Aquarius 2019 horoscope

Last year seems to have been a happy one. You grew in many, many ways. There was financial growth to be sure but more importantly there was intellectual and spiritual growth.


Many of you met important mentors and teachers.

You experienced the joy of learning, the joy of mental and philosophical expansion. If truth be known, this is one of the greatest joys that exist. With Jupiter in the 9th House, university students and those seeking entrance to university should have met with outstanding success.

Of course your personal Horoscope, drawn up for your specific date, time and place of birth, could temper what I say here.
For many years now you have been undergoing a spiritual transformation. Neptune, the most spiritual of all the planets has been in your Sign and will continue to be there in the year ahead. You have been having dramatic spiritual experiences. Like light through a lens, the spiritual forces of the universe have been focused on you and you are responding. These trends continue in 2019.

Though you may not understand the meaning of your spiritual experiences, there is a definite agenda, plan and purpose behind them. They are meaningful. They are leading you to something. This will become apparent after October 26th when Jupiter moves into your 10th House.


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This will not only bring career success in the most mundane sense but a new clarity about your real mission in life, your true work in the world.

Saturn makes a major move this year from the Sign of Cancer where it has been for two-and-a-half years to the Sign of Leo. This is a challenging aspect for you with important health and social implications.

Mars will make an unusually long transit, more than five months, in your 4th House of Home and Family bringing new activity and change in that area.

Most important interests in the year ahead are body, image, personal appearance, finance, health and work until July 16th, love, romance and social activities after July 16th, religion, philosophy, higher education and foreign travel until October 26th and career after October 26th.
aquarius 2019
Your paths to greatest fulfillment in the year ahead are religion, philosophy, higher education and foreign travel until October 26th; career after October 26th; communication and intellectual interests.

Aquarius 2019 Health Horoscope


Health and vitality have been good in 2018 and will continue to be good for the first half of 2019 but beginning July 16th, the planetary dynamic changes. On that day Saturn moves into a stressful aspect to you. On July 28th, Mars will start to make a stressful aspect.

On October 26th, Jupiter will join the party. So you will have a special need to start watching your energy levels and starting to make important adjustments in your life.

First off, understand that these planetary stresses of themselves, will not cause disease. The cosmos never sends us greater challenges than we are able to bear.

You will have enough energy to handle what really needs to be handled but not much extra for frivolities. You seem to be extra busy during this latter half of 2019 so you need to sit down and take realistic stock of yourself and ask yourself, ‘How much energy have I got? What activities can I comfortably handle?’ Then focus on those.

Of what use is it to conquer the world if it destroys your health, of what use is it to acquire multitudes of ‘things’ though there’s nothing wrong with them as such if you’re not in a position to enjoy them? So make the lifestyle adjustments that need to be made.

Your life force, your energy is your most precious gift. Treat it accordingly.

Take a common-sense approach. Which tasks can be delegated or out-sourced? Delegate them. Rest when tired. Many people are under the delusion that they can achieve things when they’re tired. Usually this only creates mental errors and the task just needs to be redone anyway.

Listen to your body. If you are around people who drain your energy and you can feel this, make a diplomatic excuse and get out of there. No need to be rude or impolite as this will only make matters worse. Try to associate with positive and uplifting people. You are more sensitive, open and vulnerable these days especially with Neptune in your own Sign.

Try to organize your days so that more gets done with less effort. Better planning seems important these days.

Those not on ‘a spiritual path’ are probably over-indulging in drugs or alcohol. This should be stopped or at least reduced.

Health can be enhanced by paying more attention to your heart stomach and breasts. There are many natural and drugless ways to do this and most of you are aware of them. Also there is much literature available on this subject.

This is a period where you feel the limitations of your energy. Saturn shows you, starkly that you can’t be everywhere and do everything. Now, many consider all limitations evil.

Of course it is true that we are Infinite Beings with no limitations whatsoever but the infinite limits us in order that we can create and take on form, truly a miracle and these forms are designed for specific purposes. Now is the time to focus on those purposes.

Happily, the cosmos has been preparing you for two years now for these coming events. The cosmos generally doesn’t spring surprises on us. Always it signals its future intent. Health and health regimes have been important priorities and this continues for most of the year ahead.

Many of you have learned much about how your body functions. You have explored deeper into the spiritual aspects of healing as well. All of this knowledge will stand you in good stead in the year ahead.

The most stressful health period this year is from October 23rd to November 22nd so do try to reduce your activities and rest and relax more then. This would be a good time to take a holiday or go on a retreat if you can arrange it. If not, try to reschedule highly stressful or risky activities.

Aquarius 2019 Love Horoscope

Though you’ve settled down a bit in the past few years, your love life has been unstable. It has proved difficult for many of you to stay with one person.

Since you’ve been growing spiritually and psychologically, you have been many, many different people. You have been like the human species itself but at a more accelerated pace, a work in progress a masterpiece in the making.

Not yet a finished product but in the process of becoming one. Thus as you changed, your spouse, partner or lover who thought he or she was in love with X found that X no longer existed to be replaced by Y – someone he or she never fell in love with in the first place. It is quite bewildering.

Then, as soon as he or she adjusted to Y, you morphed into Z and so on and so forth.

The reverse was also true. You thought your partner was the ideal, Prince or Princess Charming but as you changed, your notion of the ideal partner changed as well.

As you changed again, so again did your ideal. I’m sure you see what we’re driving at here.

Issues of personal freedom also played a role in the instability of your love life. The real freedom you sought though you may not have been aware of it was not merely to do what you want when you want or to have things your way but to grow and evolve.

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That was what really has motivated you. Getting into a ‘fixed’ relationship, unless the other person understands these things would hinder that freedom. So probably the past few years have been characterized by serial love affairs. Serial relationships.

On July 16th Saturn will make a very important move into your 7th House of Love, Marriage and Social Activities, to stay there for the next two-and-a-half years.

Generally this not considered an especially happy love aspect but if you handle it correctly, it can be.

In general, Saturn in the 7th House tests existing relationships. The duties and obligations of love become apparent under this transit and only true love and commitment can weather the storm.

Anything less probably won’t survive. Saturn in the 7th House is also the cosmos calling to you to re-order and re-organize your love and social life. There is a need to put self-imposed limits on these things. Perhaps, because of your freedom, your circle of friends and of dating partners has got too large, too unwieldy and too disorderly.

Now is the time to put things in order. You will need to focus more on your true and real friends and let the halfway, lukewarm ones go. Rest assured, Saturn will show you who is who in the next two-and-a-half years.

Saturn in the 7th House generally denies marriage but not always. Sometimes it brings someone older and more established into your life. Sometimes people marry for convenience or as a career move under this transit.

Often, under this transit, there is a ‘disbelief’ in romantic love. Even the most incurable romantic will feel this under this transit. It’s as if you feel that romantic love is merely an illusion, a trick of the senses, a dream or chimera.

One feels that one should dismiss this fantasy and marry someone who will be a good provider, who will be dutiful, who has status and prestige. Singles will feel this pressure most acutely.

When Venus is in the 7th House, one is a believer in romantic love. When Saturn is in the 7th House, the reverse is true.

One is a non-believer and others have to make a believer out of them. Not an easy task. Those of you involved with Aquarians should take note.

Many of you will meet special someone’s under this transit but Saturn will counsel you to go slow in love, to let love develop as it will and not to rush things.

Those working towards a second marriage face a completely different situation. Here love is very happy. A second marriage, if it hasn’t already happened is very likely now.

There is a serious relationship happening.

Those working towards a third marriage should look to the university, the church, the prayer meeting and educational settings for love opportunities.

After October 26th there are opportunities as you pursue career goals and with people of high status perhaps with bosses, supervisors or people involved with your career.

Those working towards their fourth marriage seem to be allured by wealth and wealthy people and it looks like there is someone like that in the picture.

Aquarius 2019 Finance and Career Horoscope

Your 2nd House has not only been an important House of Power for many years but the Lord of the 2nd House, your Financial Planet has been camped in your own Sign for many years.

Finances have been important to you for a long time and this trend continues in the year ahead and for years to come. These have been prosperous years and this prosperity is only going to increase. Uranus, your Ruling Planet and Neptune, your Financial Planet are in a beautiful, mutual reception’ aspect.

Each is a guest in the Sign and House of the other. Each is co-operating beautifully with the other.

This year we see new and even more positive developments. You are not only attaining prosperity but also status, prestige and recognition. On October 26th Jupiter will move into your 10th House of Career, bringing pay raises, promotions, honors and perhaps other lucrative career opportunities. Your career horizons greatly expand.

Jupiter will be in a rare ‘mutual reception’ relationship with Pluto, your Career Planet. This is very positive. There is much success, more than just money in store.

Now, Aquarians are born networkers. This is an innate gift. No one can handle and understand group dynamics or team play better than Aquarius but after October 26th this gift flowers into full and beautiful expression.

Friendships and networking aid your career. Your career brings new friends and networking possibilities, which further enhance it. A continuous circle of power is created. Further, since Aquarius LOVES the networking game, this is a very happy and exciting period for you. Your innate ability to handle groups of people, to make friends, takes you to the stratosphere.

There are other ways to read this mutual reception too, equally valid ones. The 11th House rules science and high technology. This involvement implies a career in technology or the use perhaps even the invention of technology as part of your career.

Perhaps some of you will invent some new gadget or piece of software that has great market appeal. Perhaps you will work for a company that is involved in this. Professional investors might be investing in such companies.

Since the 11th House rules astrology, many of you might get into astrology as a career perhaps as a professional or on the business side of it or use its insights to further your career.

For some years now you have been investing in yourself, spending perhaps lavishly on yourself. You consider yourself to be the best investment and there is much truth here. For ultimately, all earning power depends on you.

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More than this, you are donning the image of wealth. You are dressing expensively and for success. As you project this image of wealth, you begin to act in a wealthy way and attract wealth to you. This is a form of magic.

In many cases your livelihood or earning power depends on your personal appearance and overall demeanor. Therefore you need to spend on these things. Many companies are not buying your skills as such but your ‘packaging’, the impression you make on others.

Of course mere packaging without the skills to back it up won’t get you very far but it is an important factor. We see these kinds of aspects in the charts of athletes, fashion models or marketing people.

All these trends will continue this year and for many years to come.

Family & Kids


Home, family and domestic issues have not been big priorities for the past few years and they are not priorities this year either until July 28th. Things have been status quo.

You seem more settled. You’ve been more or less content with the home and family situation and haven’t felt the need for much change or the need to focus overmuch on it but this all seems to change on July 28th.

On the purely physical dimension I see extensive and perhaps lengthy renovations going on in the home. It seems major, like heavy construction. Wires are being ripped out and replaced. Plumbing likewise. Perhaps even the shape of rooms is being changed.

In many cases, since Mars also rules neighbors and the neighborhood, these things could be happening in the neighborhood or in neighboring houses. You seem affected by all this. Perhaps roads or driveways are blocked off. Perhaps there are temporary blackouts of electricity or phone or Internet lines.

In many cases this could show the construction necessary to install high-speed communications in either your home or community.

Your spouse or lover might want to move but you seem to favor renovation. On a psychological level, Mars in your 4th House shows high passions at home with family members and on the part of family members.

There is some psychological conflict going on. Some dispute. Tempers flare and it will be hard work to keep calm. The conflict could involve spiritual matters, very likely. Every spiritual advance or breakthrough is preceded by some emotional upheaval for these fixed patterns are the obstacles that are giving way. Finance could also be a source of conflict.

Perhaps a sibling or neighbor or someone who is ‘like a brother or sister’ to you comes to stay and there are unexpected stresses created by that.

Dangerous objects should be kept away from children, matches, lighters, knives, etc. The good news here and what the cosmos has in mind is that you will make progress in exploring the root causes of the anger you feel. It probably originated in early life, in relations with your own parents.

This will be a wonderful time especially since so many old memories will get re-stimulated, to explore these things.

Parents or parental figures seem in combative mood but they would be better off channeling these energies in vigorous physical exercise. The parent or parental figure is feeling cramped after July 16th in the home and probably wants to move.

Relations between you and siblings could be a lot better. This also applies to neighbors and to those who are like family to you.

An uncle or aunt sees a fortunate move in the year ahead to a larger, more opulent place.

Improve your life in 2019

Perhaps the most interesting thing that is happening is the beautiful co-operation between your spiritual life and your financial life. Aquarians are being initiated into a deep secret.

Most people think that the spiritual life means a life of poverty, deprivation, living in rags in some cold, draughty cave, sacrificing every material comfort and desire but you are learning just the opposite.

To be truly spiritual is to ‘have it all’. The only thing that is sacrificed is the greed, fear and attachment. There is no lust or fear attached to wealth. There is no fear of loss for once you have it, no one can take it away. Loss can only apply to the extraneous but never to knowledge (wealth).

Yes, knowledge is wealth and it gives itself, its own essence. In your case, you are learning of the eminent ‘bottom-line practicality’ of the truly spiritual life.

Others are learning other lessons.

So there is a beautiful financial intuition happening with you, an intuition that you can bank on and trust. It might confound your logic but in hindsight it is always eminently ‘logical’.

You are on the road to true financial freedom and liberation, more profound than you’ve ever imagined.