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April 2019 Monthly Horoscope


If you are planning a party for some time, now might be a good time to go ahead with it – you are sure to sparkle in your present state of mind. An offer is remade to you which gives you a chance to mix business very successfully with pleasure. Don’t be tempted to cancel a recent cash transaction because you see a friend with the same item – you will be surprised with the difference later on. A passing comment overheard makes you realise how much you are respected. Lucky colour red.


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You think you know your friends but one incident proves you wrong. Share your success and it will enhance your personal confidence. A blast from the past links three families together and you find your name included in the shake-up after the event. Stay very calm if there is a heated debate at work and do not be tempted to take sides at any cost. Lucky day 14th.


If a friendship is starting to feel like a burden rather than a benefit, perhaps you should consider letting go. Genuine security cannot be bought but you can always try to earn it. Treat cash success wisely and take stock of the teamwork – or lack of it – in your surroundings. A special relationship is either about to start or an existing one will strengthen this month with a happy outcome. Lucky colour orange.



Keep your mood balanced and remember good friendships are the key to feeling fine. Don’t listen if you are not sure what you are going to hear. Taking charge of a daunting task will show your talent and skills to their best advantage. A chance to speak in public is around the corner – go for it! Lucky day 11th.


Your confidence is increasing and it can turn small mistakes into milestones towards success. Travel in connection with a hobby could bring an interesting twist to your free time. Do listen when your heart tells you who to trust – ignore gossip and get the facts instead. Lucky colour green.


A time of feeling isolated is over and your deepest beliefs are accepted at last. A group looking for a leader may be looking in your direction and you can show them some of your creative strengths. Speak from your heart instead of hiding your true feelings. Change only what needs changing in your home. Lucky day 10th.


Say ‘no’ when you feel it is right to do so – you will get more respect when you show more respect. You are a fast learner and you also have a great eye for a bargain so use both talents to your advantage. In family circles some of the old grudges are fading and it is just the right time to make a good impression on a relatively new family member. Lucky colour white.


You can bluff with the best, but keep this for work or sport – don’t try it out in love or your bluff could be called. Past bitterness can sour future success so put it to rest this month. Cut through written excuses and get to the real root of the problem if you want to do something to solve it. Your money chart is hot but don’t get your fingers burnt! Lucky day 9th.


You are poised to pull out in front in a personal race, perhaps linked to job or study. At last you realise just who is romantically interested in you – whether you approve or not is another matter! You are moving closer to a new plan for living which should give you greater freedom in the long run. An observation from an older relative shows you a new side to yourself that you were unaware of. Lucky colour blue.


A promise to a friend moving away must be more than just a promise – keep it and you will both be better off. Fulfill a personal dream when an opportunity to open doors comes your way. You have an energy and enthusiasm that impresses all you meet and this could bring you an offer to better your lot. Lucky day 28th.


You call it efficiency but to other people it could seem like impatience! Seize an opportunity at work and the transformation could bring you much success. A new warmth surrounds someone who means a lot to you and you could regain that special feeling you used to share. Formal dress gives you a chance to impress in the latter part of the month. Lucky colour yellow.

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At work or in social matters, talking would replace stress with smiles. If you want to you can strengthen relationships with even the most distant colleagues and this could lead you to the answer to a question that has been on your mind for a long time. Forget the doubts you had about a friend’s loyalty – the proof will be very evident this month when least expected. Lucky day 12th.

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