Rabbit Horoscope 2020

The discreet and diplomat Cat will get notices during the year of the rat 2020  with a glare that risks to take everybody by surprise. No more secondary roles, you are on the stage and all the lights are on you.

Romantic life

Either you are married or bachelors, happiness awaits for you. There is no cloud on the horizon of couples. You will have a lively social life, maintaining your couple’s privacy and happiness at the same time. If you are single, only starting the spring you will start dreaming about true love and you will have the chance to find your ideal partner. Bachelors have the possibility of getting married before the end of the year.


The beginning of the year 2020 is mediocre, double by the impression that you are not being appreciated to your true value, which is going to irritate you more than usually. But you can relax, you will shortly be praised and maybe even offered a promotion. This will make you feel better and you will dedicate yourself to your work with a real success. Your competence will be acknowledged and everybody will admire your energy and motivation. Totally unexpected professional opportunities might show up during the spring or the summer.


You have high chances to improve your income, but, at the same time, you risk spending just as much. Be careful: you will need to control your impulses if you want to stabilize your financial situation. If not, you will live a good life, but you risk ending the year poorer than you were when the year started.

The Rabbit

General characteristics

The Rabbit child is lovely, obedient and well-mannered and very easy to discipline. They learn well and easily, they are not aggressive and will not get in trouble with other children. They will help their parents around the house and will only tell you what they think you want to hear. This doesn’t mean that they are not going to do everything they consider they should do.
The mature Rabbit has a lot of good luck, a good taste and refinement and with a good and kind word, with a lot of finesse and a diplomat sense, they could become excellent politicians or diplomats as a career.

Generally, the Rabbit seems to know more than they say which gives them freedom of movement and helps them resolve their own business. Thus, no matter the situation, the rabbit always lands on their feet.
They are cunning with their business, with a calm, docile and misleading character, they have a sound mind and are careful regarding themselves and you can be sure they have a h2 will and look after their own interests with a lot of precision, but from a modest and humble position.