Cancer 2020 horoscope

The year 2020 is very important for your relationship with the social world and the surrounding world. The major challenge is choosing to man-feel your sensuality, complaining of all, or gathering your strengths and guiding them quickly to personal constructive actions without resentment, dissolving memories and detaching yourself from inconvenience. Your moods will fluctuate a lot, but you will love to scatter in the ocean of emotions, also slipping into fantastic realms.

From March 6th, the planet Uranus will move to the Sign of Taurus, influencing, for many years now, relationships with friends, protectors, and supporters of the socio-professional plan. New colors are opened to relationships with special, valuable, progressive, forward-looking people. Involvement in associations, groups, organizations for humanitarian purposes or study and documentation purposes for border disciplines will also be discussed.

Money and career

In 2020, you run many extraordinary projects that bring you unexpected and profitable financial rewards. Year 2020 is the year when you can change your job, find something better paid, or give you special benefits. Advancement and spectacular evolution at work.

You can exaggerate some expenses, you can get back some old debts. You will have many professional achievements, improving the quality of life. You will enjoy the results of your work with family and loved ones. Many great travels and purchases, buy valuable items.


In the relationship of love, there will be conflicts, often strong, but you can find balance and not make hasty decisions. Sometimes you are unreliable in the partner or have no patience with it. Reproach to your partner because he does not know your affection. Good family news will appear as the arrival of a child in the world.


Health is vulnerable throughout the year. Intense work will make you very tired and it will be difficult to stop once you have been involved in various professional activities. Possible consultations, extensive medical analyzes, but also surgery or plans to do so.

This year’s eclipses will make their influences felt in their relationships with others, in their partner relationships and in the financial segment.

Your personality is in a discreet and slow process of reconfiguration, so that after the situations and relationships you will be involved in this year you will change your way of being and reporting to others. You will also be helped by the formation of a total sun eclipse on July 2 in your Cancer zodiac sign. Only you will know what really happens in your soul and what you decide next. It is certain that from this moment you will be different and you will do everything else.

Instructions for a harmonious and balanced use of the astral context of 2020: channel your efforts to developing your own personality; the professional segment is very important and very well supported by the stars in 2020, and what you will think about, what you plan or what you will actually achieve will have long-term effects – the proverb is right: be careful what you ask for you will be offered; Select all the relationships around you and keep them only those that have proven to be serious and useful; prepare to receive new people in your life; put your effort and rest regularly and consciously.