Ox Horoscope 2020

The year of the dog fits you perfectly. Good luck, positive energy, confidence, all of them will be present in your life.

Romantic life
Ardent love. In your case, the erotic enthusiasm that is specific to the year of the dog risks to make you strongly inclined towards infidelity. Temptation is strong, especially in the beginning of the year. Only once the summer comes your partner will be able to sleep peacefully. The bachelors will not be stopped by fidelity either. Nobody is going to tight them with a rope, even though they will secretly dream about their true love. And it is quite likely for it to show up by the end of the summer.

2020 is not going to be a monotonous year. Things will move quickly and you will have to start acting. But the results are going to be so good, that you won’t regret it. If you want to change your professional field or your activity, the beginning of the year is the most favorable for this. Some of you may continue their activities somewhere else, maybe even abroad while others will be given new responsibilities. Anyway, you will have a lot of things to do, even by the end of the year when, by no means will be a good moment for you to relax.

At the beginning of the year things are good, but you will have to wait for the spring in order to truly benefit from an increased income. From that moment on, thanks to your efforts, but also thanks to a boost of luck, you will not cease improving your situation.

The Ox
General characteristics
The Ox child is serious, with a strong will, patient, very disciplined and never complains. But if they think they are wronged you can rest assure they will act with all their stubbornness to obtain what they consider they deserve. They don’t accept bribery or to be forced to do something dishonest. They are going to be good pupils, outstanding students and will take responsibilities for their deeds, but because they are silent and naïve, they will not reveal their feelings to anyone.

The grown up Ox is brave, very hard working and quiet and follows their interests fiercely, but without wronging the people around. Such a person is devoted to friends and family and inspires admiration and respect at the work place. Even though they occupy positions with many responsibilities, you can rest assure that they will not fail what they are working on. You can trust their words because they keep their promises. It is understandable that they do not accept failure and they will demand loyalty from their subordinates.

The Ox is clumsy, mouthy and gawky when it comes to love, but if you marry one, he/she will never disappoint you. They will certainly offer you a decent and peaceful living and you will have everything you need. The Ox woman is hard-working, rational and a good housewife and you will have a peaceful life together. She will surround you with all her love and offer you all comfort.