Aquarius 2020 horoscope

Astrological influences provide a peaceful and relaxing year for Aquarius natives. Mars, Saturn, and Uranus will defuse the tensions in the lives of the native Aquarius, giving them more freedom and security. Year 2020 allows the Aquarius to see what they did after a year of effort and perseverance.

For many of you, the finances may be somewhat irregular for most of this year, because some will be in a new field of employment, some will be redeployed professionally, others will retire.

The financial situation follows the general tendencies of the native Aquarius, which presents itself, however, being balanced and rarely with crucial events.

Harmony is restored in the family and with the ability to bring you moments of brilliance. Wealth, in all its aspects, has been important for many years and is becoming more and more important this year and in the coming years.

The April-August period may be the time to improve your social life, and if you’re friends with a native Gemini or Aries you can expand your friendship or group activities. Your master, Uranus, is now set in the material sign of Taurus and you will have surprising successes.

Year 2020 announces unexpected events, but they are not able to shake the calm atmosphere that governs your life. Professional life, without major conflicts, seems to be characterized by a few unsuccessful but steady successes.

Health will be good, except for minor conditions that may occur in the middle of or late in the year. True freedom, after all, means having the means to allow you the freedom that you are longing for.

For years, spirituality has been very important to you, and this trend will be even more intense this year, but also in the years to come.
Last year, kids and creativity were very important, but now you are in a year of work, a more serious period, but do not be afraid when Jupiter moves to Capricorn after December 3, you will have plenty of opportunities to get yourself joy of living and the ability to do things the way you want.

Areas of interest will be image, personal appearance, finances, health and work, personal transformation and the deep things of life until December 3 and religion, philosophy, metaphysics, higher education and traveling abroad, friendships, group activities and organizations after 3 December. Your major concerns, for the most part of the year, will be home, family, and domestic interests.

Next year requires a balanced approach from native Varsators throughout the entire period. A lot of adjustments and compromises are also required of you. Your planets are favorable to accomplish all that you propose. A good moment to develop good relationships with others. Relationships, especially new ones, should be treated with caution. Year 2020 will bring you situations in which you will understand your emotional self and see it in a better light. Be careful about the emotions and feelings of those around you this year.


In 2020, Aquarius will do well in professional life due to favorable planetary positions. Your ambitions and aspirations will have a new direction for the moment. Advancements, salary increases and recognition will be achieved with the passing of the year. But the way up there is not an easy one. Try to create friendship with your superiors and colleagues at work. Cactus and diplomacy will do wonders in the career field. More tense situations may occur from time to time, but it is up to you to capitalize on internal energy to meet these challenges. Customer relationship will be the key to survival this year.


Aquarius’ love life will improve considerably over previous years. It’s a time when you get closer to your loved one. However, this will require some compromises on your part for the general interest of the relationship. Make sure your position remains firm in the face of the changes in the relationship. The only ones could have some potential meetings this year. Those who are already in a relationship will find good times to have a frank discussion with their partners. Communication and sincerity are key elements this year for your relationship to go forward. Try to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts and let the affection envelop your relationship. Opening a partner will be a good way to alleviate or dispel the tense states that affect your relationship lately.


Aquarius have a lucky year in front of them in terms of financial and material situation. You will have a sense of stability and positivity throughout this period. Throughout the year, the financial situation will be quite satisfactory and you will also have some good luck. More and more revenues are forecasted for this year, although there will be unwanted expenses. Stay away from impulsive purchases and give up some of your more expensive passions and hobbies if you want the financial situation to be truly excellent. The end of the year will also bring you substantial incomes that will ensure stability in the next year.


Aquarius natives will have enormous energy resources for the whole of 2020. Diet and exercise need to be consistent in order to avoid problems that may occur during the year. Avoid high fat foods because your digestive system may suffer during this time. Give the mind and body the relaxation they need. Stay away, however, from your sedentary lifestyle, as this could have serious consequences for your overall health. Do not stress yourself and try to control your impulses for the coming time. Sport and exits in nature will bring your body and mind the relaxation they need.