Monkey Horoscope 2020

The wheel spins: after you fully enjoyed the benefits of the year of the Pig that has just ended, in the year of the rat 2020 you will have to take on challenges, may it be regarding profession or money.

Romantic life

It is going to be a peaceful beginning of the year for couples. Be creative and daring and your partner will appreciate it. However, in the beginning of the summer, your relationship might undergo misunderstandings. Clarify the situation before it leads to a breaking up. If you are single, your charm is going to be over the top.

An important meeting might occur during the spring or by the end of the summer. The last part of the year will be rich in finalizing things: a decisive meeting for some, marriage for others, or children related projects.


Up until June, the climate is favorable for your activities: desire to get noticed, ambition, acknowledgement. Spring may come with some obstacles, but not very serious ones. However, during summer they could worsen. But do not give up. Try to clarify the misunderstandings and, especially, try not to get out of your rhythm. Everything will be fine in autumn when your ambitions will be accomplished, one step at a time.


It is a good beginning of the year, with important financial improvements. It is a favorable moment to save or to invest, but in a responsible manner. Starting April, some unpredicted financial difficulties could appear, because of a business that seems to be stationary. You will find a solution, but stay cautious: the summer and the autumn are not going to be easy.

The Monkey

General characteristics
This child is curious and disobedient and like any little monkey, this optimist and intelligent kid will never accept defeat. They will take advantage of the weaknesses of the people around and with their playful eyes and heavenly smile they will get everything they want, even if you were initially ready to punish them for their mischief.

Using their ingenuity and ambitions, they will permanently try to perfect themselves and, if it is possible, to know everything. On the other hand, they might as well be selfish and insolent and although they don’t really share what they have, they will keep bothering you until you give them all they ask for. It would be a good thing to educate them to treat problems more seriously because they can’t get everything in life solved by flattery.
The adult monkey has a shining, intelligent and realist personality which will help them be successful in everything they do in life. They will solve complicated problems with great ease and it is going to be hard to exceed them when they set their minds on something. They respect themselves too much to lose, but they don’t feel the same for you and they are not going to give you their trust. They think that no opponent is a real match to them.

But, don’t worry. If they don’t succeed through the means of intelligence and flattery [in the fight for power or money] you will get to see the other side of the monkey. They can be supercilious, mean, envious, they will lie and deceit with no remorse [it is a monkey, right?], as it is all going to be in their own interest. And just like that the smart monkey will trick you once again and before you realize you are dealing with a charlatan, you will be fooled by the cautious monkey again. Anyway, the monkey will always use the shortest way straight out of any trouble.