Cancer 2019 horoscope

Introduction to Cancer 2019 Horoscope

The past two years have been bittersweet. Saturn in your own sign brought love and perhaps marriage but also brought many burdens and responsibilities.


Perhaps you thought that romance and marriage were the paths to happiness but you learned that even good relationships bring duties and responsibilities.

Perhaps you believed that another person had the power to make you happy. By now you are seeing that happiness is up to you, it is an inner spiritual choice that you make.

Your overall energy was not up to its usual standards either but happily in 2019 this will change. Saturn leaves your Sign on July 16th and you enter a new era. On October 26th, Jupiter will move away from a stressful aspect and start making harmonious aspects to you.

Health and vitality should improve.


There will be more fun in life and many will be thinking of babies.

In 2017 there was great ferment, change and drama in your personal religious and philosophical beliefs. Many of these things were tested. Some were turned on their head.

Many of you will have joined experimental religious cults or sects. This all comes from a deep need to arrive at a true and correct personal religion. These trends are continuing in 2019.

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Most important interests in the year ahead are body, self, personal image, personal pleasures until July 16th; finance after July 16th; home, family, domestic and psychological issues until October 26th; fun, creativity, speculations, children and leisure activities after October 26th; health and work; personal transformation, debt, sex, past lives, reincarnation and the deeper things of life; religion, philosophy, higher education and foreign travel; friendships and group activities after July 28th.

cancer 2019 horoscope
Your paths to greatest fulfillment in the year ahead are home, family, domestic and psychological issues until October 26th; children, leisure activities, speculations and fun after October 26th; career.

Cancer 2019 Health Horoscope

As mentioned earlier, two long-term planets in stressful aspect (Jupiter and Saturn) damped your normal vitality over the past two years. There was a strong need to watch your energy, to rest and relax more and to use energy for true priorities.

You had to make some tough choices in the past two years and this was a good thing. This trend is still in effect until July 16th and after that you should notice a great increase in overall vitality and well-being.

This sense of wellness will increase even further after October 26th when Jupiter moves into Scorpio.

Jupiter is your Health Planet. In the body, Jupiter rules the liver and thighs. These parts of the body need more attention than most and keeping them fit in your case is sound preventative medicine. Jupiter will spend most of the year in the Sign of Libra.

Since Libra rules the kidneys, hips and buttocks, these parts of the body too, need more attention. It would be a good idea to have your thighs, hips and buttocks regularly massaged.

On October 26th your Health Planet will move into Scorpio. This has important health implications as it shows that you will respond better to some kinds of therapies better than others. Scorpio rules detox regimes of all sorts, herbal and mechanical. So you will respond better to these therapies after October 26th. Pluto, the planet that rules Scorpio and detox, is also in your 6th House of Health all year, reinforcing what we say here. Scorpio rules sex and the sexual organs as well as the colon and bladder. So these organs need more attention. There are many natural methods for strengthening these things, as you regular readers well know.

After October 26th safe sex and sexual balance become more important for health.

While Jupiter is in Libra until October 26th, there is a wonderful holistic attitude towards health. Libra is associated with love and your 4th House (Libra is in your 4th House) rules your overall emotional life, your moods, feelings and day-to-day emotions.
So for you, good health means more than just the absence of disease. It means a healthy love and emotional life.

Health problems in your case will tend to have their origins in these things. If a health problem occurs, check your social and family relationships and see what is amiss. Do your best to correct any disharmony there.

If you do this, chances are that the health problem will fall away of its own accord, as you will have eliminated the cause. Alternatively, even if the services of a health professional are needed, the healing will go much more quickly and easily because you have done this corrective work.

Also remember that Jupiter is the planet of metaphysics. You always respond well to metaphysical types of therapies, prayer, meditation, etc.

While Jupiter is in your 4th House (until October 26th) you seem very concerned with the health of family members perhaps more so than with your own health.

While Jupiter is in your 5th House (after October 26th) you seem more concerned with the health of children, very involved in this.

I don’t see any major issues in their health but you seem pre-occupied with it, perhaps on a preventative level or with their overall health regime. Children also seem more health conscious during this period and are more likely to undertake health regimes and better diets.

Your Health Planet in the 5th House will show you the healing power of joy. Joy itself is a tremendous healing force.

Often you will find that when you are under the weather, a night out on the town or some good belly laughs do more for you than a visit to a health professional.

A parent or parental figure benefits from unconventional, experimental types of therapies. He or she needs to depart from the orthodoxy.

Cancer 2019 Love Horoscope

With your Love Planet in your own Sign since mid-2015, many of you married, entered business partnerships or met significant others. These positive love and social trends are still in effect until July 16th. Those of you who are still single or unattached have wonderful opportunities.

This is especially so for those of you born late in the Sign, July 12th to 23rd.

Business-type partnerships are not only likely now but for the next two to two-and-a-half years.

Right now there is little you need to do to find love. Love is pursuing you and it has been this way since 2015 but after July 16th, singles will find love opportunities as they pursue their financial goals or with people who are involved in their finances.

Your spouse, partner or lover is eager to please these days. He or she goes way out of his or her way to please you and is totally and wholeheartedly on your side, concerned about your interests. In fact, he or she puts your interests ahead of his or her own.

Though in general this is a happy state of affairs and you get your way in love, it is not all fun and games, as many of you are learning. Self-sacrifice creates expectations. Your partner feels you ‘owe’ him or her something and there can be covert and subtle burdens, bonds and responsibilities at your end.

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It is said that he who buys a slave buys a master and he who hires an employee, hires a boss. There are subtle obligations in these transactions that are often unrealized.

Right now love is physical and tangible. You want to be loved in a personal way, in your body, for your body and through your body. Sensual contact is the way that love is expressed but come July 16th there will be a subtle change.

Love will be shown through material support, being the good provider, through material gifts. You will show love this way and expect love to be shown to you in this way. In the past two years, when your lover hugged and caressed you, that was love.

Now you might prefer a material gift too. Singles are allured by wealth. They gravitate towards those who can help them achieve their financial goals.

By July 16th most of you will be where you want to be in your love life and so social interests wane. The status quo in love should prevail.

Those of you who are still single perhaps you are too young to marry will have plenty of non-serious love opportunities come October 26th, as Jupiter moves into your 5th House of Love Affairs but these things seem more like entertainment than real love.

Cancerians working towards or already in their second marriage are facing a whole different situation. This marriage seems in crisis. The issues are about personal freedom. True love will weather these storms but it won’t be easy.

If you are working towards a second marriage, it would not be advisable to marry for a while. Best to play the field.

Affections both in you and your partner/s are much too unstable for long-term commitment. Those of you involved with these kinds of Cancerians who have been married once before need to give them a lot of space.

Those in their third marriage or significant relationship will face a crisis after July 28th. This need not break things up but the marriage / relationship will get tested. The issues here involve power.

Children of marriageable age face a crisis in their marriage or significant relationship. Grandchildren of marriageable age will probably not marry nor is it advisable.

Your most active social periods will be from January 1st to February 2nd, from November 5th to December 15th and from December 21st to 31st.

Cancer 2019 Finance and Career

Your 2nd House of Finance is not a House of Power until July 16th. The status quo should be in effect. The cosmos pushes you neither one way nor the other but on July 16th Saturn will move into your Money House for two-and-a-half years.

This will make finances a major priority in your life. You will need to focus much energy and attention here.

Saturn moving through the Money House is not usually pleasant. Saturn is like medicine, not supposed to taste pleasant but in the end it does the job and you feel better. So this will be a period for getting your financial house in order, for reorganizing and restructuring your financial life, your investments, strategies, plans and earnings.

It is a time for getting financially healthier and for applying the principles of order and proportion to your finances.

Saturn will supply all your legitimate financial needs but probably not for frivolous or ego-based ‘wants’. You will have to make tough choices in the year ahead. What are my true needs?

In your financial planning, this is a time for taking a long-range perspective on things.

What will the value of this investment be in five years? Ten years? What will be the value of this night out on the town in five years or that dream holiday? This kind of thinking is helpful in a Saturn transit.

This is a time for building wealth, step by step in methodical ways. This is not a time to be thinking of quick or easy money.

Saturn wants you to understand what money really is, your time, effort and intelligence. These are not things to be taken lightly. Wealth is a process, not a thing and it happens over time.

Many of you will be working to gain control over your finances. Budgeting is a good idea but don’t punish yourself either.

A good budget under a Saturn transit should include savings and investment. You are building your financial future now.

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If you can discern this difference, between wants and needs and apply it to your financial life, you will come through this transit wealthier and financially healthier than before.

This is a time for earning your wealth. A time for going the extra mile in finances.

If your employer is paying you only $7.00 an hour, give him $15.00 an hour’s worth of service. This will inevitably bring prosperity to you either through that employer or through another.

The good news of this transit is that your partner is working powerfully on your financial behalf. Other types of business partnerships are also likely and if you give these partnerships time to develop (don’t expect overnight success), they can be very rewarding.

Professional investors should look at commercial property, gold, utilities and gaming stocks for opportunities (this information could, however, be modified by a horoscope drawn up for your specific time and place of birth).

As you work hard and get hold of your finances, good luck will come to you. Jupiter moving through your 5th House of Speculations (October 26th) bestows good fortune.

It’s as if the Cosmos is saying to you, ‘I will grant good fortune but only if you earn it.’

Those of you involved in property or insurance claims need to do a lot more homework. There is deceit or unrealistic assumptions in this area.

Family & Kids

Cancerians are always interested in the home and family but this year, with Jupiter in your 4th House, this interest is even greater than usual. Home and family issues seem very happy this year. There is good overall family support.

The family circle is enlarged either through births or marriage. You meet people who are like family to you. Family members are eager to serve you in practical, realistic ways and you them. Since your health is very connected to these things, I rate this as a positive health signal.

The only problem here is overdoing, with the best of intentions when you don’t have the energy for it.

Jupiter in the 4th House is the classic transit for a move, renovation or expansion of the home. Generally it shows prosperity from the home perhaps the fortunate sale or purchase of a home, perhaps a change so that you are using the home as a work-base.

Often it shows the purchase of a second or third home. Often it shows that big-ticket luxury items are added to the home. Different Cancerians will experience different scenarios depending on their stage in life and financial status.

By October 26th, when Jupiter leaves your 4th House, the home and domestic situation will be where you want it to be and you won’t have to pay so much attention to it.

A parent or parental figure is prospering and seems to be sharing this prosperity with the family.

A sibling could be making deep and extensive renovations to his or her home (this could have happened last year, too).

Aunts or uncles are moving perhaps many times. Children of appropriate age are moving too perhaps going off to university or changing accommodation, flats and roommates. There is great instability here. Grandchildren are also moving around a lot, they’re almost nomadic.

Improve your life in 2019

Saturn’s move through your Money House will do much more than just correct financial behaviour in a physical sense. It is much more than just what happens to the bottom line and net worth. It’s really about correcting psychological attitudes to wealth and money.

Financial difficulties tend to have their origin in psychological difficulties. Psychological difficulties have their origin in philosophical and metaphysical difficulties. So, all these areas will be reorganized.

There are many people who create elaborate and meticulous budgets, who negotiate powerfully with employers and customers, who earn relatively large incomes but who still have financial difficulties. They can’t put their budget into practice because there are psychological tendencies that work against it.

They habitually spend more than they earn for the same reasons. They can’t say no to children.

Empty ego urges force them to live a lifestyle aimed to impress. So-and-so just bought a new car, so I have to buy one.

Never mind that my present car works just fine. No, I must have that new one and better than so-and-so’s. So-and-so just built a deck in the back garden. I have to have one too.

Never mind that the money for the deck, if invested wisely, will enrich you down the road.

So in addition to doing the mundane practical things that you need to do, it would be wise to look into the psychological patterns of how and why you spend.