Capricorn 2019 horoscope

Though your overall energy and vitality could have been better in 2018, it was still a prosperous and socially active year.


Career and professional status started to soar towards the end of 2018 as well. Many of these trends are continuing in 2019.

The emphasis on your social life is strong until July 16th. Those who have not married in the past two years still have good opportunity during the first half of 2019 but after July 16th the emphasis will shift to the deeper things of life, there will be a long-term interest in personal transformation, personal reinvention, depth psychology, past lives, life after death and the like. In order for personal transformation to happen there is a need to explore many of these issues as the underlying causes for many things rest there.

As 2019 progresses, the social emphasis will shift from the romantic arena to friendships. Presumably, love and romance matters are already settled and you are looking for and finding new friends.

Finance has been important for many years and this trend continues in 2019. After July 16th you seem more involved with helping others to prosper, shareholders and partners rather than mere personal prosperity.


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Pluto has been in your 12th House of Spirituality for many years now and will be there for all of 2019 as well. Hence your long-term interest in spirituality, in charity and philanthropy, continues in the year ahead.

Most important interests in the year ahead are finance; communication and intellectual interests; love and romance until July 16th; sex, personal transformation, occult studies, past lives, reincarnation, life after death, etc. debt and repayment of debt after July 16th; career until October 26th; friendships and group activities after October 26th; Spirituality.
capricorn 2019
Your paths to greatest fulfillment in the year ahead are home, family and domestic interests; career until October 26th; friendships and group activities after October 26th.

Capricorn 2019 Health Horosocpe


Health was reasonable last year and will remain reasonable this year but after July 16th it should start to improve as Saturn moves away from its stressful aspect to you. Health should further improve after October 26th when Jupiter moves away from its stressful aspect.

If there have been health problems, you can expect good news during the latter part of 2019. If there have been no health problems, you can expect more zest and more energy then.

The lack of power in your 6th House of Health this year also reinforces the tendency to good health. You don’t pay too much attention to health because there is no real need to. You sort of take good health for granted.

Mercury is your Health Planet. In the body, Mercury rules the arms, shoulders, lungs and intestines. You can enhance your already good health by paying more attention to these parts of the body, as these are where problems are likely to originate. There’s nothing wrong with these parts of the body but keeping them fit is good preventative medicine.

There are many natural and drugless ways to strengthen them.

Mercury is a fast-moving planet. Only the Moon moves through the Zodiac faster. You are a person who can benefit from a wide variety of therapies over a given year.

It all depends where Mercury is at a given time. I will cover these short-term trends in the month-by-month forecasts.

In general, with Mercury as your Health Planet your mental health and well-being is as important as your physical health. Disorders in the mind will eventually lead to physical disorders. Bad judgment leads to bad actions, which inevitably impact on your physical well-being.

So for you more than most it is good to give the mind what it needs. Give it good food, functional information, ideas of truth, lofty ideas, give it exercise, take courses in subjects that interest you, read the good writers, keep growing intellectually and the right expression.

The mind, when trained and educated is not your enemy as many claim but your ally and friend.

The health of a parent or parental figure could benefit from new and unorthodox therapies. If there are health problems there, let them explore the latest technologies becoming available.

The feet and the ankles need more attention and should be regularly massaged. The same holds true for the health of grandchildren.

The health of children looks good. If there have been health problems, there should be good news about them in the year ahead.

Your spouse or partner could enhance his or her health through detox regimes.

Capricorn 2019 Love Horoscope


Love and romantic interest have been strong for almost two years now and this trend will continue in 2019. Like last year, you are the aggressor.

You are not waiting around for the phone to ring but are actively reaching out to others, methodically building a social life as only you can piece by piece, a little here and a little there. In your own slow and cautious way, you are building quite a masterpiece.

Capricorns are known for many abilities, organization, integrity, management skills, moneymaking ability, etc. but social grace is not usually their strong point. So these past two years you have been building up these skills.

You are learning that putting other people first is a great key to popularity and this you are doing. Capricorn is an interesting Sign to have as a lover or marriage partner these days, they are going out of their way to please you.

Many of you married in the past two years. If not, marriage could still happen. Your 7th House of Marriage is perhaps the strongest in your Horoscope this year.

There is interest and with interest comes success.

The challenge this year is balancing love and career. Both are important and both consume much of your time. Also they seem to pull you in opposite directions.

So giving each area its due, without offending the boss or those involved in your career or your lover or spouse is not an easy task. Now you will lean one way, now another like a tightrope walker trying to keep his balance.

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Like last year, this is a year where you create your own social opportunities. Perhaps you do this by hosting parties or organizing social events. You are also attending more of these things too. Capricorns in or working towards a second marriage have a status quo year. Married’s will tend to stay married, singles will tend to stay single.

Capricorns working towards a third marriage will have wonderful opportunities after October 26th. A third marriage or significant relationship is very likely. This applies well into 2019 as well. Those working towards or in a fourth marriage have a status quo year.

After July 16th, your social attitudes change. Perhaps your needs in love change. Where before you seemed interested in love and romance, now it’s more about sex, money and physical intimacy.

Many of you feel that you can serve your beloved better by helping them to prosper, helping them in ‘bottom-line’ ways, practical ways rather than just romantic.

Children of marriageable age have wonderful love opportunities, serious ones after October 26th. Shake-ups in their present love situation should be seen for what they are, a clearing of the decks for true love and true romance to enter the picture.

Grandchildren of marriageable age are not likely to marry this year nor in the next few years. They seem much too unstable to marry these days.

Their affections change too rapidly. Also they are attracting these kinds of partners. Siblings are in pretty much the same situation. If they are married there is probably a crisis happening there.

Capricorn 2019 Finance and Career Horoscope


Finance and career are always important to Capricorn but in past years it has become even more important. Last year was both a strong financial and career year and the trend is still in effect in 2019.

Like last year, your Financial Planet and your Communication Planet are in ‘mutual reception’. This means that each occupies the Sign and House of the other.

Each is a guest in the other’s House. This is a signal of wonderful co-operation and is very positive. The obvious message here is that you are prospering not just because of your financial skills and organization which are formidable but because of your communication abilities, perhaps through teaching, seminars, sales, marketing, advertising, public relations and the correct use of the media.

Perhaps you are personally involved in these things or are on the business side of these things for example organizing seminars for profit.

This is a wonderful aspect for retailing and trading as well. Capricorns can excel in journalism, the business side of journalism and as investors in media companies.

Professional investors should, like last year look at the telecommunications, transport, media and high-tech sectors for profit opportunities. You have a special feeling for these opportunities these days.

Prosperity is strong all year but especially after October 26th when Jupiter, the Planet of Abundance starts to make beautiful aspects to your Financial Planet. Earnings will be higher than you can imagine and it will all happen very suddenly.

In your chart, Jupiter is the Planet of Intuition so your financial intuition is going to be superb. Friends, groups that you belong to, associations and the like will also play a major role. Perhaps some trade or professional association becomes a major client but there are other possible scenarios too.

Career too is very happy and successful. In astrology we see career and money to be two different things. Earnings are earnings but career success means status, prestige and recognition. It is true that one often leads to the others but they are different. This is a year where you have both enhanced status / professional recognition and the cold hard cash.

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Those of you who work for others can expect pay rises and promotions. Sometimes this comes from prestigious job offers from other companies, which pay more and elevate your status. Sometimes it happens within the same company.

Often when Jupiter is in the 10th House people get more politically involved, sometimes in their own communities and sometimes on a wider level. Often people are appointed or elected to some community or government office and this is likely this year.

One client of mine who had this aspect was made president of his country club, a post he considered prestigious.

Part of the reason for this tremendously increased prosperity is your interest in helping others to prosper. You are thinking of their financial well-being as well as your own and this has positive karmic consequences.

Your increased prosperity brings some downside. I see you very involved with taxes and tax issues but this is the price one pays for wealth.

You have a partner, the government and this is the best attitude to take. Don’t think of the government as your adversary but as your partner. Sometimes this is hard.

Your most active and successful financial periods will be from January 19th to February 27th and from October 26th onwards.

Family & Kids


Your 4th House of Home and Family is not a House of Power this year. It is not a major priority or interest in your life. Usually this shows a status quo situation.

The cosmos stays neutral to you.

It doesn’t push you one way or the other. You have a lot of freedom to shape this area as you like but your lack of interest might prevent you from doing this. Usually this is a positive signal. Home and family relationships are more or less where you want them to be and there is no need for major change.

This year however, there are two eclipses in your 4th House. A Solar Eclipse on April 8th and a Lunar Eclipse on October 17th.

These are sure to shake things up a bit. If you have been too sanguine about family, if you tend to take things for granted or if you overly neglect this area, the eclipses will pull you up short.

Eclipses show a change in the status quo. Sometimes they indicate a move, sometimes a major repair in the home. Long-buried flaws in the home come to light so that you can take action either through a move or by fixing the problem.

Long-dormant issues with family members also generally surface under an eclipse and corrective actions, one way or another, get taken.

This is a career-orientated year. The tendency will be to ignore family issues or downplay them but the presence of the North Node in your 4th House shows that there is much personal fulfillment to be had in this area yet it seems harder to attain. Your career is going so well that you have less time for home and family.

Your Family Planet, Mars will make an unusually long transit in your 5th House this year. Normally Mars stays in a Sign for about two months. This year it will spend at least five months in your 5th House. Something is going on here.

There are many ways to read this all of which are probably valid at different times and for different people.

There is a greater interest in children in the year ahead. Being the good parent seems important. Capricorns of childbearing age are more fertile. There is an interest in having children and in raising them.

Even older Capricorns will be thinking of or be more involved with children. Many will want to adopt. Others will spend more time with their grandchildren or other people’s children.

The home will be made more entertaining, more of a fun place to be. Many of you will be installing exercise or sports equipment in the home.

Many will invest in home theatres and expensive music systems. The home will become more than just a place to live, it will be a place of entertainment.

A parent or parental figure wants to move because he or she feels cramped in the present space but a move might not be in order. He or she just needs to make better use of the space available. Likewise with children of appropriate age. Siblings are moving around quite a lot this year, nomadic.

Even if they have only one residence, they won’t spend too much time there.

Improve your life in 2019

Aside from the mutual reception between Uranus and Neptune, your Financial and Communication Planets, there is another interesting and rare mutual reception that happens after October 26th. This is between Jupiter and Pluto, the planets that rule friendships and spirituality.

Where the former will last for many years, this one will last for only a year. It shows a wonderful co-operation between your spiritual ideals and your friendships.

Both are boosting each other. One can read this in many ways. You are making new and spiritually orientated friends who are helping you in your spiritual life and this will also have important financial implications.

Your involvement in spirituality leads to important new friendships. Many of you join spiritually orientated groups and organizations. It is the spiritual connection that attracts you to certain friends, the spiritual compatibility.

In many cases your intuition will reveal who your friends are. Someone may be a total stranger on the physical level but to your spirit, the inner eye, you and this person are old friends. Your spirituality this year is not just about your relationship to a Higher Power but also your relationships with others.

Many of you will meet your highest ideal of a friend this coming year, probably after October 26th.