Aries 2019 horoscope

The past two years have been challenging ones. Your health and vitality were not up to their usual high standards. There was more resistance to your goals and you had to exert yourself more than usual.
Though you still face many of the same challenges in 2019, the most difficult part is over with. By July 16th, Saturn will move away from its stressful aspect with you and start to make a harmonious aspect.


The very things that were causing you distress will now reveal their blessings. The situations and people who seemed opposed to you, these very same ones will now be friendly and helpful, truly a miracle.

This year, your 2019 aries horoscope predicts: By the time Jupiter moves into Libra on February 6th, you will have made discipline, duty, order and integrity your friend and he is a wonderful friend to have.

Love was important in 2018 and many of you have married or entered into significant relationships. Those of you still looking have wonderful aspects for this year for most of 2019. Jupiter in your 7th House of Love and Marriage is a classic signal for romance.

Home, family and emotional issues were difficult last year and the trend continues in the year ahead. The cosmos wants you to re-order and restructure these areas of life.


Like last year, this is a period of making inner, psychological progress and many of you are making this your number one priority, which is as it should be.

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Since 2017 you have been working to integrate career and family, ‘outer’ success with a feeling of emotional harmony. This trend continues for most of the year ahead until July 16th.

Finances weren’t a big priority in 2017 and neither are they this year, 2019. Of course you will earn but you have more important things on your plate.

Most important interests in the year 2019 for Aries are home, family and emotional issues until July 16th, children, creativity and fun after July 16th.

aries horoscope 2019Love, romance and social life until October 26th, personal transformation, debt and payment of debt, sex and the study of the deeper things of life after October 26th and finance after July 28th, religion, metaphysics, higher education and travel, friendships and group activities.

2019 aries horoscope predicts that your paths to greatest fulfillment in the year ahead are body, image and personal pleasures, love, romance and social activities until October 26th, personal transformation and reinvention after October 26th.

Aries 2019 Health Horoscope


Your overall vitality was not up to par in 2017.

There was a need to rest and relax more, a need to pace yourself, a need to remember that you have physical limits.

You’ve been in a period where you needed to make tough choices, to decide what was really important to you and to focus only on those things. This trend is continuing until July 16th.

Like last year,in 2019 for Aries a lot of the stress seems to be coming from issues of self-esteem and personal power.

It is much harder for you to assert your will and there are feelings of powerlessness but understand that this is only a psychological condition.

Aries, in 2019 you can never lose your true power. All you need to do is connect to it.

Emotional issues have also been stressful and this too depleted much energy. There was a great need to cultivate inner peace and tranquility last year and this is so this year too.

There have been greater tendencies to depression these past few years because there was a need to manage your moods and emotional states. If you overdid things, repressed your feelings, you’ve got depressed.

Also, the overall lack of vitality could have been a major cause. Very often what is diagnosed as depression is merely a low energy level. Often you can cure it by resting and relaxing more.

Your 6th House of Health is not a House of Power this year in 2019, Aries. I read this as a good thing. It shows no major illness though a personal chart, cast for your precise day, time and place of birth, could modify what is said here.

In 2019, you might be low in energy but it’s not having that great an impact. Still, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to pay more attention to your health this year. Your tendency will be to neglect it or take it for granted.

With Mercury as your Health Planet, you always need to pay more attention to your lungs, arms, shoulders and intestines. Problems, should they occur are likely to begin there. Keeping these parts of the body fit is good preventative medicine.

Mercury is a very fast-moving planet. In the course of a year it will move through all the Signs and Houses of your Horoscope.

You are a person who can benefit from many different types of therapies and regimes, it depends where Mercury is at a given time. We will cover this in more detail in the month-by-month forecasts.

Mercury will go retrograde three times this year, from March 20th to April 12th, July 23rd to August 16th and November 14th to December 4th. These are not times for making major changes to your diet or health regime. These are times for doing more homework on these things.

Aries 2019 love horoscope

Aries, last year should have been a banner social year and this trend is continuing in 2019. Marriages, serious relationships, an increase in your social circle and happiness from friends are all in the stars this year. Benevolent Jupiter is bringing all this to pass.

What is really nice here is that you are attracting ‘quality’ and not just ‘quantity’. Lovers and friends seem of high status, well educated, refined, of high moral fiber and wealthy. Perhaps they are of a religious or philosophical bent.

Perhaps they are foreigners. Perhaps you meet them in a foreign country. All these scenarios are likely when Jupiter energizes your House of Love.

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We often limit ourselves in love. We look around at our neighborhood, school or job and say ‘There’s no one here for me – I won’t have love in my life.’

Then along comes Jupiter and shows you that it’s a very big world out there, teeming with opportunity. The entire world and not just your normal haunts, is your playground.

2019 aries horoscope predicts:since Jupiter is the Ruler of your 9th House, which rules second marriages, those working towards a second marriage also have very strong opportunities this year.

Those working towards a third marriage should get involved in spiritually orientated projects, causes, charities, volunteer activities. This is where love opportunity lies.

Meditation seminars, spiritual retreats and prayer meetings are also likely meeting places. You need a more spiritually orientated person in your love life.

Overall 2019 for Aries is a socially active year but it will get even more active from August 17th to September 11th and from September 22nd to October 23rd.

Children of marriageable age have a marriage opportunity but shouldn’t rush into anything. There is much illusion that needs to be penetrated.

Grandchildren of marriageable age have a status-quo year. Married’s will tend to stay married and singles will tend to stay single.

Siblings have been undergoing long-term changes in their relationships. Many a marriage is in crisis. There is a need to reform and reshape all the social attitudes here.
A parent or parental figure is much more socially active this year. He or she is reaching out to others and initiating new social contacts. A serious relationship could definitely be on the cards.

Aries 2019 Finance and Career Horoscope

Your 2nd House of Finance is not a House of Power for most of the year hence I expect the status quo to prevail but on July 28th, Mars, your Ruling Planet, a very benefic planet for you, Aries will make a rare five-month transit in your Money House.

Usually Mars stays in a Sign and House for about two months. When it spends five months in a Sign, it is big news.

This shows us many things. Finances will start becoming more important to you. You will focus on them. You will take charge. You will enjoy financial interests and since Mars is benefic for you, it will bring financial increase and success.

Seems to me that a strong interest in something is more likely to bring success than merely having good aspects.

201 aries horoscope predicts: It’s nice to have good aspects, of course. It makes things easier but the drive and the interest give you the power to overcome all obstacles, it is the ‘juice’, the dynamism that brings success eventually.

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So I expect you will end the year much wealthier than when you began it. Finance will be a big adventure. You will be even more of a risk-taker than usual.

You will start dressing and accessorizing more expensively. You will don the image of wealth. You will invest in yourself, the best investment there is.

Personal appearance and overall demeanor will play a big role in earnings, this is probably why you are investing in yourself.

With Mars in your Money House, your own business seems a good thing. You want to be as independent as possible. I can see a lot of you working from home.

Some of you will be running your own business, some will perhaps be working for others but from your home.

2019  aries horoscope predicts: Jupiter will move into your 8th House on October 26th. Often this shows an inheritance but don’t take this too literally. No one need actually die. Someone can remember you in their will or name you as executor.

Generally, this shows the repayment of debt too. Your credit line, your access to outside capital is increased. Those of you who have good ideas can easily attract outside investors, ‘financial angels’ to your projects.

Your Career Planet, Saturn is in Cancer and in your 4th House until July 16th. This reinforces what was said earlier. Not a whole lot of ambition either financial or career wise for the first half of the year.

Many of you are making your family the career. Many are supporting the careers of family members or working to elevate the family as a whole rather than just themselves.

Many are working for family members or in family-type businesses but all of you are’ working to integrate good feeling and emotional harmony with your career. There are many roads to this. I have only mentioned a few.

Your Career Planet will change Signs this year, a major headline. It will move from your 4th to your 5th House. Many will be making children your career.

Others will be getting involved in creative or glamour careers, the entertainment field calls to many of you now. Some will be able to go onstage but most might choose the business side of it.

Many will choose the business side of art as well. After July 16th the urge is to choose a career that you enjoy, something that’s fun. Those of you already involved in a career are going to try to incorporate more fun into it, arrange things so that you can pursue it in more leisurely ways i.e. entertaining clients at a resort or on the golf course or attending more parties for business purposes.

The cosmos is helping you in this. Duty need not be boring.

Perhaps the main career weakness this year is just lack of interest, says the 2019 aries horoscope. For those of you already in established careers it means that you are already where you want to be and want to have more fun and emotional harmony.

For those not yet in established careers it means that the need to find your emotional comfort zone comes before your career.

Job seekers Aries have better success from June 3rd to August 23rd in 2019. If you need a job before that, of course, take it but keep your eyes open for better opportunities at the above time.


This area has been challenging since 2016. As mentioned, there is a need to manage and control your emotions these days. This is easier said than done. If you overdo it, you repress and can cause depression.

If you under-do it, you are likely to upset various people and situations.

This is a period, on a psychological level, for dealing with parental issues, for coming to terms with your parents and your early life with them.

Your relationship with them is shifting now but in order to shift properly, the old baggage has to be cleared out. Everyone has traumas growing up, some more, some less. This is the nature of things.

Now is the time to do some house cleaning. Most of you are well into the process but if not, this is the time. Many of you are parents yourselves, and this enables you to understand your parents’ position more objectively. They might have been wrong but you were no angel either.

On a physical level we also see more involvement with parents. Perhaps one of them is living with you or you are being his or her career. Perhaps there is an authority figure in your home. All of these things would fit the symbolism of extra responsibility seen in your Horoscope.

In general you don’t seem to take much pleasure in normal family responsibilities. They are duties rather than pleasures, family relationships likewise. This is why coming to terms with your early life is so important these days. You can come to grips with the origin of these feelings.

Like last year, 2019 space seems cramped at home. This can come from the visitors mentioned above or because you are working from home. Your challenge is to make good use of the space you have. A move doesn’t seem advisable.

2019 aries horoscope predicts: With the Moon as your Family Planet, your yen for domestic and family duties will wax and wane with the Moon. When the Moon waxes you will have more enthusiasm for these things. When it wanes, less.

Beautifying and decorating the home will proceed more smoothly from June 3rd to July 23rd than at other times. Family gatherings or entertaining from home will also go better during this period.

Improve your life in 2019

Spirituality has been an important interest for many years now. The trend continues in 2019 and perhaps gets even stronger.

That this intense interest should also coincide with Saturn in your 4th House is a great good fortune for it is only by spiritual and meditative means that you can really get a grip on your moods and emotions in the correct way without repression or undue expression.

In 2019, the sgin of Aries, have to be able to transcend, rise above, their moods in order to see them clearly and deal with them. Trying to analyze a bad mood while thy are in the mood will only make matters worse.

Probably it will lead you to all kinds of false conclusions but rise above them and you will be in a different headspace, a clearer one. Often, just your understanding of what’s happening is the cure.

The mood dissolves. Sometimes you might be led to do certain things but one way or another, you will be able to change your state.

In 2019, the Zodiac signs tells you: Those on a spiritual path should try to combine science with their devotion. The science of religion is as much a science as any other, perhaps even more so.

A scientific understanding of what you do will enhance your practice as you bring your mind along as a friend, helper and ally. There are many books and courses that stress this approach.

The study of astrology aside from its scientific and personal aspects will also enhance your spiritual practice and inner life. Some of you might even take it up as a spiritual discipline.