Dragon Horoscope 2020

Your dream of being different from the rest of the crowd is going to come true. You will get noticed. One of the strengths of the year 2020 : your love life, which is going to be well protected.

Romantic life

If you are married, pleasant moments await for you: the year is going to bring you tenderness and passion. But especially the single Dragons are going to have a celebration that will manifest through the means of an essential meeting, maybe even in the beginning of the year. You will be walking on clouds, which will unleash your optimism and confidence. Being in complete harmony with your partner, you will soon express your desire to make your relationship official.


Everything works perfectly and you will get noticed. That is excellent for some Dragons that really hate being in the shadows. You will have good opportunities to get noticed all year long. You will know how to show what you are capable of and you will obtain the recognition from your professional entourage which could lead to an important promotion. Expect to have to work a lot in the future, but also to have great satisfactions. But try not to make people envy you as you brag about your success. The best solution would be modesty, but that is hard to tackle for a Dragon!


Difficulties could appear on the financial level, especially during the first months. It will not last too long, but the constraints are going to irritate you. Solution – spend less! Starting April 2020, things will significantly improve and luck is going to be on your side once again. However, you will have to stay cautious and especially to avoid risky investments and excessive expenses. If you are reasonable, the autumn brings you an extremely comfortable stability.

The Dragon

General characteristics
The Dragon child is brave, h2 and resistant, and also spontaneous and vigorous. They will take on especially difficult tasks from an early age even if only out of their desire to convince you to focus your entire attention on them. They are proud and faithful and they will never let you down. However, in order not to become a little tyrant in relation to other children, they always have to be given things to do in order to make them feel useful.

The adult Dragon is the guardian of wealth and power, and also the most prosperous sign. They are sincere, proud and tenacious, and they are not familiar with the hidden paths others take. For the Chinese, the dragon represents power and they are not people that can tolerate lies and gossip. The people born under this sign are said to take on important responsibilities and to be convinced that they are fulfilling a special mission.

They believe they are destined to rule and they will not hesitate to play their role. Dragons can also lack reason; they can be arrogant and stubborn and even become fanatics. A furious dragon will show you how brutal, insolent and rude they can be [they spit fire, don’t they?.

But as these crises are very rare, it is good to know that the dragon has a very powerful sense of duty, they will not accept any compromise, but they will always respect the interests of others. Don’t share your secrets with them because they won’t keep them secrets for too long. They are excellent story-tellers, nature lovers and they will always bring something new for the people around. If a dragon man confessed his love to you, you can rest assure that he did it from the bottom of his heart and with complete honesty.