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August 2019 Monthly Horoscope

For All Signs, Mercury the planet of communications, travel and all things mechanical goes retrograde from August 3 to September 3. Your phone loses its signal, your travel agent books you into Hollywood, Florida not California or has you arriving in Perris, California and not Paris, France. You get stranded at the airport and lose the laptop. It is a few weeks of misunderstandings so don’t take it seriously and have plan B ready at all times. It is a good time to re-think, re-do and re-consider and re-check all the fine print. Just to be sure, you understand.


Romance takes off slowly this year but then when Jupiter the giver of wonderful gaudy gifts and lottery ticket luck begins affecting you in October you find you are in a new cycle. There is the feel of wonderful fate this year and all good things come pouring in at once. Leo hates to be down, out or low on funds. Pluto is still hooking you up with partners that are powerful enough to ask for some control over you and your over the top antics. While you may not like it you realize that this is a good thing. It is your year to purr not roar.


Don’t you just hate it when to have to change your number because someone won’t let it go? You are the center of attraction and simply irresistible so give your love struck obsessed lover a break and let them down without a single rash, impulsive or harsh word. You can analyze your affair endlessly in late August but just enjoy the new attractions before then.


The first week brings cash. You get to do one of your favorite things, shop and look for bargains. The comforters are on sale and you drag one home and plop down on it for some much needed R&R. Stock up on comfort foods and your favorite chocolate cookies and give in to your cravings. Have people into your home and keep your environment cozy. You know how you are about these things. Take advantage of the nice stellar break.


Venus in your sign the first of the month sends out waves and whiffs of pheromones. You are hard to ignore and totally compelling now. Gemini John Edwards isn’t the only one out charming the crowds. The Donald is planning his wedding and selling it to TV. There is a message in this take advantage of your sudden popularity while you are, well, just terribly interesting.


Okay, equal time for President Trump now. Astrology never plays favorites. But, there is timing to things. Venus over Trump’s sign and all Cancer’s give the July born the push they need to excel and be finally loved and understood. Venus enters Cancer on the 7th august 2019. Saturn that crabby old timekeeper, who delays things of importance and takes you to task every seven years, is still torturing the Cancer born. But, if you have been doing the right thing for the right reasons things inexplicably and magically work in your favor.


Mercury is retrograding in your sign toward the end of the month making you question your recent decisions about your life’s directions. Never one to change your mind easily you confuse others now with your fleeting indecisions and second guessing. You make demands. You lover/loverette thinks you are suddenly making impossible ultimatums. The demands aren’t met. You call every fifteen minutes to say you’ve reconsidered. Draw the blinds and chill out until the transits pass


Your energies are low, low, way low at the first of the month. Then zapped by the planet Mars you become energized and work round the clock like the TV bunny. Jupiter on your side in the geometry of the skies makes it possible to realize that your dreams are becoming a reality. By your birthday you see a brighter, clearer, downright shining future. The moon of the 17th illuminates your sweet modest and earnest little heart.

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Okay, august 2019 is not your best month. Things are disjointed, bewildering and you can’t seem to charm your way out of a certain situation. Not to worry, toward the end of September you take a new turn in life and find that you are once again the Zodiac favorite. You are lucky, favored, fortunate and so very unstoppable. This upcoming cycle is your best Jupiter aspect in 11 years so sit down and put to paper whatever it is you desire. Focus on your desires and help the Universe attract your wish list for you.


Saturn and Uranus team up to give you a thing called a trine. Think of the mysterious shape of the pyramid and you can imagine the power you can create for yourself. Expect things to happen that you never imaged could occur. Look forward to surprising by new situations and circumstances. Do you travel for a work project and fall in love with a dreamer?


August 2019 should be an auspicious month for you. Always lucky, you find yourself making meaningful gains in career and building importance connections in the world of business. More than that, Gemini in Venus in your house of marriage and partnerships suggests a fortunate alliance. Although it may appear things happen by accident to you and you have a lucky star that sends its powerful rays your way there is more to this than luck. The call of fate is in the air. Something you were meant to do and be is truly written in the stars now.


Always the worker bee of the zodiac you are now a powerful member of any staff or group. The Moon in your sign on the 25th shines on you. You decide to get the teeth zoomed, your lips puffed, your wardrobe updated. Capricorns start a new phase this month and by September’s end you enter a time that requires your attention in so many other areas that you need to take advantage of a month that could be all about you.

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Imaginative this month you are more a dreamer than normal. You are dizzy-dancing, seeing life in a brand new shining light. You had the once-in-a-blue-moon in Aquarius in your Sun Sign last month. This rare occurrence affected you. Now, you feel lightheaded and ethereal rather than aloof and scientific. It is a good change for you to see things in a different way. You learn to believe in the unseen and on the 28th you catch a glimmer of the new landscape around you.


Love is thwarted in early August 2019 but you regain control after the first week. That is, if you can ever gain control in your current crazy, exciting, twisted romance. But, you love it. Given to extremes you find your current relationship as odd as the dreams that continue to provide clues into your life. Your nightscapes are telling a story and you don’t need to call the doctor to get the message or insight. The full moon in your sign on the 30th is particularly important.


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