lying, criticizing, the gossip and scandals and they will use with a lot of ease the information they obtain from the mistakes of others. It is better to stay away from them in that sense. But let’s focus on the bright side of things.