Horse Horoscope 2020

Don’t relax just yet: only by rolling your sleeves for work, luck is going to be by your side at your work place. You will have to work hard.

Romantic life

The beginning of the year 2020 is going to be like a second honey moon for couples. They will swim in happiness. Regarding singles, they will have mixed periods. Generally, their tendency would be to get attached to people too easily, get in some sort of trap-relationships which will not satisfy them afterwards. Things could get more favorable during May-June when meeting a special person could turn all your plans up-side down. If that is not the case, under the influence of the seductive pig, you will engage in various short-term romances and be as happy as you can be.


Maximum vigilance until April is recommended. Accept challenges, but only the honest ones, get involved and the results you are going to obtain will overcome your expectations. Starting May and especially during the autumn, the climate is getting better. There will be no obstacles and you will go straight ahead with a lot of enthusiasm. However, be careful not to make others envy you. Be discreet regarding your achievements, otherwise, things could get more difficult for you.


The pig favors you on the financial level. You will be able to significantly improve your situation. Investments, even riskier ones are favored in February or in mid April. The end of April, as well as May and June seem to be less favorable, so it is advisable to be prudent. Once the summer begins, your financial situation will be protected. Autumn brings you important opportunities.

The sign of the Cat (Rabbit)

The Horse

General characteristics
The Horse child is optimistic, generous and very curious and they are going to be the little adventurers of the family. They have a joyous personality and they will try to learn everything on the run because they are, generally, travelers. You can catch them at home pretty rarely and if you make them stay, they become disobedient. They get into difficult situations by themselves, but they manage to get out of them also by themselves. It is a good thing to focus on the respect for others when upbringing this child. Even though they are temperamental, you should not forget they are also realists and if they have no choice, they will quickly adapt to any situation.

As an adult, the horse native is going to be a confident, lovely and joyous person. They are going to remain faithful copies of the child and the adolescent and keep handling everything at a fast pace, which also makes them the quickest sign in the zodiac. Even when it comes to love, they are over it as quickly as they had fallen in love. They are hard-working and intelligent, they are capable to lead people and they will not stop until they finish what they are working on.

They believe in progress and in new ideas and if you let them loose, they will use all their qualities to the fullest. The horse man is the adventurous type and they will only take into account their own rules. You can rest assure that they will respect your freedom as well, as they are not possessive or jealous. Although they are not the kind of men to be constraint by certain obligations, if they really want this they will do it.
They like clothes in brighter colors, music, enigmas, etc. They are the type of people that are quick to improvise anything and once they have taken a decision they apply it just as quickly. They like jobs that involve movement.