Dog horoscope 2020

This year is focused on work. You have a huge desire to get noticed and you will succeed if you work hard.

Romantic life

It is going to be peace and quiet for the married. On the other hand, it is going to be a restless year for singles. As soon as the spring comes, the dog will instill them with desire and some of them could meet a person that will make them lose their minds. If that happens, you will be able to consolidate this relationship during the summer. During the autumn, the harmony risks to deteriorate a little. If you are still single in winter, it is the time that by the end of the year to have the big encounter of your life.


You are determined to move mountains at your workplace. Being extremely motivated, you will not hesitate to get completely involved in all the projects you have. Success is not delayed even if there are going to be some obstacles in March 2020. For those who want to change their professional field of activity, spring is the most opportune moment. The end of the year will be just as good. Do not hesitate to build something that you dream of because there are clear chances of success.


There are going to be some little reasons for concern at the beginning of the year 2020. The situation is not blooming and it is not the time to make insane expenses. Things get better towards the spring. But do not ignore your common sense. Be relaxed, but prudent. Starting from the autumn, the perspectives are really getting better.

The dog

General characteristics
The dog children are worthy of your trust as they are correct, determined and loyal. They are good and hard-working students, they always keep going and they never complain when they face difficulties.

It is good to offer them all your support when they need it and you will see how they get their strength back, overpass the failure and start all over again. They are good planners and they will plan activities very well, but many times they will also plan the activities of others as they, generally, cannot stand any constraints. And because they sometimes tend to be drawn towards a lack of activity it is good to focus their education on respect for work.

The grown-up dog is the type of the honest, determined and brave knight, even though they can seem kind of rough. They are generous and kind, so they will share their money with you if they have to, but they have equally high expectations. Don’t be surprised when they start helping themselves from everything you have because according to them since they helped you it means that a little bit of what you have belongs to them.

Their calm is proverbial, so they will tolerate a lot of nonsense from your side and because they hate fighting they will always give in and never take revenge. They will not even tell you that you are not right. Actually, it is said that because of their naivety they are both loved and the easy victims of crooks. But that is very wrong because they are smarter than you may think and they know how to protect their interest.